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[Africa]. Africae nova descriptio.
53/3222  [Africa]. "Africae nova descriptio." Handcol. engr. map with surrounding strip with 9 oval views of towns in top margin and 5 engravings on either side of native people in their traditional costume, title-cartouche, 41x55,5 cm., Amst., W. Blaeu, 1635.

- Sl. and evenly browned/ yellowed. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE V.

€ (1.800-2.200)

[Alsace]. Superioris Atque Inferioris Alsatiae Tabula Perquam Ac
53/3223  [Alsace]. "Superioris Atque Inferioris Alsatiae Tabula Perquam Accurata et Exacta". Handcol. engr. map, 55,6x48,6 cm., Amst., P. Schenk, ±1700.

- Small closed hole in centre. Otherwise fine.

€ (80-100) 80

[America]. Amérique du nord.
53/3224  [America]. "Amérique du nord". Steelengr. map w. handcol. borders by C. DYONNET, 75x55 cm., from A.H. DUFOUR, Atlas Universel, Paris, 1860 (fine). - AND 5 others from the same atlas, all fine and with handcol. borders, i.a. "Mexique, Antilles et Californie", "Espagne et Portugal", "Iles Britanniques" and "Carte Administrative et Physique". - ADDED: 5 steelengr. maps w. handcol. borders of parts of America from A. STIELER, Hand-Atlas (±1880).
€ (80-100) 80

[America]. Gall & Inglis' Map of North America.
53/3225  [America]. "Gall & Inglis' Map of North America". Handcol. engr. map, 44,5x54 cm., Edinb., Gall & Inglis, (1848).

- Trifle foxed. Good copy.

"The United States of North America". Handcol. engr. map, 31,5x38,5 cm., London, E. Stanford, 1873. - AND 24 others of the Americas, i.a. "Western Hemisphere" (engr. map w. handcol. borders, by J. DOWER, London, ±1840) and "Map of America with the New discovered Islands" (engr. map by NEELE, London, 1793).

€ (80-100) 85

[America]. New York.
53/3226  [America]. "New York". Col. lithogr. educational wallboard ('Schulbild'), 64x85,5 cm., Leipsic, Leipziger Schulbilderverlag F.E. Wachsmuth, ±1885, mounted on board.

- Sl. foxed; capital 'O' written in upper right corner. Fine copy.

= Published in the series Ad. Lehmann's geogr. Charakterbilder. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE VII.

€ (150-250) 300

[Asia]. Asia and its Islands according to D'Anville: Divided int
53/3227  [Asia]. "Asia and its Islands according to D'Anville: Divided into Empires, Kingdoms, States, Regions, &ca. with the European Possessions and Settlements in the East Indies and an Exact Delineation of all the Discoveries made in the Eastern Parts by the English under Captns. Cook, Vancouver & Peyrouse." Handcol. engr. map w. title-cartouche, northern part only, 51,7x120 cm., London, Laurie & Whittle, 1799.

- Somewhat browned; two tears in upper margin at folds; sm. hole on fold. Without the southern part.

AND 1 other: "L'Asie divisée en ses principaux Empires et Royaumes" (Engr. map by N. SANSON w. handcol. borders, cartouches and table, 49x64,5 cm., 1749. Two lower corners damaged/ repaired; a few sm. tears; sl. browned/ foxed).

€ (80-100) 160

[Asia]. Carte de l'Asie Mineure ou de la Natolie et du Pont Euxi
53/3228  [Asia]. "Carte de l'Asie Mineure ou de la Natolie et du Pont Euxin, tirée des Voyages et des Observations des Anciens et Modernes et Dressée suivant les principes d'une nouvelle Projection (...)." Engr. map by J.H. HAAS, partly handcol., 49x58,5 cm., Nuremberg, Homann heirs, 1743.

- Mediocre copy.

AND 13 miscellaneous other maps, of China, India, Birma, Africa, North and South America, 18th/ 19th cent., various sizes.

€ (70-90) 90

[Asia]. Euphrat und Tigris.
53/3229  [Asia]. "Euphrat und Tigris". Engr. map w. handcol. borders by J.B.B D'ANVILLE, 44,5x53 cm., Vienna, 1786.

- Torn on fold in lower and upper margin.

AND 6 other maps of various regions in Asia, i.a. India and Kamtchatka. - ADDED: 5 other maps of regions in Europe and Africa (incl. St. Helena).

€ (100-150) 140

[Asia]. India quae orientalis dicitur, et insulae adiacentes.
53/3230  [Asia]. "India quae orientalis dicitur, et insulae adiacentes". Engr. map w. handcol. borders and cartouches, 39,5x49 cm., Amst., H. Hondius/ J. Janssonius, ±1650.

- Trifle yellowed; some repairs in blank margins (sm. repaired tear on middle-fold in upper margin penetrating the cartouche).


€ (250-350) 475

[Asia]. Magni Mogolis Imperium.
53/3231  [Asia]. "Magni Mogolis Imperium". Engr. map w. contemp. handcol. borders, 36,6x49 cm., (Amst.), J. Janssonius, ±1660.

- Browned; cartouche dam. due to acid of green ink.

