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73/983 Ambo Klassiek reeks  Lot of 5 works of the series in 8 vols 73/983 Ambo Klassiek reeks Lot of 5 works of the series in 8 vols
73/ 983 [Ambo Klassiek reeks]. Lot of 5 works of the series in 8 vols., Baarn/ Amst., Ambo, 1993-2004, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

= Comprises: FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS, De Oude Geschiedenis van de Joden (3 vols.); AURELIUS AUGUSTINUS, Van aangezicht tot aangezicht; IDEM, Het huis op de rots; PLINIUS DE JONGERE, De brieven; PETRARCA, Het leven in eenzaamheid & Brieven aan zijn broer.

€ (80-100) 110
73 984 Ariosto L 73 984 Ariosto L
73/ 984 Ariosto, L. Orlando furioso. De Razende Roeland. Introd. I. Calvino. Dutch transl. I. Cialona. Amst., Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 1998, 1st ed., 2 vols., 834; (4),839-1783p., (full-p.) ills. by G. DORÉ, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., large 8vo. Tasso, T. Jeruzalem bevrijd. Dutch transl. F. van Dooren. Ibid., idem, 2003, 621p., num. (full-p.) ills. by G. PIAZZETTA, orig. giltlettered cl. w. dustwr., large 8vo. Petrarca, F. Het Liedboek. Canzoniere. Dutch transl. P. Verstegen. Ibid., idem, 2008, 795p., parallel Italian and Dutch text, orig. cl. w. dustwr., large 8vo. - AND 3 others, i.a. I. GONSTJAROV, Het ravijn (ibid., 2005, orig. cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, large 8vo).

= All published in the Grote Bellettrie Serie (Gouden Reeks).

€ (70-90) 130
73/985 Baskerville Serie  Lot of 10 vols of the series 73/985 Baskerville Serie Lot of 10 vols of the series
73/ 985 [Baskerville Serie]. Lot of 10 vols. of the series, Amst./ Baarn, Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 1977-2008, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

- Backstrips of dustwr. occas. yellowed/ faded.

= Comprises Dutch translations of works by Aischylos, Apuleius, Cassius Dio, Hesiodos, K.P. Kaváfis (3x), Pindaros and Ploutarchos (2x).

€ (100-150) 160
73 986 Bernhard T 73 986 Bernhard T
73/ 986 Bernhard, T. Der Untergeher. Frankf. a.M., Suhrkamp, 1983, 1st ed., 243,(5)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Idem. Holzfällen. Ibid., idem, 1984, 1st ed., 321p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Idem. Alte Meister. Komödie. Ibid., idem, 1985, 1st ed., 311p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Canetti, E. Dramen. Munich, C. Hanser, 1964, 1st ed., 252,(1)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 8 others in 9 vols., all 1st ed. in orig. cl. w. dustwr., i.a. T. BERNHARD, Der Atem (Salzburg/ Vienna, 1978); IDEM and S. UNSELD, Der Briefwechsel (Frankf. a.M., 2009); E. CANETTI, Lebensgeschichte 1921-1937 (Munich, 1980/ 1985, 2 vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.) and E. JELINEK, Lust (Hamburg, 1989).
€ (60-80)
73 987 Boccaccio G 73 987 Boccaccio G
73/ 987 Boccaccio, G. Decamerone. Dutch transl. F. Denissen. Ed. R. van Stipriaan. Amst., Athenaeum, Polak & Van Gennep, 2003, 829,(1)p., 100 col. ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., orig. board slipcase, large 8vo. Goethe, J.W. Faust. Een tragedie. Dutch transl. A. Posthuma. Ibid., idem, 2001, 534p., ills. by E. DELACROIX and M. BECKMANN, orig. cl. w. dustwr., orig. board slipcase, large 8vo. - AND 2 others, I. GONTSJAROV, Het ravijn. Dutch transl. M. Weijers (ibid., 2005, orig. cl. w. dustwr., orig. board slipcase) and F. COLONNA, De droom van Poliphilus. Dutch transl. I. Cialona (ibid., 2006, 2 vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., together in orig. board slipcase).

- Slipcases trifle soiled, otherwise all fine. = All published in the so-called 'Gouden Reeks'.

€ (60-80) 90
73 988 Boelgakov M 73 988 Boelgakov M
73/ 988 Boelgakov, M. Verzamelde werken. Dutch transl. M. Fondse and A. Prins. Amst., G.A. van Oorschot, 1994-1997, 1st ed., 3 vols., 560,(4); 642,(3); 448,(7)p., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. Majakovski, V. Werken. Dutch transl. M. Fondse. Ibid., idem, 1993, 1st ed., 809,(54)p., parallel Russian and Dutch text, india-paper, orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 5 others in 14 vols., i.a. I. BOENIN, Verzamelde werken. Deel 1-3. Dutch transl. M. Berg and M. Wiebes (ibid., 1994-1997, 3 (of 4) vols., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.); B. SCHULZ, Verzameld werk. Dutch transl. G. Rasch (ibid., 1995, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and A. PUSHKIN, Eugene Onegin. English transl. V. Nabokov (Princeton, 1975, 4 vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.).
€ (80-100) 130
73 989 Boswell J 73 989 Boswell J
73/ 989 Boswell, J. The Life of Johnson. Comprehending an account of his studies and numerous works, in chronological order (...). London, H. Baldwin and Son for C. Dilly, 1799, 3rd rev. and enl. ed., 4 vols., engr. frontisp. portrait after J. REYNOLDS, 2 fold. engr. plates, contemp. unif. gilt marbled calf.

