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Engel, J.J.
59/2778 Engel, J.J. De kunst van nabootzing door gebaarden. Haarlem, J. van Walré, 1790, 2 parts in 1 vol., (14),333,(1); (4),II,(6),251,(1)p., 2 ident. engr. title-vignettes by R. VINKELES, 34 engr. plates (26 w. 2 ills.), contemp. hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. foxed/ soiled (incl. the plates); bookplate on upper pastedown. Joints and spine-ends sl. rubbed; corners and boardedges (partly) strengthened w. sellotape.

= The first edition of the Dutch translation by J. Konijnenburg of one of the earliest works on mimicry (first German ed. 1785-1786).

€ (70-90) 70

Erskine, R.
59/2779 Erskine, R. De groote bazuine des evangeliums (...)./ Gevoelige tegenwoordigheit (...). Dutch transl. J. Ross. Rott., H. van Pelt and A. Douci, 1758, 2 parts in 1 vol., (18),384; (12),304p. contemp. hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Spine/ corners worn/ creased. Covers chafed. = Van der Haar, From Abbadie to Young II, 443 and 653.

AND 2 others similar, i.a. HET GEESTELYCK LUST-HOFKEN, Beplant met godtvruchtige oeffeningen (...) (Dunkirk, 1760, woodcut frontisp., contemp. hvellum).

€ (50-70)

Esterwege, P. van.
59/2780 Esterwege, P. van. De verwagting en hoope der kerke. Amst., J. Borstius, 1717, (16),215,(9)p., woodcut title-vignette, contemp. vellum w. blindstamped mirror ornament on both covers

- Fine. = Very rare (1x in NCC).

Merken, L.W. van. David. In twaalf boeken. Ibid., P. Meijer, 1767, (4),395,(1)p., 13 engr. plates by S. FOKKE, contemp. calf w. gilt floral borders around sides, gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece, sm. 4to.

- Spine sl. creased; spine-ends sl. worn/ dam.

€ (50-70) 70

Estius, G.
59/2781 Estius, G. Historiae martyrum Gorcomiensium. Namur, n.publ., 1655, 2nd Latin ed., (32),400p., contemp. overlapping vellum.

- Occas. soiled; browned/ sl. foxed; various owner's entries on endpapers, title-p. and frontcover (i.a. H. Wiegersma (20th cent.). Outer turn-in of lower cover dam.; vellum soiled; tear in vellum at upper joint.

AND 1 other with schoolprize binding of Alkmaar (Spoelder, Alkmaar 3. Lacks manuscript prize and ties): P. FRANCIUS, Poëmata (Amst., 1682).

€ (70-90) 70

Estius, G.
€ (40-60)

[Fashion and costume]. Album de costumes des Pays-Bas. Dedié a s
59/2783  [Fashion and costume]. Album de costumes des Pays-Bas. Dedié a sa majesté la Reine des Pays-Bas. Amst., F. Buffa, 1849, letterpress title-p., 12 handcol. lithogr. plates, contemp. hmor., folio.

- Occas. trifle foxed in blank margins. Binding (sl.) worn along extremities.

= Attractive plates of costumes of i.a. Marken, Schokland, Scheveningen, Zaandam and Groningen. Landwehr, Dutch books w. Col. Plates 220, conforming to the copy in the Kostuummuseum, Prentenkabinet Leyden; Hiler p.13 (20 plates). The copies traced have a varying number of plates (between 12 and 32). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVI.

€ (300-500)

[Fashion and costume]. Bing, V. and Braet von Ueberfeldt, J.
59/2784 [Fashion and costume]. Bing, V. and Braet von Ueberfeldt, J. Nederlandsche Kleederdragten, naar de natuur getekend. Amst., Buffa en Zonen, (1850), in 14 parts as published, title-leaf, leaf of contents and 56 handcol. lithogr. plates w. 14 accomp. textleaves, orig. unif. wr., loose as issued in orig. calfbacked gilt cl., large folio.

- Exceptionally fine handcolouring. Very fine copy in parts as issued in orig. wr. with the following minor defects: plates and wrappers partly sl. frayed in outer blank margins. Backstrip of portfolio sl. worn; portfolio lacks ties and w. traces of ticket on frontcover.

= The DELUXE edition with the plates ENTIRELY coloured (so-called "fijne kleuring", as is stated in contemp. manuscript on all frontwrappers). In the ordinary edition only the costumes are coloured. One of the finest costume books published in The Netherlands. In 1859 a second part with 18 plates was published. Landwehr, Dutch Books w. Col. Plates 242; F.M. 7270; Lipperheide Gb59; Colas 333. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVI.

€ (2.000-3.000)

[Fashion and costume]. Eeckhout, J.J. and Madou, J.B.
59/2785 [Fashion and costume]. Eeckhout, J.J. and Madou, J.B. Costumes du peuple de toutes les provinces du royaume des Pays-Bas. (Brussels, Burggraaff, n.d. (1825-1828)), 48 (of 52) handcol. lithogr. plates, later 19th cent. giltlettered cl., folio.

- Sl. incomplete as often: lacks the title-p. and three plates. Plates occas. trifle foxed. Corners and spine-ends rubbed/ sl. worn. Otherwise a good copy.

