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70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies  Sottsass E and King P 70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies Sottsass E and King P
70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies  Sottsass E and King P 70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies Sottsass E and King P
70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies  Sottsass E and King P 70 101 Stationery and vintage art supplies Sottsass E and King P
70/ 101 [Stationery and vintage art supplies]. Sottsass, E. and King, P. Olivetti Valentine. Portable typewriter, Barcelona, ±1970, 34,5x32,5x10 cm., black plastic keys with white lettering and orange ribbon spools, in bright red thermoplastic casing, with the original bright red carrier box.

= The famous Pop-art influenced typewriter, also known as "The Portable Red", was as Sottsass said "invented for use in any place except in an office, so as not to remind anyone of monotonous working hours, but rather to keep amateur poets company on quiet Sundays in the country or to provide a highly coloured object on a table in a studio apartment." One of the most famous owners of an Olivetti Valentine was David Bowie. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE I.

€ (80-100) 180
70/102 Stationery and vintage art supplies  Waterman Le Mans 100 fountain pen 70/102 Stationery and vintage art supplies Waterman Le Mans 100 fountain pen
70/ 102 [Stationery and vintage art supplies]. Waterman "Le Mans 100" fountain pen, 1983, 18 karat gold nib, black w. gold trim, w. warranty card, box w. ink cartridges, orig. lidded cl. box.

- Sm. inkstains near tip; 'W' disk on top cap sl. flaked.

= Issued in the first year of production, commemorating 100 years of the Le Mans race.

€ (100-150) 100
70/103 Stationery and vintage art supplies  Writing case 70/103 Stationery and vintage art supplies Writing case
70/ 103 [Stationery and vintage art supplies]. Writing case, mahogany, early 20th cent., 15x22x45 cm., 2 brass handles, brass hinges, lock, when opened showing a green mor. writing surface, with space for writing material below and 4 other compartiments.

- A few sm. scratches on upper lid.

€ (70-90) 70
70/ 104 [Stationery and vintage art supplies]. Lot of 17 fountain pens, and num. parts of pens, i.a. nibs (14K nibs) and various (parts of) shafts, ±1920-1960.

= I.a. Parker Duofold Centennial (goldplated, 18K nib, fine but lacks cap), Parker "21" (2x), Wearever (lever fill), Waterman's Fountain Pen Safety Type (±1920, complete w. original box and instructions), Waterman Xpen, Pelikan, Swan, Union Fairline Airless and Lamy.

€ (150-250)
70 105 Stenography  Bertin T P 70 105 Stenography Bertin T P
70 105 Stenography  Bertin T P 70 105 Stenography Bertin T P
70/ 105 [Stenography]. Bertin, T.P. Système universel et complet de Sténographie, ou maniere abregée d'écrire applicable à tous les idiomes (...) inventé par Samuel Taylor (..) et adapté à la langue Françoise. Paris, P. Didot l'aîné/ the author, "l'An 4" (1795/ 1796), 3rd ed., (4),117,(1)p., 13 engr. plates, later gilt hmor. - BOUND WITH: Lemarchand, G. Nouveau Système de Sténographie. Méthode exprimant les voyelles (...)./ Tables Sténographiques. Périgueux, J. Bounet, 1873, 2 parts, VI,62; 16p., XCVI and 64 numb. lithogr. pages w. ills.

- Ad 1: title-p. foxed. Binding rubbed.

Conen de Prépéan, (L.M.F.). Sténographie exacte, ou l'art d'écrire aussi vite que l'on parle; Nouvelle Méthode (...). Paris, the author/ Brunot-Labre, 1815, 2nd ed., XXVIII,171p., 12 fold. engr./ letterpress plates, contemp. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece..

- Trifle foxed; some plates trifle frayed; bookplate on upper pastedown. Binding rubbed; worn along extremities.

€ (100-150)
70 106 Stenography  Conen de Prépéan  L M F  70 106 Stenography Conen de Prépéan L M F
70/ 106 [Stenography]. Conen de Prépéan, (L.M.F.). Sténographie exacte, ou l'art d'écrire aussi vite que l'on parle; Nouvelle Méthode (...). Paris, the author/ Brunot-Labre, 1815, 2nd ed., XXVIII,171,(2)p., 12 and 3 extra fold. engr./ letterpress plates, contemp. gilt blindst. calf.

