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65/2154  Anatomy   Anatomische atlas van het paard en de koe65/2154 Anatomy Anatomische atlas van het paard en de koe
65/2154 [Anatomy]. Anatomische atlas van het paard en de koe. Deventer, Æ.A. Kluwer, n.d. (±1895), 13,(2)p., 2 movable col. lithogr. models of a horse and a cow, modern cl., obl. 4to.

- Sl. foxed/ waterst.; owner's entry on title-p.

€ (50-70)
65/2155 [Anatomy]. Cheselden, W. The Anatomy of the Human Body. London, C. Hitch & R. Dodsley, 1778, 11th ed., V,(1),334,(16)p., engr. frontisp., title-p. and 40 (col.) plates by G. VAN DER GUCHT, contemp. calf w. gilt spine.

- Owner's entries on first free endpaper. Spine partly dam; worn along extremities; corners showing.

= Garrrison/ Morton p.390; Hirsch II, p.5; Bibl. Walleriana 1943.

€ (100-150) 100
65/2156  Anatomy   Loder  J C65/2156 Anatomy Loder J C
65/2156 [Anatomy]. Loder, J.C. (Anatomische Tafeln zur Beförderung der Kenntniss des menschlichen Körpers). (Weimar, Landes-Industrie-Comtoirs, 1803-1804), 192 (counted as 182) (fold.) engr. plates (31 partly handcol.), contemp. gilt hcalf w. 2 mor. letterpieces, folio.

- The plate vol. only, lacking the title-p. and the other textleaf (2nd title-p.?). Trifle/ sl. foxed; a few fold. plates w. (repaired) tears. Binding sl. worn and w. old restorations.

= With scattered late 19th cent. Dutch annots. in pencil, and w. old owner's entry "G.L.W.C. IJske - 16 Juni 1890" on first free endpaper. Choulant p.151f; Wellcome III, p.535. Loder's aim was the compilation in one work of all the best representations then known in the different branches of anatomy, supplemented by representations of original preparations. In 31 plates the vascular system is represented in colour.

€ (150-250) 275
65/2157 [Anatomy]. Morgagni, J.B. De sedibus et causis morborum per anatomen indagatis. Louvain, Typographia Academica, 1766-1767, 4 parts in 2 vols., (4),CXLIII,222; (4),310; (4),442; (4),351p., contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine and mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Occas. trifle foxed; both vols. sm. ticket on last free endpaper. Both vols. upper joint splitting; 2nd vol. lower joint splitting at top of spine.

= Hirsch IV, p.285; cf. Osler 1182 and Wellcome IV, p.178 (all other editions).

€ (300-500)
65/2158  Angling   Ver Heull  A65/2158 Angling Ver Heull A
65/2158 [Angling]. Ver Heull, A. De visch en de mensch. Hengelschetsen uit de portefeuille van Alexander V.H. Leyden/ Amst., J.H. Gebhart en Co, n.d. (1848), 1st ed., tinted lithogr. title and 28 plates w. lithogr. captions, contemp. wr., obl. 4to.

- Poor copy: a few plates partly crudely handcol. and dam./ torn; foxed/ waterst.; contents loose(ning).

= Gouda Quint 28. Nice caricature plates.

€ (30-50) 30
65/2159  Angling   Walton  I  and Cotton  C65/2159 Angling Walton I and Cotton C
65/2159 [Angling]. Walton, I. and Cotton, C. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative Man's Recreation; being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. Ed. J. Hawkins. Chiswick, C. and W. Whittingham, 1826, 2 parts in 1 vol., 291,(1); (4),264p., 2 engr. frontisp. portraits of the authors, woodengr. title-vignettes and text ills., sl. later cl. w. mor. letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Occas. sl. foxed; titlle-p. sl. water-/ dampst. Joints splitting.

= Westwood/ Satchell, Bibl. Piscatoria p.226. Reprint of the 1797 Hawkins edition.