= Hiler p.560; Colas 1930; Landwehr, Dutch Books w. Col. Plates 276: "This is very likely one of the first Dutch costume books produced in lithography". As the work was published in instalments one seldomly finds complete copies, for instance Atlas van Stolk 5896 only 31 plates, KB Brussels only 21 plates, Rijksprentenkabinet 46 plates. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

€ (300-500) 300

[Fashion and costume]. La géographie en estampes ou moeurs et co
59/2786  [Fashion and costume]. La géographie en estampes ou moeurs et costumes des différens peuples de la terre. Paris, Lecerf and P. Blanchard, 1819, 2nd ed., (4),202p., engr. frontisp., title-p. and 28 plates, sl. later gilt hmor., obl. 8vo.

- Bookplate of A. Pitlo on upper pastedown and old owner's entry on htitle; (sl.) foxed; hinges sl. weak. Spine worn.

= Colas 1221; Hiler p.364; not in Lipperheide; Gumuchian 2723: "Recueil curieux et peu commun". Colas dates the work ±1830, our copy with htitle in French reading "Seconde édition 1819". Nice children's book showing people from all over the world.

€ (100-150)

[Fashion and costume]. Greeven, H.
59/2787 [Fashion and costume]. Greeven, H. Verzameling der Kleederdragten in de Nordelyke Provincien van het Koningryk der Nederlanden. Collection des Costumes des Provinces Septentrionales du Royaume des Pays-Bas. Amst./ Paris, F. Buffa en Zoonen/ Engelmann et Cie., 1828, lithogr. title and index leaf, 4 letterpress prelim. text leaves, 20 finely handcol. plates by H. GREEVEN (w. captions in French and Dutch), lithographed by V. DE VILLENEUVE, accomp. letterpress text in French and English, later giltlettered hleather, folio.

- Title-p. foxed; final plate frayed in blank margins; text leaves foxed as usual; one text leaf closed tear.

= Very fine and rare series. Landwehr, Dutch Books w. Col. Plates 289: "The difference [with Maaskamp's costume book] is to be found in Greeven's artistic approach of the subject since he places his figures against fine scenery as background." Lipperheide Gb 48; Colas 1311. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

€ (400-600)

[Fashion and costume]. Les Hollandais, types et costumes.
59/2788  [Fashion and costume]. Les Hollandais, types et costumes. Amst., F. Buffa & Fils, n.d. (±1860), leporello with 12 handcol. tinted lithographic plates, orig. blindst. giltlettered cl.

- Some hinges of leporello weak. Otherwise fine.

= The nicely handcoloured plates showing people in regional dress from Scheveningen (2x), Urk, Marken (2x), Zaandam, Volendam, Zeeland, Friesland, Beveland and Hindelopen (2x).

€ (100-150) 100

[Fashion and costume]. Les Hollandais. Types et costumes.
59/2789  [Fashion and costume]. Les Hollandais. Types et costumes. Amst., H. Parson, n.d. (±1870), 16 (hand)col. lithogr. plates (partly heightened with gold), orig. lithogr. boards with modern spine and endpapers.

- Two plates sl. dam. in blank outer margin and soiled on verso. Covers sl. browned and soiled/ waterst. Probably originally a leporello, now bound as an 8vo sized booklet.

= Landwehr, Dutch books w. Col. Plates, 318. Very rare, not in the usual costume reference works and only 1 copy in NCC. Nice costume plates, i.a. "Broek in Waterland", "Zaandam", "Eiland Marken", "Vlaardingen", "Scheveninger vischkar" (showing a dog-cart) and "Scheveningsche vischvrouwen".

€ (150-200)

[Fashion and costume]. Kabinet van mode en smaak.
59/2790  [Fashion and costume]. Kabinet van mode en smaak. Haarlem, A. Loosjes Pz., (1790)-1794, 8 vols., 8 identical engr. title-vignettes, 84 (of 94) (fold.) (stipple-)engr. plates, the larger part in fine contemp. handcolouring, 4 (of 5) leaves w. engr. scores, contemp. unif. 20th cent. gilt clothbacked boards.

- Lacks 10 plates and 1 leaf w. scores; a few plates sl. waterst./ foxed. Otherwise fine.

= Lipperheide Zb8; Colas 1584. Extremely rare run of the first Dutch periodical devoted mainly to fashion, also furniture, theatre, gardens, poetry etc. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

€ (800-1.000)

[Fashion and costume]. Kabinet van mode en smaak.
59/2791  [Fashion and costume]. Kabinet van mode en smaak. Haarlem, A. Loosjes Pz., (1790)-1794, 2nd ed. (vol.1)/ 1st ed., 8 vols., 8 identical engr. title-vignettes, 53 (of 94) (fold.) (stipple-) engr. plates, the larger part in fine contemp. handcolouring, 5 fold. leaves w. engr. scores, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. 2 mor. letterpieces.

- Lacks 41 plates. Otherwise fine, nevertheless sold with all faults. = Lipperheide Zb8; Colas 1584.