- Sm. tear in one extra plate. Binding (sl.) rubbed; one corner sl. dam.

= The three extra plates are bound before the title-p., are "gravé pour le Compte de M. Charon" (the other plates are engr. by "Dien") and show an "alphabet taxygraphique", "paradigme" table and an example.

€ (50-70)
70 107 Stenography  Danzer I C 70 107 Stenography Danzer I C
70 107 Stenography  Danzer I C 70 107 Stenography Danzer I C
70/ 107 [Stenography]. Danzer, I.C. Das Allgemeine System der Stenographie des Herren Samuel Taylor (...) aus der Englischen und Französischen angewendet auf die Deutsche Sprache. Nebst einem Auszuge aus der Bearbeitung für die Französische Sprache des Herrn Th.P. Bertin und einem ähnlichen aus dem Originalwerke des Herrn S. Taylor für die englische Sprache. Vienna, Ign. Alberti's Witwe, 1800 (engr. title dated 1801), 3 parts in 1 vol., XX,28; X,20; VIII,9-28,(3)p., engr. title and 15 plates, early 20th cent. hcl.

- Trifle/ sl. foxed; a few lvs./ plates w. sm. marginal repairs; engr. title w. stamp on recto and verso. = Rare.

AND 3 others: K. ALBRECHT, Lehrbuch Der Gabelsbergschen Stenografie (Hamburg, 1877, plates, ills., contemp. (worn) hcalf); F. RAUCH, Stenographie-System Merkes. Praktische Leitfaden beim Schulunterricht in den Stenographie oder Schuellschrift (, 1884, entirely lithographed, contemp. giltlettered dec. cl., sm. 8vo) and P.R. GOUDSCHAAL and E.W. BUSSMANN, Nieuw Kortschrift/ Kortschrift (...) Schrijf- en Leesoefeningen/ Snelschrift. Vervolg op Nieuw Kortschrift (Leeuw., 1896/ 1888/ 1887, 2nd ed. (part 1), 3 parts in 1 vol., (lithogr.) plates and ills., contemp. clothbacked boards).

€ (70-90)
70 108 Stenography  Gould M T C 70 108 Stenography Gould M T C
70/ 108 [Stenography]. Gould, M.T.C. The Analytic Guide and Authentic Key to the Art of Short Hand Writing; by which the language of a public speaker may be recorded as fast as delivered, in a style at once beautiful and legible (...). Adapted to the present state of literature in the United States. New York, Collins & Co., 1824, 4th ed., 36p., 14 engr. plates (incl. frontisp.), orig. publ. boards, sm. 8vo.

- Plates trifle/ sl. foxed; textlvs. (sl.) browned/ foxed. Spine pasted over w. sl. later cloth; covers rubbed/ stained.

Idem. The Art of Short-Hand Writing (...). With sundry improvements, adapted to the present state of Literature in the United States. Philadelphia, U. Hunt & Son, 1845, rev. enl. ed., 60p., engr. title and 17 plates (incl. frontisp.), contemp. hcalf, sm. 8vo.

- Waterstained and (sl.) foxed; tear in frontisp. Binding worn/ dam.

AND 6 others, all publ. in the USA, i.a. T. TOWNDROW, A Complete Guide to Stenography, or an Entire New System of Writing Short Hand. For the use of schools and private tuition (New Haven/ New York, 1832, 2nd ed., engr. plates, contemp. hcl. w. letterpress title-piece, sm. 8vo); E. WEBSTER, The Young Reporter. Or, How to Write Short-Hand. A Complete Phonographic Teacher being an Inductive Exposition of Phonography, intended as a School-Book (...). Rev. ed. A.J. Graham (New York, (1855), plates, ills., orig. dec. hcl., sm. 8vo) and works by E, HARMON, B. PITMAN, D.P. LINDSLEY and F.G. FOWLER.

