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76 1439 Fini L  Baudelaire C 76 1439 Fini L Baudelaire C
76/1439 [Fini, L.]. Baudelaire, C. Les Fleurs du Mal. Paris, Le Cercle du Livre Précieux, 1962, (6),279,(14)p., 24 full-p. col. lithographs by L. FINI, printed in 500 numb. copies, loose in sheets as issued in orig. wr., orig. cloth chemise and box in cashmere style fabric, folio.

= Monod 1121.

€ (300-400) 325
76 1440 Fini L  Réage P 76 1440 Fini L Réage P
76/1440 [Fini, L.]. Réage, P. Histoire d'O. Paris, Aux dépens de la Compagnie des Bibliophiles, Cercle du Livre Précieux, 1962, XXII,(2),183,(4)p., 14 col. plates and 9 monochr. ills. by L. FINI, printed in 350 numb. copies on vélin d'arches, loose in sheets as issued in orig. wr. and black velvet chemise, in orig. velvet box, folio.

- Wr. fingersoiled. = Monod 9493.

€ (300-400)
76 1441 Foujita T  Claudel P 76 1441 Foujita T Claudel P
76/1441 [Foujita, T.]. Claudel, P. L'Oiseau noir dans le soleil levant. Paris, Éditions Excelsior, 1927, (4),145,(4)p., 12 full-p. etchings by T. FOUJITA, pochoir col. by A. JACOMET, printed in 536 numb. copies (400), orig. col. lithogr. wr. by T. FOUJITA, large 8vo.

- Occas. stained in outer right blank margin. Wr. partly soiled. = Monod 2842.

€ (250-350) 250
76 1442 Foujita T  Loti P 76 1442 Foujita T Loti P
76/1442 [Foujita, T.]. Loti, P. La troisième jeunesse de Madame Prune. Paris, Les Éditions d'Art Devambez, 1926, (6),175,(2)p., col. aquatint frontisp., 10 col. aquatint plates and 6 half-p. ills. by FOUJITA, printed in 458 numb. copies (75), orig. wr., 4to.

- Wr. browned and spine-ends dam.

= Monod 7341; Carteret IV, p.247: "Édition recherchée et cotée en grand papier". One of 75 numb. copies on Van Gelder, but without the extra suite called for.

€ (300-400) 300
76 1443 Gašpar T J 76 1443 Gašpar T J
76/1443 Gašpar, T.J. Zakliata Hora. Pohádka o Nedbalovi. Bratislava, n.publ., 1931, (15)p., printed in 300 numb. copies, orig. wr. printed in sliver, green and black.

- Wr. sl. creased, scratched and rubbed. = SIGNED on title-p.

€ (40-60)
76 1444 Giacometti A  Cervantes Saavedra M de 76 1444 Giacometti A Cervantes Saavedra M de
76 1444 Giacometti A  Cervantes Saavedra M de 76 1444 Giacometti A Cervantes Saavedra M de
76 1444 Giacometti A  Cervantes Saavedra M de 76 1444 Giacometti A Cervantes Saavedra M de
76/1444 [Giacometti, A.]. Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. La danse du chateau. Paris, Les Impénitents VIII, 1962, no pagination, etched frontisp. by A. GIACOMETTI, 14 etchings by L. CHAVIGNIER, printed in 120 numb. copies, loose as issued in orig. wr., board chemise, matching slipcase, 4to.

- Upper joint chemise starting.

€ (300-500)
76 1445 Golden Cockerel Press  Longus 76 1445 Golden Cockerel Press Longus
76/1445 [Golden Cockerel Press]. Longus. Daphnis & Chloe. A most Sweet, and Pleasant Pastorall Romance for Young Ladies. Transl. by G. Thornley. Waltham Saint Lawrence, Golden Cockerel Press, 1928/ 1930, 108,(1)p., 5 engravings by J.-E. LABOUREUR, printed in 450 numb. copies (97), orig. gilt buckram, 4to.

- First free endpapers browned. = Chanticleer 17 (the May, 1930 special issue of which 97 were printed).

Marston, J. The Metamorphosis of Pigmalion's Image. Ibid., idem, 1926, 17,(2)p., col. woodcut frontisp. and plate by R.B. SUSAN, printed in 325 numb. copies, orig. hvellum w. batik covers, sm. 8vo.

= Chanticleer 46.

ADDED: one other publ. by the Nonesuch Press.

€ (120-150) 120
76/1446 Golden Cockerel Press  The Golden Cockerell Press 1931 76/1446 Golden Cockerel Press The Golden Cockerell Press 1931
76/1446 [Golden Cockerel Press]. The Golden Cockerell Press 1931. (London), Golden Cockerell Press, (1930), (8)p., woodengr. ills., 4to.

= Prospectus announcing i.a. the publication of W. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night; E. Gill, An Essay on the Nude; H. Fielding, Jonathan Wild and T.F. Powys, When Thou Wast Naked.

AND 7 others similar, i.a. by The Boar's Head Press (1933), The Golden Cockerell Press (1933 and 1947), The Nonesuch Press (1927) and The Shakespeare Head Press (1934).

