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76 1329 Bonaparte L N  76 1329 Bonaparte L N
76/1329 (Bonaparte, L.N.). Marie ou les peines de l'amour. Paris, J. Chaumerot, 1814, 2nd ed., 3 parts in 2 vols., (4),275,(1); 174; (2),175-284,194p., contemp. unif. gilt hcalf.

- Vol.1 bookseller's ticket on upper pastedown; approx. 15 lvs. waterstained in lower inner margin; a few leaves upper outer corner torn off, partially affecting text; vol.2 several leaves w. (water)stains. Vol.1 lower joint splitting; vol.2 spine-ends worn.

€ (70-90)
76 1330 Bunin I 76 1330 Bunin I
76/1330 Bunin, I. Derevnya (The village). Paris, Russkaya Zemlya, 1921, 368,(2)p., orig. wr.

- Backstrip sl. cracking; frontwr. trifle stained. = First foreign edition.

Akhmatova, A. Chetki (Rosary). Berlin, S. Efron, n.d. (1921), 118p., orig. wr.

- Bookblock split; a few annots. in pen. Wr. sl. stained and soiled.

= First publ. St. Petersburg 1913.

AND 6 others, all Russian, i.a. by B. PILNYAK, L. ANDREEV, M. GORKI and I. SHMELEV.

€ (70-90) 130
76 1331 Casanova G 76 1331 Casanova G
76/1331 Casanova, G. Memoires. Dutch transl. T. Kars. Amst., Athenaeum/ Polak & Van Gennep, 1991-1998, 12 vols., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

- Fine set. = Grote Belletrie series.

AND 1 other on the same: J. RIVES CHILDS, Casanova. Dutch transl. J. van Helmond (Amst., 1989, plates, orig. wr. Open Domein 21).

€ (80-100) 100
76 1332 Charrière I de = B van Zuylen 76 1332 Charrière I de = B van Zuylen
76/1332 Charrière, I. de (= B. van Zuylen). Oeuvres complètes. Amst., G.A. van Oorschot, 1979-1981, 10 vols., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 3 others on the same, i.a. P.H. and S. DUBOIS, Zonder vaandel. Belle van Zuylen 1740-1805. Een biografie (Amst., 1993, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).
€ (50-70) 50
76 1333 Chopin H 76 1333 Chopin H
76/1333 Chopin, H. The Cosmographical Lobster. A poetic novel. Engl. transl. J. Chopin. London, Gaberbocchus, 1976, 1st English ed., 39,(1)p., orig. wr.

- Sl. browned as usual.

Grabbe, C.-D. Comedy, Satire, Irony & Deeper Meaning. A play in 3 acts. Engl. transl. B. Wright. Ibid., idem, 1955, 1st English edition, 60,(2)p., ills. by S. WILLOUGHBY, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Buchanan, G. Green Seacoast. Ibid., idem, 1959, 1st ed., 124,(3)p., orig. gilt boards w. dustwr. Lang, H. and Tynan, K. The Quest for Corbett. Written for radio. Ibid., idem, 1960, 1st ed., 111,(1)p., ills. and bookdec. by F. THEMERSON, orig. wr., obl. 8vo. Blakeston, O. The Night's Moves. Ibid., idem, 1961, 1st ed., 125p., orig. boards w. (sl. worn) dustwr. - AND 6 others by O. Blakeston (2x), P. Fetherson, E. Héafod, J. Laughlin and C.H. Sisson, all but one publ. by the same.

€ (100-150)
76 1334 Classical antiquity and neolatinism  Niermeyer J F 76 1334 Classical antiquity and neolatinism Niermeyer J F
76/1334 [Classical antiquity and neolatinism]. Niermeyer, J.F. Mediae Latinitatis lexicon minus. Ed. C. vande Kieft. Leyden etc., Brill, 1997, 2 parts in 1 vol., XVI,(2),1138; XIX,(1),78p., orig. gilt cl. - ADDED: Bergmann, E. Codex Ḫammurabi. Textus Primigenius. Rome, Pontificium Institutum Biblicum, 1953, (4),52p., ills., contemp. cl. w. (part of) orig. frontwr. laid down, folio.
€ (30-50) 30
76 1335 Dickens C 76 1335 Dickens C
76 1335 Dickens C 76 1335 Dickens C
76 1335 Dickens C 76 1335 Dickens C
76/1335 Dickens, C. The Personal History of David Copperfield. London, Bradbury and Evans, 1850, 1st ed. in bookform, XIV,(2),624p., etched frontisp., title and 38 plates by H.K. BROWNE, orig. giltlettered and blindst. cl. w. mor. letterpiece.