€ (400-600)

[Fashion and costume]. Louandre, C.
59/2792 [Fashion and costume]. Louandre, C. Les Arts Somptuaires. Histoire du costume et de l'ameublement et des arts et industries qui s'y rattachent. Ed. Hangard-Maugé. Paris, Hangard-Maugé, 1857-1858, 4 parts in 3 vols., textvol.: 2 parts in 1 vol., (8),344; (4),280p., 2 chromolithogr. frontisp.; plate vols.: (4),16,(2); (4),(2)p., 160/ 164 chromolithogr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt hmor., t.e.g., large 4to.

- Spine-ends and joints rubbed/ sl. worn. Otherwise fine.

= Beautiful chromolithographed plates. Lipperheide Ca 17.

€ (200-300)

[Fashion and costume]. Maaskamp, E. (publ.).
59/2793 [Fashion and costume]. Maaskamp, E. (publ.). (Afbeeldingen van de kleedingen, zeden en gewoonten in Holland met den aanvang der negentiende eeuw). Amst., E. Maaskamp, n.d. (1823), 3rd ed., handcol. (stipple-)engr. frontisp. and 21 handcol. engr. costume prints by L. PORTMAN after J. KUIJPER, textleaves accompanying the plates in Dutch and French, contemp. simple gilt boards, 4to.

- Partly sl. waterstained in lower blank inner margin. Backstrip restored and lacquered (partly flaking off).

= A mixed edition of this popular costume book, containing the title-p. of the 3rd edition, but with one extra print from the 4th ed., numb. "XXI" in the accomp. text leaf. Lipperheide Gb 40; Hiler p.557; Landwehr, Dutch bvooks w. Col. Plates 362: "The first Dutch book of costumes dealing with various provinces (...) carefully hand-coloured plates (...)". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

€ (300-500)

[Fashion and costume]. Perugini, G.
59/2794 [Fashion and costume]. Perugini, G. Album ou collection complète et historique des costumes de la cour de Rome des ordres monastiques, religieux et militaires et des congrégations séculières des deux sexes. Paris, Ancienne Maison Silvestre, 1862, 2nd ed., 80 handcol. lithogr. plates by G. PERUGINI, w. accomp. text by P. HÉLYOT, contemp. gilt hcalf, 4to.

- Occas. sl. foxed; one plate loose; owner's entry and dedication on htitle. Covers sl. rubbed.

= Hiler p.242 note and p.702; Lipperheide Oc 52; Colas 2323.

€ (200-300)

[Fashion and costume]. Semple, Miss.
59/2795 [Fashion and costume]. Semple, Miss. The Costume of the Netherlands, Displayed in Thirty Coloured Engravings after Drawings from Nature by Miss Semple; with Descriptions in English and French. London, Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 1817, handcol. aquatint title and 30 plates (1x used as frontisp.), accomp. letterpress textleaves, contemp. hcalf, folio.

- Owner's entry on printed title-p. Lacks endpapers; hinges broken (repaired); spine (clumsily) rebacked w. leather; covers worn.

= Lipperheide Gb45; Colas 2710; Hiler p.793. Plates of the local costume of i.a. Amsterdam (2x), Antwerp, Brabant, Broeck, Friesland, Hindelopen, Mons, Noord-Holland (2x), Rotterdam (8x), Valenciennes (7x) and Willemstad.

€ (300-400)

[Fashion and costume]. Shoberl, F. (ed.).
59/2796 [Fashion and costume]. Shoberl, F. (ed.). The World in Miniature. The Netherlands; containing a description of the character, manners, habits, and costumes of the inhabitants of the late seven United Provinces, Flanders and Brabant. London, R. Ackermann, n.d. (1823), VIII,(2),241,(1)p., 18 handcol. (stipple-)engr. plates, contemp. giltlettered and blindst. hcalf, 12mo.

- Occas. trifle foxed. Covers reattached w. paper tape.

= Lipperheide Gb 47; Colas 2731; Hiler p.797. Rare. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVIII.

€ (100-150)

[Fencing]. Girard, P.J.F.
59/2797 [Fencing]. Girard, P.J.F. Traité des armes, enseignant la manière de combattre de l'épée de pointe seule, toutes les gardes étrangères, l'espadon, les piques, hallebardes, bayonnettes au bout du fusil, fleaux brisés & bâtons à deux bouts: ensemble à faire de bonne grace les saluts de l'esponton, l'exercise du fusil & celui de la grénadière, tels qu'ils se pratiquent aujourd'huy dans l'art militaire de France. The Hague, P. de Hondt, 1740, (4),156,(6)p., engr. frontisp. and 116 plates, contemp. full mottled calf w. gilt spine, obl. 4to.

- Frontisp. sl. yellowed spot; occas. sl. foxed. Binding worn along extremities; backcover sl. dam.; backstrip worn. Nevertheless a fine copy.

= Gelli 369; Thimm p.117; Vigeant p.63; Lipperheide Td 44; cat. En Garde! (Corble collection) 43: "(...) het schitterendste werk sinds de publicatie van Thibault d'Anvers. (...) men voelt dat het schermen op weg is naar de volledigheid en de elegantie (...)." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVIII.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1500

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