Conditions of sale

0 Floor bids and written bids sent directly to the auction house always take precedence over live online bids and absentee bids left at
1 All EU clients purchasing goods have to pay a buyer's premium of 25,4% of the amount for which the item(s) has been knocked down. This percentage includes all taxes. EU clients with a VAT identification number can be charged with 21% buyer's premium, in which case there will be a VAT Reverse charge. Clients outside the EU pay 21% buyer's premium. Successful online bids through will be charged with an extra 5%.
2 Artworks by living artists and artists who died no longer than 70 years ago that are sold with a hammerprice of € 2.500 or more will be charged with an extra 4% ('droit de suite') over the total amount of hammerprice and buyer's premium.
3 Each buyer is held to buy for his own account and cannot claim any commission.
4 The highest bidder shall be the buyer. The auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle any dispute. The auctioneer reserves the right to divide or to unite lots during the course of the sale. The auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion to refuse any bid, or, in case of error, or dispute with respect to bidding, to re-open the bidding. If any dispute arises after the sale, our sale records are conclusive.
5 The books are in 8vo, in orig. wrappers and in good condition, unless otherwise expressed. If any named item in bold lettering in our catalogues proves defective, the item concerned may be returned, provided this is done within one week after the sale and the item returns in the possession of the auctioneer in the same condition as at the time of the sale. This guarantee does not cover any other named or un-named books, prints, drawings and paintings; lots indicated as "w.a.f." (with all faults) or "sold as a collection not subject to return"; collection lots of more than two books or prints; sub-sequently published volumes and  periodicals; manuscripts and autograph letters; as well as framed prints, drawings and watercolours. Neither does this guarantee cover ex-library copies (indicated with (L), with the usual defects such as plasticized bindings, stamps, tickets, labels etc.
6 Authorship (i.e. author or artist) printed in bold is guaranteed by the auctioneers, unless followed by one of the following qualifications in bold: “after”, “attrib.(uted)”, “from the circle of” or “surroundings of”. This guarantee is provided for a period of three (3) years from the date of  purchase, and is solely for the benefit of the purchaser recorded in our auction records. A claim under this guarantee of authorship can only be made on the following conditions: a) the auctioneers must have been notified in writing within two (2) months after purchase of the lot, listing lot number and number and date of the auction and the reasons for the claim made; b) the lot must be returned with good title to the lot and free from any third party claims, to the auctioneers in the same condition as at the date of sale to the original purchaser of record and c) the purchaser of record accepts any costs that the auctioneers have to make in order to obtain the reports of independent and recognized experts in the field.
7 In case intending purchasers are prevented from attending the sale personally, the auctioneer will execute their bids without any charge. In the event of identical absentee bids, the winner will be decided by lot. 'Buy' bids are not accepted. Written bids as well as bids by telephone, fax or e-mail should be received by the auctioneer before 1.00 pm on the Monday prior to the first session of the auction. Bidding by telephone is possible on lots with a minimum estimate of €2.000, and only if telephone lines are available. However, Bubb Kuyper Auctioneers cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for failing to make contact with telephone bidders nor can Bubb Kuyper Auctioneers be held responsible for any errors or omissions in connection with online bids via Floor bids and written bids sent directly to the auction house always take precedence over live online bids and absentee bids left at
8 The prices between brackets are approximate prices in Euros. The bidding will start at the lowest estimate.
9 Bids are raised in fixed increments of approximately 10% (up to €250 by €10, from €250-500 by €25, from €500-1.000 by €50, from €1.000-2.500 by €100 etc. Any variant bids will accordingly be rounded off to the nearest high bid (€61 will be €70, €360 will be  €375 etc.).
10 All books must be paid for within two weeks after receipt of the sale invoice (ABN-AMRO Bank Haarlem, Houtplein 47, NL-2012 DE Haarlem, BIC ABNA NL2A,  IBAN NL17 ABNA 0458 5336 10). VISA and Master-card are accepted, as well as payments through PayPal. For payment with a cheque or for transfers from a bankaccount outside the EU the additional fee is 0,1% of the total amount with a minimum of €25.
11 If the buyer fails to pay within two weeks he will be charged with the customary interest rate, increased with an extra 5%; moreover the auctioneer shall be entitled to exercise one or other of the following rights: 1) proceed for damages for breach of contract; 2) rescind the sale of that or any lots sold to the buyer who defaults and re-sell the lot or lots whereupon the defaulting buyer shall pay to the auctioneer any shortfall between the proceeds of that sale after deduction of costs of re-sale and the total sum due. Ownership only passes to the buyer when full payment has been received. The buyer, however, immediately assumes all risks when the goods are knocked down to him.
12 Shipping takes place at the expense and risk of the buyer. Prints will be shipped unframed.
13 In case of any disagreement or dispute, the decision of the auctioneer is always final.
14 Moreover, all conditions as stated in the Dutch veilingvoorwaarden are valid.

EU clients with a VAT identification number can by charged with 21% buyer's premium, in which case there will be a VAT Reverse charge. Clients outside the EU pay 21% buyer's premium.

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