- Frontisp. and etched title browned; plates sl. foxed as usual; upper hinge weak; lower hinge partly broken. Lower joint split(ting); spine-ends and mor. letterpiece chipped; spine sunned.

= Eckel p.77-78; Sadleir 686; Muir p.94-96: "(...) in 1849-1850 [appeared] another masterpiece of text and illustration in David Copperfield, perhaps most people's favourite in both spheres."; Harvey p.142-151. Most points indicating a first issue present: Our copy has the following points: on p.132 "screwed" instead of "screamed"; chapter XXVII on page 282 and not page 283 as listed on the contents page; on p.16, line 1 and p.225, line 22: ''recal'' instead of ''recall''; p.19, 12 lines from the bottom: ''cha pter ;ut''; on p.387, 6 lines from the bottom: ''coroboration'' instead of ''corroboration''; on p.472, 13 lines from the bottom there is no closing of the quotation marks; ''1850'' under the publishers' imprint on the engraved title-page, i.a. the date 1850 below the etched title. Rare in the original cloth binding.

€ (150-250) 350
76 1336 Duff C 76 1336 Duff C
76 1336 Duff C 76 1336 Duff C
76 1336 Duff C 76 1336 Duff C
76/1336 Duff, C. A Handbook on Hanging. (London), The Cayme Press, 1928, 1st ed., 128p., orig. clothbacked dec. boards w. paper letterpiece, sm. 8vo.

- Trifle foxed; vague stamp on first free endpaper.

€ (30-50) 80
76 1337 Exil  Döblin A 76 1337 Exil Döblin A
76/1337 [Exil]. Döblin, A. Babylonische Wandrung oder Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall. Amst., Querido, 1934, 1st ed., 694p., ills. and orig. cl. w. dustwr. by P.L. URBAN.

- Binding sl. foxed/ browned; dustwr. damaged. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.103.

Kisch, E.E. Geschichten aus sieben Ghettos. Ibid., A. de Lange, 1934, 1st ed., 216,(4)p., ills. and orig. dec. cl. by P.L. URBAN, large 8vo.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Binding sl. yellowed/ foxed. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.266.

AND 2 other exil publications, both publ. by A. de Lange and w. bookdec. by P.L. URBAN.

€ (50-70) 200
76 1338 Exil  Mann T 76 1338 Exil Mann T
76/1338 [Exil]. Mann, T. Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. Amst., Querido, 1937, 177,(2)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr.

- Owner's stamp on htitle and title; some foxing. Dustwr. trifle frayed and strengthened on verso.

= Sternfeld/ Tiedemann 332. Rare with the dustwrapper.

Roth, J. Die hundert Tage. Ibid., A. de Lange, 1936, 1st ed., 296,(1)p., orig. dec. cl. by P.L. URBAN.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper; some foxing (incl. binding). Binding sl. soiled and read out of shape.

= Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.427.

Brod, M. Annerl. Ibid., idem, 1937, 1st ed., 337,(1)p., orig. plain limp boards w. dustwr. by P.L. URBAN.

- Some sl. foxing. Dustwr. sl. soiled; foot of spine bumped. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p. 81.

AND 2 others (1 not exil).

€ (50-70) 220
76/1339 Exil  Das neue Tage Buch Ed L Schwarzschild 76/1339 Exil Das neue Tage Buch Ed L Schwarzschild
76/1339 [Exil]. Das neue Tage-Buch. Ed. L. Schwarzschild. Paris/ Amst., Nederlandsche Uitgeverij, 1933-1940, 15 odd issues, orig. unif. wr., 4to.

= Year 1, no.1-3; year 2, no.3; year 3, no.3, 6, 19, 28, 40, 42, 43; year 4, no.1 and 16; year 8, no.1 and 5. With contributions by i.a. J. Roth, M. ter Braak, A. Döblin and L. Marcuse.