- Fold. section of one plate loose; one vol. w. owner's entry on title-p.; occas. sl. yellowed; occas. a few foxed/ browned spots. One vol. frontcover loose; one vol. frontcover almost loose; spine-ends dam./ chipped.

= Generally considered to be the definitive edition according to Pottle.

AND a copy of Johnson's Dictionary (London, 1803, engr. portr., contemp. calf, sm. 8vo).

€ (120-150)
73 990 Breytenbach B 73 990 Breytenbach B
73/ 990 Breytenbach, B. Woordvogel. Gedenkschriften van een nomadische romanfiguur. Dutch transl. K.P. Hesselink. Amst., Podium, 2008, 1st ed., 367p., ills., orig. boards w. dustwr.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION: "For Debbie and/ en voor Remco [Campert] - Thank you for the depth and the beauty of your company. En bedankt, lieve Remco, voor de voorbeeld van de gedichten. Breyten Breytenbach 22.08.08".

Idem. De zingende hand. Gedichten 2007-2016. Dutch transl. L. van Krevelen. Ibid., idem, 2017, 1st ed., 253,(2)p., Afrikaans and Dutch tekst, orig. wr.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION: "Remco, Remco, Remco! Wat een voorrecht om met jou op één blad te mogen zijn - Groeten, mij vriend en genoot en mentor. Breyten Breytenbach 18/4/20187"

AND 2 others by the same, both w. AUTOGR. SIGNED DEDIC. to Remco Campert: Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan n beminde (Groenkloof/ Somerset, 1993, 1st ed., orig. wr.) and Intieme vreemde. Een schrijfboek (aan mevrouw Lezeres). Dutch transl. K.P. Hesselink (Amst., 2006, 1st ed., orig. boards w. dustwr.).

€ (80-100) 80
73 991 Cervantes Saavedra M de 73 991 Cervantes Saavedra M de
73/ 991 Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. Histoire de l'admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche. French transl. F. de Saint-Martin. Paris, Marlin, 1830, 5 vols., engr. frontisp. portr., 9 (of 10) engr. plates by N.T. CHARLET, contemp. unif. gilt blindst. hcalf w. 2 mor. letterpieces.

- (Severely) foxed w. a few sm. (water)stains; lacks 1 plate. Bindings sl. rubbed.

= Rius I, 535; Sander 147. Not in Vicaire.

€ (50-70)
73 992 Classical antiquity and neolatinism  Ovidius 73 992 Classical antiquity and neolatinism Ovidius
73/ 992 [Classical antiquity and neolatinism]. Ovidius. Metamorphosen. Amst., Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 2009, 454p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. Plato. Feest. Euthyfron. Sokrates' verdediging. Kriton. Faidon. Ibid., idem., 2008., 249p., orig. cl. w. dustwr.

= Both vols. part of the Perpetua series. Second vol. scarce.

AND 1 other: OVIDIUS, Metamorphosen (Amst., 1993. Baskerville series).

- Mint. All vols. still shrinkwrapped.

€ (30-50) 50
73 993 Dickens C 73 993 Dickens C
73/ 993 Dickens, C. (Works). London, Chapman & Hall, n.d. (±1875), 18 parts in 15 vols., plates, portrait, contemp. unif. red calf w. richly gilt spine.

- Two vols. partly waterstained in (blank) margins; occas. sl./ trifle foxed. Trifle worn along extremities.

= The "Charles Dickens" Edition, crown 8vo.

€ (200-300)
73 994 Dickens C 73 994 Dickens C
73/ 994 Dickens, C. (Works). London/ New York, Chapman & Hall/ Oxf. Univ. Press (Am. Branch), n.d. (±1910), 18 (of 22) vols., ills., orig. unif. gilt dec. cl.

- Lacks 4 vols. = The Fireside Dickens Complete Edition.

€ (60-80)
73/995 Drakon Al'manakh stikhov / Al'manakh tsekha poetov 73/995 Drakon Al'manakh stikhov / Al'manakh tsekha poetov
73/ 995 Drakon. Al'manakh stikhov./ Al'manakh tsekha poetov. St. Petersburg, Tsekh Poetov, 1921, 2 vols., 80; 88p., orig. wr.

- Wrappers sl. frayed and spines sl. worn.