€ (50-70) 50
65/2160 [Apiculture]. Schotman, J.W. Handboek der moderne bijenteelt. Vrij bewerkt naar E.B. Wedmore. 's Graveland, G.W. Breughel/ De Driehoek, n.d. (1942), 1st ed., XVIII,(2),715p., 74 plates, 1 errata leaf and 3 (of 4) fold. plates loose in rear pocket, orig. gilt and dec. cl.

- Lacks one fold. plate in rear pocket.

AND 2 others, i.a. STRUCTURE OF THE BEE SHOWN IN MODEL (London, n.d. (±1900), 2 col. lithogr. volvelle models, orig. wr., obl. 8vo. Spine broken; text page sl. foxed; both wr. and one plate-leaf sl. dampstained in lower margin).

€ (40-50)
65/2161 Arnold, E. a.o. Die Wechselstromtechnik. Berlin, Julius Springer, 1910, 2nd rev. ed., 5 parts in 6 vols., num. ills., orig. unif. giltlettered hcl. (fine). - ADDED 1 other: M. BORN, Die Relativitätstheorie Einsteins und ihre physikalischen Grundlagen (Berlin, 1921, 2nd rev. ed., ills., orig. cl. Fine).
€ (70-90)
65/2162  Astronomy    Bloxham  R R65/2162 Astronomy Bloxham R R
65/2162 [Astronomy]. (Bloxham, R.R.). Urania's Mirror, or, a View of the Heavens. Set of 14 (of 32) handcol. engr. star chart cards engr. by S. HALL, w. punchholes over the stars, 14x20 cm. or vice versa, together in orig. board box w. mounted handcol. engr. plate, 23,5x17,5x2,5 cm., London, S. Leigh, n.d. (1824).

- Lacks 18 cards. The flimsies on the backs of the cards sl. foxed, otherwise the plates fine. The box soiled/ yellowed, w. bumped corners, w. 2 sides lacking and one side joints breaking; catalogue ticket pasted to inside lid.

= The first edition, before the added (perforated) stars surrounding the central constellations. Nice chart set showing some major constellations and subconstellations, the illustrations based on Alexander Jamieson's A Celestial Atlas of 1822, and with the addition of holes punched in them allowing them to be held up to a light to see a depiction of the constellation's stars.

€ (100-150) 110
65/2163  Astronomy   Dicquemare  J F65/2163 Astronomy Dicquemare J F
65/2163 [Astronomy]. Dicquemare, J.F. La connoissance de l'astronomie, Rendue aisée, & mise à la portée de tout le monde. Paris, Lottin le jeune, 1771, 2nd rev. ed., X,158,(2)p., 26 (fold.) engr. plates, contemp. hcalf w. gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece.

- Good copy. Renewed endpapers; a few plates sl. browned.

= Houzeau/ Lancaster 8899; De la Lande p.525. First published as "Idée générale de l'astronomie (...)".

€ (200-300)
65/2164 [Astronomy]. Flammarion, C. La planète Mars et ses conditions d'habitabilité. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1892, X,608p., num. (full-p./ col.) ills., contemp. hmor. w. gilt spine, 4to (upper joint split(ting)). Weeder, J. De sterrenhemel doorzocht met teleskoop en mikroscoop. Leyden, A.W. Sijthoff, n.d., XVI,532p., 60 double-p. fold. (col./ tinted) plates, 567 plates/ills., orig. dec. giltlettered cl., 4to.

- Backstrip broken on one joint.

€ (100-150)
65/2165  Ballooning   Glaisher  J   Flammarion  C  a o65/2165 Ballooning Glaisher J Flammarion C a o
65/2165 [Ballooning]. Glaisher, J., Flammarion, C. a.o. Voyages aériens. Paris, L. Hachette et Cie., 1870, (8),612p., lithogr. title, 6 chromolithogr. plates, 117 (full-p.) woodengr. ills., 15 diagrams, orig. richly gilt hmor., a.e.g.

- Trifle foxed; one tissue guard torn. = Brockett 5272; Liebmann/ Wahl 1203.