€ (40-60) 80
76/1340 Exil  Die Sammlung Literarische Monatsschrift unter dem Patronat von André Gide  Aldous Huxley  Heinrich Mann Year I no 1 2 8 and 12 Ed K Mann 76/1340 Exil Die Sammlung Literarische Monatsschrift unter dem Patronat von André Gide Aldous Huxley Heinrich Mann Year I no 1 2 8 and 12 Ed K Mann
76/1340 [Exil]. Die Sammlung. Literarische Monatsschrift unter dem Patronat von André Gide - Aldous Huxley - Heinrich Mann. Year I, no.1, 2, 8 and 12. Ed. K. Mann. Amst., Querido, 1933-1934, 4 vols., orig. unif. wr.

- Backstrip no.1 sl. dam.; backstrip no.8 strengthened w. sellotape.

= The most important exil periodical. It was published for 2 years (24 issues). Issues in this lot w. contributions by i.a. M. ter Braak, B. Brecht, A. Döblin, A. den Doolaard, E. Hemingway, A. Huxley, F. Kafka, K. Mann, J. Roth and A. Zweig.

Neue Deutsche Blätter. Monatschrift für Literatur und Kritik. Year 1, no.2, 4 and 7. Ed. O.M. Graf, W. Herzfelde and A. Seghers. Prague etc., Faust, 1933-1934, 3 vols., 65-128; 201-264; 393-456p., orig. unif. wr.

= With duplicate copies of no.2 and 7.

AND 3 others.

€ (50-70) 120
76 1341 French literature  Collection of 13 vols 76 1341 French literature Collection of 13 vols
76/1341 [French literature]. Collection of 13 vols., Paris, A. Quantin, 1885-1889, 131 engr. plates, ills., contemp. unif. hmor. w. gilt spine.

- All vols. occas. sl. foxed.

= Nicely bound set, consisting of the following works: H. DE BALZAC, Le père Goriot (1885); IDEM, La cousine Bette (1888); C. DE BERNARD, Gerfaut (1889); J. CLARETIE, Monsieur le Ministre (n.d., new ed.); A. DAUDET, Sapho (1888); O. FEUILLET, Monsieur de Camors (1885); G. FLAUBERT, Madame Bovary (1885); E. and J. DE GONCOURT, Germinie Lacerteux (1886); A. DE LAMARTINE, Raphaël (n.d., printed in 1100 numb. copies); G. SAND, Mauprat (1886); IDEM, La Mare au Diable (1889, printed in 1000 numb. copies) and A. DE VIGNY, Cinq-Mars (1889, 2 vols., printed in 1000 numb. copies).

€ (150-250)
76 1342 French literature  Lot of 30 vols 76 1342 French literature Lot of 30 vols
76/1342 [French literature]. Lot of 30 vols., attractively bound in late 19th/ early 20th cent. (partly unif.) hmor. w. marbled covers, gilt(lettered) spine, (large) 8vo.

= Contains works by i.a. A. DAUDET (1887); MME. DE LAFAYETTE (1922); A. DE MUSSET (1879-1882, 9 vols.); MOLIÈRE (1862); VICTOR HUGO (1878) and VOLTAIRE (1862-1867, 3 vols.).

€ (100-150)
76/1343 Front No 1 3 Ed S Prins 76/1343 Front No 1 3 Ed S Prins
76/1343 Front. No. 1-3. Ed. S. Prins. The Hague, Servire, 1930-1931, 3 issues, (4),96; 97-192,(8),193-288p., orig. wr., large 8vo.

- Without no. 4. Some sl. foxing in blank margins. Wrappers (dust)soiled and sl. waterstained.

= Three of only 4 issues that were published of this rare left wing literary avant-garde periodical founded and edited by the 18-year old Dutch poet Sonja Prins. Contains contributions by i.a. Erik Reger, Ezra Pound, Norman MacLeod, S. Tretyakov, Carl Einstein, Roger Vitrac, Paul Bowles, William Carlos Williams, Eugene Jolas, Vladimir Maiakovski and John Dos Passos. Very rare.