€ (120-150)
70 109 Stenography  Macaulay A 70 109 Stenography Macaulay A
70 109 Stenography  Macaulay A 70 109 Stenography Macaulay A
70/ 109 [Stenography]. Macaulay, A. Polygraphy or Short-Hand Made Easy To the meanest Capacity: Being an Universal Character Fitted to All Languages: Which may be learned from this Book, without the help of a Master. London/ Manchester, the author, 1756, 3rd ed., (8),XXVI,119p., entirely engraved, incl. frontisp. and dedic. plate, 1 leaf fold., modern mor. w. gilt spine, sm. 8vo.

- Frontisp. and title sl. browned, otherwise trifle spotted/ soiled and w. a few scattered old owner's stamps.

= Aulay Macaulay (died 1788) was an 18th-century English tea-dealer. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (150-250)
70 110 Stenography  Taylor S 70 110 Stenography Taylor S
70/ 110 [Stenography]. Taylor, S. An Universal System of Stenography, or Short-Hand Writing; intended to establish a standard for this Ingenious and Useful Science (...). London, J.F. Dove for W. Baynes, 1814, 5th ed., X,11-48p., 12 plates (incl. frontisp.), later boards.

- Sl. foxed.

= First published in 1786 and the the first English shorthand system to be used all over the English-speaking world.

Gurney, T. and J. Brachygraphy: or an easy and Compendious System of Short-Hand, Adapted to the Various Arts, Sciences and Professions: Improved after more than Forty Years Practice & Experience by Thomas Gurney: And brought still nearer to Perfection upon the present Method by Joseph Gurney. Ibid., for W.B. Gurney, 1817, 14th ed., 76p. engr. title, frontisp. portrait (of Th. Gurney) and 12 plates (printed on recto and verso of 6 lvs.), modern giltlettered mor., sm. 8vo.

- (Sl.) yellowed.

Pitman, I. Phonography, or Writing by Sound; being a natural method of writing, applicable to all languages, and a complete system of Short Hand. Ibid., S. Bagster & sons, 1840, 38,(1)p., num. full-p. tables, orig. gilt cl.

- Contents loosening and trifle/ sl. foxed/ soiled. Spine sl. dam. = Early edition.

Mavor, W. Universal Stenography, or A Practical System of Short Hand. Ibid., Longman etc., (1807), (2),I-IV,6-55p., engr. title and 9 plates (1x fold.), contemp. boards.

- Trifle foxed. Boards worn along extremities.

AND 8 others, i.a. T. MOLINEUX, Introduction to Byrom's Universal English Short-Hand (London, 1813, 4th ed., engr. plates, contemp. hmor.); T. MOAT, The Short-Hand Standard attempted by an analysis of the Circle as an introductory foundation of a New System of Stenography (...) (ibid., 1833, engr. title and plates, contemp. cl.); W. HARDING, Taylor Improved. Universal Stenography, or a New and Practical System of Short Hand Writing (...) (ibid., (1830), engr. title, frontisp. and plates, contemp. green calf, sm. 8vo) and works by i.a. J.H. COOKE, A.H. THOMPSON, T. TOWNDROW and "An Eminent Professor".

€ (200-300)
70 111 Stenography  Weston J 70 111 Stenography Weston J
70 111 Stenography  Weston J 70 111 Stenography Weston J
70 111 Stenography  Weston J 70 111 Stenography Weston J
70/ 111 [Stenography]. Weston, J. Stenography Compleated, Or the Art of Short-Hand Brought to Perfection (...). London, the author, 1727, 4 parts in one vol., entirely engraved excepting (8) and 16 letterpress pages, 4 engr. titles and frontispieces (1x portrait) by J. COLE, modern mor.

- Waterstained in lower inner corner throughout; frontisp. portrait w. sm. tear in corner closed w. scotch tape.

= The first edition. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (150-250)
70/ 112 Uitgelezen boeken. Katern voor boekverkopers en boekenkopers. Year 1-17. Amst., De Buitenkant, 1981-2015, 52 parts in 48 vols., ills., inserts, orig. wr., 4to, together in 6 orig. unif. cl. portfolios. - WITH: Uitgelezen boeken. Proefnummer 1-3 (no. 2 present in two copies) (Amst., 1977-1980, 3 vols., ills., orig. unif. wr., sm. 8vo. All issues in orig. envelope).