€ (70-90)
65/2166 [Balneology]. Hahn, S. Badplaatsen en badkuren. Dutch transl. A.W.J. Zubli and A.A.J. Quanjer. The Hague, H.J. Stemberg, 1880, (2),155-293,(3)p., orig. wr.

- Trifle foxed. Backstrip worn; wr. sl. creased and frayed. = Rare.

€ (30-50) 30
65/2167 Boerhaave, H. Praelectiones Academicae de Morbis Nervorum. Ed. J. van Eems. Frankf./ Leipsic, Sumptibus Societatis, 1762, 2 vols., (24),283; (1),284-702,(37 index)p., contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece.

- Vol.1 lacking part of title-p.; occas. trifle foxed. Both vols. spine-ends sl. splitting.

= Lindeboom 421; BMN p.248; Hirsch I, p.508.

€ (100-150)
65/2168  Botany   Calkoen  H J65/2168 Botany Calkoen H J
65/2168 [Botany]. Calkoen, H.J. Planten-atlas. Leyden, A.W. Sijthoff, n.d. (1897), 1st ed., 2 vols. in 1 binding: text vol.: (8),223p., orig. dec. cl.; plate vol. loosely inserted in rear pocket: 124 col. lithogr. plates, contemp. hcl., 4to.

- Both vols. owner's entry on first free endpaper. Joints of text vol. starting and corners sl. worn. Otherwise fine.

€ (60-80)
65/2169 [Botany]. Candolle, A.P. de. Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis (...). Vol. I-IV. Paris, Treuttel et Würz, 1824-1830, 4 vols., contemp. unif. giltlettered hcalf.

- Occas. sl. foxed. All vols. backstrip lacking or dam.

= A complete set consists of 17 vols.

€ (50-70)
65/2170  Botany   Curtis  W65/2170 Botany Curtis W
65/2170 [Botany]. Curtis, W. The Botanical Magazine; or, Flower-Garden Displayed: in Which The most Ornamental Foreign Plants (...) are accurately represented in their natural colours. Vol. 3. London, Couchman for W. Curtis, 1792, no pagination, (4) prelim. pages, 37 handcoloured engr. plates, each w. accomp. text, 19th cent. giltlettered hcalf.

- Fine copy. Binding sl. rubbed along extremities. = Nissen, BBI 2350.

€ (300-500) 300
65/2171  Botany   Drapiez  P A J65/2171 Botany Drapiez P A J
65/2171 [Botany]. Drapiez, P.A.J. Flore de serres et jardins de l'Angleterre. Vol. 1-5. Brussels, Établissement Encyclographique, 1833/ 1837, 5 (of 6) vols., 160 handcol. engr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf, folio.

- Without vol. 6 (a complete set contains 232 plates).; occas. slightly foxed (1 plate worse); textpages loose(ning) and occas. frayed. Backstrips dam./ worn; paper over covers worn. Sold as a collection of plates not subject to return.

= Nissen, BBI 2241. Rare.

€ (500-700)
65/2172 [Botany]. Flora. Jaarboekje voor Bloemliefhebbers en Bloemkweekers. Year 1, 5 and 6. Amst., Gebr. Diederichs, 1833-1838, 3 parts in 2 vols., 3 identical engr. title-p., orig. printed wr./ contemp. hmor., 12mo.

- Both vols. (sl.) foxed; first vol. partly stained in upper outer corner.

= Rare almanac, giving detailed information on many plants.

AND 2 others.

€ (50-70)
65/2173  Botany   Herbier de Bibliothèque65/2173 Botany Herbier de Bibliothèque
65/2173 [Botany]. Herbier de Bibliothèque. ±1900, (11) letterpress preliminary leaves, (30) leaves w. num. mounted specimens of plants, partly on recto and verso, partly with loosely inserted note w. contemp caption in Dutch in pen and ink, identifying the specimens and date of collection, orig. clothbacked pict. boards, folio.

- Preliminary leaves loose. Joints worn. = With several loose specimens in rear pocket.

€ (40-60) 50
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