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76 1687 M artin B  76 1687 M artin B
76/1687 M(artin, B.). Filozoofische Onderwyzer; of Algemeene Schets der hedendaagsche ondervindelyke Natuurkunde. Amst., P. Meijer, 1765, 3rd corr. ed., (24),443,(21)p., engr. title-vignette, 22 (of 26) fold. plates, modern antique style hleather w. gilt letterpiece.

- Lacks 4 plates and the 2 tables; title-p. sl. yellowed and (water)stained.

= The plates include a map of the moon, a worldmap and plates depicting animals and various physical apparatus. On Benjamin Martin (1704-1782) see DSB IV, p.141 and 142.

AND vol. 2 only of J. LE FRANCQ VAN BERKHEY, Natuurlyke Historie van Holland (Amst., 1771, fold. engr. plates, contemp. hcalf).

€ (50-70) 50
76 1688 Martinet J F 76 1688 Martinet J F
76 1688 Martinet J F 76 1688 Martinet J F
76/1688 Martinet, J.F. Katechismus der natuur. Amst., J. Allart, 1778-1779, 1st ed. (vol. 2 and 3)/ 2nd ed. (vol. 4)/ 3rd ed. (vol.1), 4 vols., 4 diff. engr. frontisp. and 30 (fold.) (handcol.) plates, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. mor. letterpiece.

- Without the portrait of the author; partly (water)stained and fingersoiled. Bindings w. minor imperfections.

= B. Paasman, J.F. Martinet, p.45-65 and p.100; cf. Bierens de Haan 3061. "Uit dit werk, dat zich tot de grote groep geïnteresseerde leken richtte, kan men de 18e-eeuwse opvattingen leren kennen, niet alleen op het gebied van de biologie, maar ook op dat van de astrologie, geologie, fysica, meteorologie en ook filosofie, theologie en psychologie. Men vindt er vele gegevens over de zeden en gewoonten van de 18e-eeuwer, alsmede over het leven van de auteur zelf. Het bevat tientallen verwijzingen naar bekende tijdgenoten en naar plaatsen en landstreken uit de Republiek, vooral naar Zutphen en omgeving, en naar andere gebieden waar Martinet gewoond heeft, zoals Edam en wijde omgeving en de Meijereij van Den Bosch." (Paasman p.47).

Vries, J. de. Natuurkundige en ophelderende aanmerkingen over het derde en vierde deel van J.F. Martinet's Katechismus der Natuur. Amst., J. van Selm, 1779, 2 (of 4) parts in 1 vol., bound (almost) unif. with the preceding.

- Part 3 and 4 only.

€ (80-100) 80
76 1689 Mathematics  Bartjens W 76 1689 Mathematics Bartjens W
76/1689 [Mathematics]. Bartjens, W. De vernieuwde cyfferinge (...). Ed. J. van Dam and K. Bosch. Amst., Schalekamp en Van de Grampel, n.d. (1753), 184p., woodcut frontisp. w. portrait, contemp. boards, sm. 8vo.

- Trifle yellowed. Boards wrinkled and sl. worn.

= BNK 428. Other eds.: Muller 1042-1045; De Vries 486-488; Waller 202-203; The Children's World of Learning 2178-2185.

€ (50-70) 60
76 1690 Mathematics  Dedekind R 76 1690 Mathematics Dedekind R
76/1690 [Mathematics]. Dedekind, R. Stetigkeit und irrationale Zahlen./ Was sind und was sollen die Zahlen? Braunschweig, Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, 1892/ 1893, 2nd ed., 2 vols., (8),24; XVIII,(2),58,(2)p., orig. unif. wr.

- Both vols. w. owner's entry in pen and ink on htitle. First vol. wr. sl. frayed; 2nd vol. wr. dam. (detached) and strengthened w. tape along outer margins.

= Second editions of Dedekind's important works on set theory. His epochal 1872 publication, Stetigkeit und irrationale Zahlen, gave the first rigorous definition of the system of real numbers, laying the foundation for much of modern day real analysis and point-set topology. Was sind und was sollen die Zahlen, his follow-up work, elaborates on his attempts "to derive a purely logical foundation for arithmetic, and devised a number of axioms that formally and exactly represented the logical concept of whole numbers" (DSB). Extremely rare. Poggendorf I, p.534; DSB IV, p.1-5.

€ (120-150) 120
76 1691 Mathematics  Gelder J de 76 1691 Mathematics Gelder J de
76 1691 Mathematics  Gelder J de 76 1691 Mathematics Gelder J de
76/1691 [Mathematics]. Gelder, J. de. Beginselen der meetkunst, ontworpen, naar haren tegenwoordigen staat van vordering; onder anderen, inhoudende: eene volledige behandeling van de platte- en bolvormige- (anders genaamd klootsche) driehoeksmetingen, de veelhoeks- en veelvlakkige ligchaamsmeting (polygonometrie en polyedrometrie) benevens de theorie der transversalen. The Hague/ Amst., Gebroeders van Cleef/ B. Scheurleer Junior, 1817, 2nd rev. enl. ed., XXXVIII,(4),605,(1)p., 465 ills. on 8 fold. engr. plates by A. ZURCHER, contemp. hcalf w. brown mor. letterpiece.