€ (30-50) 40
76/1447 Green Escape Press  Green Escape 76/1447 Green Escape Press Green Escape
76/1447 [Green Escape Press]. "Green Escape". Lacquered and painted wooden slab by P.J. VAN DEN HOVEN, 33x129,5x2,5 cm.

= The original name sign of the Green Escape Press.

€ (70-90) 110
76 1448 Green Escape Press  Meyer G P 76 1448 Green Escape Press Meyer G P
76/1448 [Green Escape Press]. Meyer, G.P. At Journey's End. An Essay about a Visit to John Donne in Our Time. Houten, Green Escape Press, 1981, (13)p., 2 full-p. lithogr. ills. by J.H. MOESMAN, printed by Henk van Otterloo in black, blue and red in 75 numb. copies, signed by the author, the artist and the printer, orig. wr.

= Knothole series no.3. Fine copy.

WITH: the ORIGINAL DESIGNS for the lithographs and calligraphed title by J.H. MOESMAN, the ORIGINAL TYPESCRIPT of the text w. manuscript corrections by G.P. MEYER, several letters of correspondence between the author and the printer concerning the publication and 2 letters from the printer to DIRKJE KUIK (asking if she would be willing to print the lithographs), all dated 1979-1981. - AND WITH the orig. lead type of the Green Escape Press vignette cut by J.H. MOESMAN.

€ (150-250) 230
76 1449 Green Escape Press  Morley C 76 1449 Green Escape Press Morley C
76/1449 [Green Escape Press]. Morley, C. Aan zijn executeurs. To his executors. Dutch transl. H. van Otterloo. Houten, Green Escape Press, 1979, (4)p., printed in blue and red in 100 copies, orig. wr. w. paper title-piece, obl. 8vo, in orig. envelope. Idem. Deus haec otia fecit. Ibid., idem, 1982, (4)p., printed in black and blue, 2 initials in blue and gold, orig. wr., obl. sm. 8vo. - AND 5 other small publications by the same, containing text fragments by C. MORLEY. - ADDED: a small stack of printed matter, small publications, leaflets, cards etc. (partly) by/ related to the same.
€ (70-90) 475
76 1450 Greshoff J 76 1450 Greshoff J
76 1450 Greshoff J 76 1450 Greshoff J
76 1450 Greshoff J 76 1450 Greshoff J
76/1450 Greshoff, J. De vaders. Broadside poem, Maastricht/ Brussels, A.A.M. Stols, n.d. (1927), 38,5x21,5 cm. (leaf), handcol. woodcut ill. by J. FRANKEN PZN, framed.

= Van Dijk 113. Rijmprenten en Planodrukken No.1. Rare handcol. variant, printed on heavy paper.

AND 2 other broadside poems, both framed, i.a. IDEM, ""'t Lieve leven..." "...en de zoete dood."" (broadside, (Haarlem), Enschedé en Zoon, n.d., 2 (1x handcol.) woodcut ills. by J. BOON).

€ (30-50) 60
76 1451 Grieshaber HAP 76 1451 Grieshaber HAP
76/1451 Grieshaber, HAP. Totentanz von Basel. Sammelkassette für die Kalenderausgabe. Dresden, VEB/ Starczewski-Verlag, (1973-1975), 3 calenders, each w. 12 col. woodcuts to the months and frontwr. by HAP GRIESHABER, title-leaf, signed in black pen, together loose in orig. plastic box w. gilt plastic lid, large folio.

- All lvs. loose; lacks 1 back; 2 backs dam. Lower edge lid dam.

€ (50-70)
76 1452 Grigorieff B 76 1452 Grigorieff B
76/1452 Grigorieff, B. Boui bouis. Text C. Farrère, S. Makowsky and B. Schloezer. German transl. R. von Walter. Berlin, Razum-Verlag, (1924), 61,(3)p., 28 plates and 18 textills. by BORIS GRIGORIEFF, printed in 500 numb. copies, orig. wr., folio.

- Pencil annots.; frontwr. and first quires loose(ning). Edges of wrappers creased; unnumb. copy.

= Die Petropolis Reihe.

€ (200-300) 250
76 1453 Grosz G 76 1453 Grosz G
76 1453 Grosz G 76 1453 Grosz G
76/1453 Grosz, G. Abrechnung folgt! 57 politische Zeichnungen. Berlin, Malik, 1923, 1st ed., 61,(2)p., 57 full-p. ills. and orig. wr, by G. GROSZ, sm. 4to.

- Yellowed/ foxed/ thumbed/ soiled (incl. wr.); first few lvs. (incl. frontwr.) waterst, in upper margin. Backstrip pasted over w. tape.

= Kleine revolutionäre Bibliothek 10. Lang 39; Hermann 150.

Pons, P. Der grosse Zeitvertreig. Berlin, Müller & I. Kiepenheuer, 1932, 1st ed., 62,(2)p., 38 (full-p.) ills., orig. pict. wr. and col. pict. dustwr. by G. GROSZ.

- Dustwrapper sl. frayed, partly browned and broken on joints. = Lang 64.