€ (100-150) 1600
76 1344 Grimmelshausen H J C von 76 1344 Grimmelshausen H J C von
76/1344 Grimmelshausen. H.J.C. von. De avonturen van Simplicissimus. Transl. and ed. A. de Loecker. Baarn, Ambo, 1991, 551p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. (Ambo-Klassiek). Diderot, D. De loslippige sieraden. Transl. T. Daan. Amst., Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 2008, 365p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. (Grote Belletrie Serie). Groot, H. de. Het recht van oorlog en vrede. Prolegomena & Boek I. Ed. J.F. Lindemans. Baarn, Ambo, 1993, 301p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. (Ambo-Klassiek). Bruggen, C. van. Prometheus. Een bijdrage tot het begrip der ontwikkeling van het individualisme in de litteratuur. Amst., Van Oorschot, 1980, 5th ed., (4),552p., india-paper, orig. cl. w. dustwr.

- All fine copies.

€ (40-60)
76 1345 Heartfield J  Ehrenburg I 76 1345 Heartfield J Ehrenburg I
76/1345 [Heartfield, J.]. Ehrenburg, I. Die Traumfabrik. Chronik des Films. German transl. R. Selke. Berlin, Malik Verlag, 1931, 1st-10th thous., 309,(10)p., orig. plain wr. w. dustwr. in gold w. red lettering by JOHN HEARTFIELD.

- Small number in red ballpoint on title and last textp. Dustwr. as usual sl. worn/ rubbed/ frayed (strengthened on verso) and discol. on backstrip.

= Hermann 63 c. Rare.

Ermanski, J. Theorie und Praxis der Rationalisierung. German transl. Krönlein. Vienna, Verlag für Literatur und Politik, (1928), XVI,447p., photogr. ills., tables, orig. wr. des. by JOHN HEARTFIELD, large 8vo.

- Bookblock loose. Wrappers worn (strengthened on verso along margins and on folds).

AND 2 others w. dustwr. or typography by the same.

€ (50-70)
76 1346 Hemingway E 76 1346 Hemingway E
76/1346 Hemingway, E. Green Hills of Africa. New York, Scribner's, 1935, 1st ed., 294,(1)p., ills. by EDWARD SHENTON, orig. green gilt cl. w. dustwr.

- Bookplate and owner's entry in pen and ink on first free endpaper. Dustwrapper plasticized and sl. worn (but unclipped).

= Hanneman A13a.

€ (200-300) 200
76 1347 Ibsen H 76 1347 Ibsen H
76 1347 Ibsen H 76 1347 Ibsen H
76/1347 Ibsen, H. Hedda Gabler. Skuespil i fire akter. Copenhagen, Gyldendalske Boghandel Forlag, 1890, 1st ed., (4),236p., contemp. giltlettered hmor.

- Title-p. stained and w. sm. owner's entry. = PMM 375.

Idem. John Gabriel Borkman. Skuespil i fire akter. Ibid., idem, 1896, 1st ed., (6),245p., bound unif. w. the preceding. Idem. Når vi døde vågner. En dramatisk epilog i tre akter. Ibid./ Berlin, idem/ S. Fischer, 1899, 1st ed., (6),202p., bound unif. w. the preceding.

- Owner's entry on title-p.

€ (120-150)
76 1348 Lautréamont Comte de  = I L Ducasse 76 1348 Lautréamont Comte de = I L Ducasse
76/1348 Lautréamont, Comte de. (= I.L. Ducasse). Les chants de Maldoror. (Chants I, II, III, IV, V, VI). Paris/ Brussels, n.publ., 1874, 1st ed., (4),332,(1)p., later red full mor. w. giltlettered spine, orig. wr. pres., t.e.g.

- Htitle and title w. a few foxed spots. Spine sl. sunned. A good/ fine copy.

= Very rare first edition of this work. This edition was printed in 1869 but the publisher did not distribute it until 1874, with a new wrapper and title-p.: "Paris et Bruxelles, en vente chez tous les libraires" and on verso htitle: "Bruxelles - Typ. de E. Wittmann". Vicaire V, p.103: "Le tirage alla s'égarer dans les caves d'un libraire belge qui, timidement, au bout de quatre années, fit brocher des exemplaires avec un titre et une couverture anonymes (...)". Remarkable copy with 12 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS by A. DUPARC (= SALIM). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE L.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1600
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