- Yellowed; occas. foxed/ dampstained; plate 6 w. few inkstains. Covers sl. worn; joints reinforced w. paper.

= Bierens de Haan 1558; cf. Poggendorff I, p.870, listing other works by De Gelder.

Guyot, E.G. Nouvelles récréations physiques et mathématiques, contenant ce qui a été imaginé de plus précieux dans ce genre et qui se découvre journellement. Paris, La librairie, 1799-1800, new ed., 2 (of 3) vols., 80 plates, contemp. unif. boards.

- Not collated. Vol.1 p.167-170 loose; vol.2 a few lvs. sl. waterst. in upper inner margin.

= Cf. Caillet 4900; Wheeler Gift 426; Honeyman Sale 1584; Bierens de Haan 1032; Van der Linde 1032.

€ (70-90) 120
76 1692 Mathematics  Morgenster J 76 1692 Mathematics Morgenster J
76/1692 [Mathematics]. Morgenster, J. Werkdadige meetkonst, tonende klaar en beknopt hoe dat al 't gene een ingenieur en landmeter te meten voorvallen kan, wiskonstig met en zonder hoekmetig [sic], door de minste moeite gemeten word. Hier by is gevoegt een Verhandeling van roeden en landmaten, in de voornaamste Plaatzen van de Seven Vereenigde Provintien, en eenige andere daar omtrent leggende Plaatzen, gebruikelyk. The Hague, J.A. Bouvink, 1784, 3rd rev. enl. ed. by J.H. Knoop, (24),760p., 30 fold. engr. plates, without binding.

- Occas. sl. waterst. Needs rebinding.

= Bierens de Haan 2516 and 3364. With a large chapter "van 't kaarte maken".

€ (50-70) 60
76 1693 Mattioli P A 76 1693 Mattioli P A
76 1693 Mattioli P A 76 1693 Mattioli P A
76 1693 Mattioli P A 76 1693 Mattioli P A
76/1693 Mattioli, P.A. I Discorsi ne i sei libri della materia medicinale di Pedacio Dioscoride Anazarbeo. Venice, V. Valgrisi, 1557, (86),741p., num. woodcut text ills., early 20th cent. hleather, folio.

- Partly yellowed/ (water)stained and foxed (first and final lvs. incl. title-p. worse); title-p. restored in margin.

= Cf. Nissen, BBI 1304; Pritzel 5987 (both listing the ed. Venice, Valgrisi, 1555); Arber p.92ff: "One of the chief commentators and herbalists of the later renaissance (...)". Attractively illustrated work, containing mostly botanical illustrations, as well as illustrations of fish, mammals, shells, insects etc. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVI.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1000
76 1694 Maury M F 76 1694 Maury M F
76 1694 Maury M F 76 1694 Maury M F
76/1694 Maury, M.F. The Physical Geography of the Sea. London, Sampson Low, Son & Co., 1855, 274,(4), 8 fold. lithogr. plates (incl. maps), 4 (full-p.) ills., contemp. gilt and blindst. cl., large 8vo.

- Sl. foxed. Binding sl. rubbed.

= Horblit/ Grolier 71: First edition of "the first major textbook of modern oceanography"; Sabin 46969; Honeyman 2184 (all listing the first ed. 1855, New York).

€ (100-150)
76 1695 Mavor W 76 1695 Mavor W
76 1695 Mavor W 76 1695 Mavor W
76 1695 Mavor W 76 1695 Mavor W
76/1695 Mavor, W. The elements of natural history, for the use of schools and young persons (...). London, R. Phillips, 1802, XI,(1),343,(5)p., engr. frontisp., 52 plates, contemp. gilt calf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- First free endpaper loosening. Spine sl. rubbed. Good copy.

= With 6 additional plates (binder's index mentions 46).

AND 9 odd vols. on botany, zoology and ornithology, all in French language, (fold.) engr. plates, i.a. by BUFFON and N.A. PLUCHE.

€ (80-100) 150
76 1696 Medicine  De la Marche M du Tertre76 1696 Medicine De la Marche M du Tertre
76/1696 [Medicine]. De la Marche, M. du Tertre Instruction familière et utile aux sages-femmes Pour bien pratiquer les accouchemens, Faite par Demandes & Réponses (...). Accompagnée des Secrets choisis & éprouvés pour diverses Maladies. Par Madame Boursier. Paris, Laurent d'Houry, 1710, new ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (18),127,(1); (4),176,(4)p., 3 fold. engr. plates, contemp. sprinkled calf w. gilt backstrip, sm. 8vo.

- Crossed out owner's entry on title-p.; occas. sl. foxed/ fingersoiled; some marks and annots. in margins. Otherwise a fine copy.

= Fasbender, Geschichte der Geburtshülfe, p.177f and passim; Garrison/ Morton 6145; Bibl. Walleriana 5521.