Grosz, G. Das neue Gesicht der Herrschenden Klasse. Ibid., Malik-Verlag, 1930, 1st ed., 126,(2)p., 60 plates by G. GROSZ, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to.

- Covers sl. stained and discoloured along spine; lower joint and spine-ends dam.

= Lang 54; Hermann 170; Gittig 232.

€ (100-150) 180
76 1454 Guillevic 76 1454 Guillevic
76/1454 Guillevic. Baigneuses. Wormerveer, W.J. Koster, 1985, fold. colophon leaf and 6 fold. lvs. w. a letterpress poem and an orig. monogrammed linocut by MARIE-LUC GRALL, printed in 30 numb. copies (23), all signed by the author and artist, loose as issued in orig. cl. portfolio, folio. Sweere, R. Breathe Out. Arnhem, Plaatsmaken, 1996, leporello w. 23 photogr. ills. w. captions, printed in 100 numb. and signed copies, cl. covers, in orig. printed board slipcase, 4to. - AND 8 others similar, i.a. R. NIJBURG, DWVH De werken van Herkules. Een getijdenboek in honderd tekeningen (Arnhem, Plaatsmaken, 1997, ills., printed in 200 numb. and signed copies, orig. cl., narrow 4to); C. VERWAAIJEN, Tenminste de bloemen (n.pl., Stichting Papieren Tijger, 1992, col. ills., printed in 100 numb. copies, orig. cl., square folio); and publications by Svea Gustavs, Lucas Kuys, Anneke Minter, Hester Oerlemans, Irma Witte and M. Ybañez.
€ (100-150) 100
76 1455 Havard H 76 1455 Havard H
76 1455 Havard H 76 1455 Havard H
76/1455 Havard, H. La Hollande à vol d'oiseau. Paris, G. Decaux and A. Quantin, 1882, 3rd ed., (6),II,400p., 1 tinted map, 24 helio-engr. plates by M. LALANNE, num. ills., orig. gilt dec. cl., a.e.g., 4to.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; occas. (sl.) foxed. Spine faded.

= Vicaire IV, p.44f.

Idem. L'Art dans la maison (grammaire de l'ameublement). Paris, Ed. Rouveyre and G. Blond, 1884, new ed., VI,(2),411,(1)p., 50 (tinted/ col.) (woodengr./ lithogr.) plates, num. ills., contemp. hmor., 4to.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Leather rubbed; top of spine dam. = Vicaire IV, p.45.

€ (80-100)
76 1456 Hoytema Th van 76 1456 Hoytema Th van
76 1456 Hoytema Th van 76 1456 Hoytema Th van
76/1456 Hoytema, Th. van. Hoe de Vogels aan een Koning kwamen. Eene Vogelgeschiedenis. Gevolgd naar een oude legende. The Hague, n.publ., 1892, lithogr. title-page, 30 plates (printed on grey paper) and orig. clothbacked lithogr. boards by TH. VAN HOYTEMA, obl. 4to.

- Upper hinge weak; trifle browned along outer margins. Covers sl. browned and trifle dam. along extremities; frontcover w. some sm. (water)stains.

= Rare edition before the Amsterdam publisher's address of Van Gogh (but with printer on frontcover: S. Lankhout & Co.). De Groot 129B; Braches 563; Cat. Ned. Boek 3; cat. De Koning 330.

€ (70-90) 120
76 1457 Hoytema Th van  Andersen H C 76 1457 Hoytema Th van Andersen H C
76/1457 [Hoytema, Th. van]. Andersen, H.C. Het leelijke jonge eendje. Amst., C.M. van Gogh, 1893, title-leaf and 31 col. lithogr. plates tipped onto grey paper, orig. col. lithogr. clothbacked boards by TH. VAN HOYTEMA, bound as a blockbook, large folio.

- Plates fine; first 2 lvs. w. some marginal tears (closed w. sellotape); margins of lvs. partly sl. water-/ dampstained; first plate glue in corners sl. shining through. Binding trifle foxed.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION "Voor A. en M. Roland Holst van Th. van Hoytema. 12 Jan 1900" on first blank. PROOF COPY. De Groot 131Ab; Braches 567: "De bladen zijn op grote vellen grijs papier (470x365 mm.) geplakt. Op de voorzijde is in zwart en rood een gelithografeerd etiket (150x260 mm.) gedrukt: 'Het leelijke jonge Eendje. Naar een sprookje van H. Andersen. Geteekend en gelithografeerd door T. van Hoytema. 1893. Gedrukt bij S. Lankhout & Co. Den Haag. TvH. Proefexemplaar. TvH.'" SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVII.

€ (400-600) 425
76 1458 Hupp O 76 1458 Hupp O
76/1458 Hupp, O. Münchener Kalender. Year 1885-1935. Munich, G.I. Manz, (1884-1934), 50 vols., (full-p.) col. woodcut ills. and decoration by O. HUPP, loosely inserted in 4 contemp. giltlettered unif. hcl. portfolios.

= A complete set, year 1933 was not published. With the often lacking inserts.

€ (300-500)