= Two rare almanacs (of a total of 4) published by the Tsekh Poetov (Poet's workshop, a poetic circle in existence in various forms between 1911 and 1925). With contributions by i.a. Alexander Blok, Nikolai Gumilev and Osip Mandel'shtam.

€ (120-150)
73 996 English literature  Lot of 30 vols 73 996 English literature Lot of 30 vols
73/ 996 [English literature]. Lot of 30 vols., all late 20th cent. publications, almost all first English or American editions, all in orig. binding w. dustwr., most in good/ fine condition, i.a. W. STYRON, The Confessions of Nat Turner (New York, 1967. Dustwr. sl. chipped); L. LIPTON, The Holy Barbarians (ibid., 1959); C. TÓIBÍN, Mothers and Sons (London, 2006, SIGNED) and L. DURRELL, Mountolive/ Justine/ Clea/ Balthazar (New York, 1957-1960, 4 vols., together in board slipcase).
€ (80-100) 80
73 997 Hemingway E 73 997 Hemingway E
73/ 997 Hemingway, E. A Farewell to Arms. London, J. Cape, 1929, 1st English ed., 4th impr., 349p., orig. giltlettered and blindst. cl. w. dustwr.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Dustwr. trifle soiled and worn. = First UK edition.

Hartley, L.P. The Hireling. Ibid., Hamish Hamilton, 1957, 1st ed., 247, (1)p., orig. silverlettered cl. w. dustwr.

- Trifle foxed on edges. A good copy.

Braine, J. The Vodi. Ibid., Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1959, 1st ed., 283p., orig. silverlettered cl. w. dustwr.

- Trifle foxed on edges. Dustwr. trifle discoloured.

€ (40-60) 70
73 998 Hemingway E 73 998 Hemingway E
73/ 998 Hemingway, E. A Movable Feast. London, Jonathan Cape, 1964, 1st Engl. ed., 191,(1)p., orig. boards w. (price-clipped and trifle worn) dustwr. by H. TISDALL.
€ (50-70) 50
73 999 Herzen A  under pseud Iskander 73 999 Herzen A under pseud Iskander
73/ 999 Herzen, A. (under pseud. Iskander). Kontzy i nachala (Ends and beginnings). Norrköping, E. Biornström, 1863, 1st ed. thus, (2),IV,96p., modern black leather w. gilt red mor. letterpiece, orig. wr. pres., sm. 8vo.

= Zaleski 197. Letters by Alexander Herzen (the "father of Russian socialism") to Ivan Turgenev. In Russia the book was banned until the Revolution of 1917. Rare.

€ (200-300) 325
73 1000 Horatius Flaccus Q 73 1000 Horatius Flaccus Q
73/1000 Horatius Flaccus, Q. Verzamelde gedichten. Transl. P. Schrijvers. Gron., Historische uitgeverij, 2003, 643,(1)p., 2 ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Plinius. De wereld. Naturalis historia. Dutch transl. J. van Gelder, M. Nieuwenhuis and T. Peters. Amst., Athenaeum, Polak & Van Gennep, 2004, 899,(1)p., 6 full-p. maps, orig. boards. - AND 7 others in 8 vols., almost all fine, i.a. HET ANTWERPS LIEDBOEK. Ed. D.E. van der Poel a.o. (Tielt, 2004, 2 vols., ills., scores, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Fine); G. VAN TOURS, Historiën (Baarn, Ambo klassiek, 1994, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Fine); DANTE ALIGHIERI, De goddelijke komedie (ibid., idem, 1987, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and G. CHAUCER, De Canterbury-verhalen (ibid., idem, 1995, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Fine).
€ (70-90) 80
73 1001 Hugo V 73 1001 Hugo V
73/1001 Hugo, V. L'ane. Paris, Calmann Lévy, 1880, 1st ed., II,(2),174,(2)p., contemp. hvellum w. giltlettered mor. letterpiece (orig. wr. pres.), 4to.

- Vellum trifle soiled.

= One of 15 copies printed on papier Whatman. Vicaire IV, p.362.

€ (50-70) 50
73 1002 Kafka F 73 1002 Kafka F
73/1002 Kafka, F. Gesammelte Werke. Ed. M. Brod. New York/ Frankf. a.M., Schocken Books/ S. Fischer etc., 1953-1970, various eds., 5 vols. from the series, orig. unif gilt cl. w. dustwr.

- One dustwr. inner flap torn loose.

= Der Prozess; Amerika; Das Schloss; Tagebücher 1910-1923; Briefe an Felice.

Rilke, R.M. Werke in drei Bänden. Frankf. a.M., Insel, 1966, 3 vols., (4),XXXII,562,(2); 506; 597,(3)p., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

= 1. Gedicht-Zyklen; 2. Gedichte und Übertragungen; 3. Prosa.

AND 1 other: E.T.A. HOFFMANN, Lebens-Ansichten des Katers Murr (Sämtliche Werke, Band 5) (ibid., 1992, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).

€ (50-70)
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