AND 9 miscell. others, i.a. "Aethiopia inferior vel exterior" (without address. Laid down on mount; left margin dam.) and "Das Land Canaan (...)" (engr. map by SANDRART, Nuremberg, ±1680).

€ (100-150) 130

[Asia]. Nieuwe Kaart van het Oostelykste Deel der Weereld, diene
53/3232  [Asia]. "Nieuwe Kaart van het Oostelykste Deel der Weereld, dienende tot aanwyzing van de Scheepstogten der Nederlanderen naar Oostindië volgens de laatste ontdekkingen." Handcol. engr. map, 32,5x37 cm., Amst., Tirion, 1753. - ADDED: 2 others, i.a. "Übersicht sämtlicher evangelischen Missions-stationen in beiden Hemisphären" (handcol. engr. map, 1820).
€ (70-90) 80

[Asia]. Lot of ±40 engravings,
53/3233  [Asia]. Lot of ±40 engravings, various sizes, all from C. DE BRUYN, Reizen door de vermaardste Deelen van Klein Asia (Amst., 1698).

- Partly sl. browned/ yellowed; occas. sl. frayed.

= I.a. the large panoramic views of Aleppo (waterstained and sl. dam.), Alexandria, Constantinopolis (a few small holes), Haselaar, Palmyra, Rama, Rhodus, Sattalia and Scio (a few small dam. spots in margins).

€ (500-700) 1200

[Australia]. Lot of ±25 (steel)engr. views and maps,
53/3234  [Australia]. Lot of ±25 (steel)engr. views and maps, mostly of the Polynesian/ Australian region, partly from an English edition of Cooke's travels.
€ (70-90) 110

[Austria]. Stiria. Steijrmarck.
53/3235  [Austria]. "Stiria. Steijrmarck." Handcol. engr. map, 37,5x50 cm., from BLAEU, Townbooks (±1650), w. Dutch text on verso, under passepartout. - AND 1 other engr. map: "Danubius, fluvius Europae maximus, a Fontibus ad Ostia" (large map printed on 2 attached lvs. (loose), without address, ±1650. Waterst. in lower margin/ frayed).
€ (100-150) 130

[Austria. Vienna]. Lot of 5 engr. views,
53/3236  [Austria. Vienna]. Lot of 5 engr. views, w. letterpress caption below image, 28,3x33,5 cm., all by I.A. CORVINUS from S. KLEINER, Des florirenden vermehrten Wiens Fernere Befolgung (±1737).

- All but one frayed in left margin; one view sl. foxed.

= I.a. of the Althain palace, Maria-Hilfkirche and Regenspürger Hoff.

€ (70-90) 120

[Belgium]. Antwerpia nobilissimi (...) anno MDXCVIII.
53/3237  [Belgium]. "Antwerpia nobilissimi (...) anno MDXCVIII". Etched bird's eye plan, 23x31,5 cm., from GUICCIARDINI, first half 17th cent.

- Very vague waterstain in right margin. = Guicciardini Illustratus 4.1.

€ (100-150)

[Belgium]. Brabantiae Ducatus S.R. Imperii Marchionatus Mechelin
53/3238  [Belgium]. "Brabantiae Ducatus S.R. Imperii Marchionatus Mecheliniae Dominii Nova Tabula". Engr. map w. contemp. handcol. borders w. cartouche, 61x50 cm., Amst., F. de Wit, ±1710. "Comitatus Namurci Tabula". Engr. map w. contemp. handcol. borders w. 2 cartouches, 46,5x54,5 cm., F. de Wit, ±1710.

- Both sl. yellowed; middle-fold splitting at margins.

ADDED: 4 miscell. others, incl. 1 photograph (Haarlem, De Waag) and 1 letterpress title-p.

€ (80-100) 120

[Belgium]. Carte nouvelle de l'Estat et Seigneurie de l'Evesché
53/3239  [Belgium]. "Carte nouvelle de l'Estat et Seigneurie de l'Evesché de Lyege Avec ses Enclaves dans les Pays Circomvoisins &c." Engr. map with contemp. handcol. borders by N. SANSON and nice large cartouche, 82x61 cm., Paris/ Amst., J. Covens/ P. Mortier, ±1700, luxuriously framed (fine).
€ (80-100) 85

[Belgium]. Le Duché de Brabant.
53/3240  [Belgium]. "Le Duché de Brabant." Handcol. engr. map, 1 cartouche, ±60x50,5 cm., Paris, H. Jaillot, 1694.

- Frayed; sl. soiled; fold partly torn.

"La Principauté de Liège et le Duché de Limbourg". Engr. map. w. handcol. borders, 1 cartouche, 48x45 cm., (Paris), R. de Vaugondy, 1754.

- Margins sl. frayed/ browned/ waterstained.

€ (80-100)

[Belgium]. De Overwinning voor Leuven.
53/3241  [Belgium]. "De Overwinning voor Leuven." Etching and aquatint after J. JELGERSHUIS by H.W. HOOGKAMER, 35,2x47,8 cm., engr. captions below, w. the address of Gebr. van Arum, Amst., ±1831 (washed?).
€ (60-80) 60

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