- First cloth portfolio sl. waterstained on backcover (not affecting contents). Otherwise very fine.

= Rare complete run.

€ (100-150) 110
70/ 113 Vom Beruf des Verlegers. Eine Festschrift zum sechzigsten Geburtstag von Bruno Cassirer., Privatdruck, 1932, 119,(1)p., plates, orig. wr.

= Rare.

Faber, E. and Wurm, C. (ed.). Bühne auf! Die Erstlingswerke deutscher Autoren des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ein bebildertes Lexikon. Leipsic, Faber & Faber, 2012, 526p., col. ills., orig. boards w. dustwr. - AND 16 others, i.a. R. WITTMANN, Hundert Jahre Buchkultur in München (Munich, 1993, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.); J. LENTES, Kiesstrasse Zwanzig Uhr. Huss'sche Universitätsbuchhandlung 1983-1993 (Frankf., 1993, ills., orig. boards); W.D. VON LUCIUS, Bücherlust. Vom Sammeln (Cologne, 2000, col. plates, ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr.); S. UNSELD, Der Autor und sein Verleger (Frankf., 1978, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and B. BALTSCHEV, Hölle und Paradies. Amsterdam, Querido und die deutsche Exilliteratur (Berlin, 2016, ills., orig. hcl.).

€ (70-90) 90
70/ 114 Vries, A.G.C. de. De Nederlandsche Emblemata, Geschiedenis en Bibliographie tot de 18de eeuw. Amst., Ten Brink & De Vries, 1899, (8),91,(1),CLIIp., 9 plates, contemp. gilt vellum, t.e.g.

= Fine copy of the original thesis, with loosely inserted (sl. foxed) "Stellingen" leaf.

AND 5 others in 6 vols., i.a. V. LOOSJES, Gedenkschriften wegens het vierde eeuwgetijde van de uitvinding der boekdrukkunst (Haarlem, 1824, engr. title, portr., fold. handcol. floorplan, 2 plates, contemp. giltlettered clothbacks boards. Partly dampstained (affecting the plates)) and O. MÜHLBRECHT, Die Bücherliebhaberei in ihrer Entwicklung bis zum Ende des XIX. Jahrhunderts (Bielefeld/ Leipsic, 1898, 2nd enl. ed., num. (fold./ tipped-in) (col.) plates, ills., orig. gilt hcalf. Top of spine dam.; corners sl. worn).

€ (50-70) 60
70/ 115 Watelet, M. (ed.). The Mercator Atlas of Europe: Facsimile of the Maps by Gerardus Mercator Contained in the Atlas of Europe, circa 1570-1572. Pleasant Hill, Walking Tree Press, 1997, 92p.,17 double-p. maps loosely inserted, orig. cl., in orig. slipcase, folio.

- Slipcase sl. soiled.

AND 6 others, all fine, i.a. DIE WELT DER KARTEN: Historische und moderne Kartografie im Dialog (Munich, 2008, col. ills., maps, orig. boards w. dustwr. in slipcase, folio); J. GOSS, Blaeu's the Grand Atlas of the 17th Century World (New York, 1990, col. ills., maps, orig. cl. w. dustwr., folio) and A. ORTELIUS, Theatrum orbis terrarum (Antw., 1970, ills., maps, folio).

€ (70-90)
70/ 116 Wolf, C. and Capelleveen, P. van. Voices and visions. The Koopman Collection and the Art of the French Book. The Hague/ Zwolle, Kon. Bibliotheek/ Waanders, 2009, 207p., num. col. ills., orig. boards, 4to. Müller, M. Das französische Malerbuch im 20. Jahrhundert. Munich, Hirmer, 2007, 263p., num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Kelly, J. a.o. The Best of Both Worlds. Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes 1910-2010. New York/ Boston, The Grolier Club/ D.R. Godine, 2010, 188,(2)p., col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. - AND 5 others, i.a. Y. PEYRÉ, Peinture et poésie. La dialogue par le livre 1874-2000 (Paris, 2001, (col.) ills., orig. wr., 4to) and H. WATTS, Le Livre d'Artiste (, 1990, col. ills., orig. cl.).
€ (60-80) 70
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