€ (250-350) 250
76 1697 Medicine  Diderot D and d'Alembert J 76 1697 Medicine Diderot D and d'Alembert J
76/1697 [Medicine]. Diderot, D. and d'Alembert, J. (Chirurgie). (Paris, 1763), 4 textp., 39 engr. plates (incl. the fine frontisp.), loose without binding, folio.

= Instalment from the first edition of the Encyclopédie.

WITH 8 suppl. surgical plates and 3 suppl. plates concerning hermaphrodites (1x dam.).

€ (200-300) 200
76 1698 Medicine  Dodonaeus R 76 1698 Medicine Dodonaeus R
76/1698 [Medicine]. Dodonaeus, R. Praxis medica. Amst., H. Laurentius, 1616, (8),618,(6)p., woodcut printer's mark on title, contemp. calf w. gilt spine, sm. 8vo.

- Occas. sl. waterstained (incl. title-p.); library stamp and crossed-out owner's entry on title-p.; trimmed short w. sl. loss of page numbers and occas. running title. Covers worn; corners and spine-ends dam.

= Krivatsy 3299; Bibl. Walleriana 2501.

€ (150-250) 240
76 1699 Medicine  Gardin L du 76 1699 Medicine Gardin L du
76/1699 [Medicine]. Gardin, L. du. Hortensii manuductio per omnes medicinae partes, seu Institutiones medicinae./ Hortensii manuductio ad Pathologiam, seu Institutiones medicinae. Douai, P. Auroy, 1626, 2 parts in 1 vol., (16),408,(16); (16),304p., 2 ident. woodcut title-vignettes, 2 engr. ills. full-p. (1x coat of arms), contemp. overlapping vellum.

- Sm. annot. on first free endpaper and title-p.; sl. browned/ (water)stained; final few lvs. and lower pastedown sl. mouldy/ dam., without loss of text. Vellum severely soiled; lacks ties.

= Very rare.

€ (100-150) 150
76 1700 Medicine  Guybert P 76 1700 Medicine Guybert P
76 1700 Medicine  Guybert P 76 1700 Medicine Guybert P
76/1700 [Medicine]. Guybert, P. The charitable physitian, Shewing the manner to make and prepare in the souse with ease and little paines all those remedies which are proper to all sorts of diseases, according to the advise of the best and ordinariest Physitians (...). The charitable Apothecary. Shewing to made Medicaments compounded with great case and in little time (...). The charitable physitian shewing the manner to Embalme a dead Corps. Faithfully translated into English, for the benefit of this Kingdome, by I.W. London, T. Harper, 1639, 3 parts in 1 vol. w. continuous pagination, (8),173,(8)p., contemp. blindst. calf w. raised bands and red mor. letterpiece.

- Contemp. annot. on upper pastedown; sl. frayed and occas. sl. (finger)soiled; paper over lower pastedown; partly vaguely waterstained in upper blank margin/ lower outer blank corner, final work sl. worse. Remnants of paper letterpiece on frontcover; binding sl. worn along extremities.

= Cf. Wellcome Library III, p.177 (French ed.). Rare.

€ (300-500) 400
76 1701 Medicine  Kolff W J 76 1701 Medicine Kolff W J
76/1701 [Medicine]. Kolff, W.J. De kunstmatige nier. Kampen, J.H. Kok, 1946, 200p., frontisp., (fold.) tables and ills., orig. wr.

- Sl. foxed. Frontwrapper loose(ning).

= First trade edition of the rare and highly important thesis by the inventor of the artificial kidney.

AND 1 other by the same: Kunstmatige organen vandaag en morgen (Haarlem, 1976, ills., orig. wr. Haarlemse voordrachten XXXVI).

€ (100-150) 100
76/1702 Medicine  Onfeilbaare hulpmiddelen tegen de jicht en heilzaame voorschriften ter voorkominge van dezelve alles binnen het bereik van den burger door verscheidene voorname Nederlandsche ge76/1702 Medicine Onfeilbaare hulpmiddelen tegen de jicht en heilzaame voorschriften ter voorkominge van dezelve alles binnen het bereik van den burger door verscheidene voorname Nederlandsche ge
76/1702 [Medicine]. Onfeilbaare hulpmiddelen tegen de jicht, en heilzaame voorschriften ter voorkominge van dezelve; alles binnen het bereik van den burger: door verscheidene voorname Nederlandsche geneesheeren. Amst., J.B. Elwe, 1791, 1st ed., X,108p., modern artif. hleather w. gilt spine and black mor. letterpiece, large 8vo.

- Sm. hole in first 3 lvs.; upper hinge broken; first 14 lvs. waterstained in (blank) margins; bookplate on upper pastedown. Joints starting.

= Rare. Two editions in NCC.

€ (50-70) 60
76 1703 Medicine  Stephenson D 76 1703 Medicine Stephenson D
76 1703 Medicine  Stephenson D 76 1703 Medicine Stephenson D
76 1703 Medicine  Stephenson D 76 1703 Medicine Stephenson D
76/1703 [Medicine]. Stephenson, D. Medicine made to agree with the Institutions of Nature or a New Mechanical Practice of Physick: containing Certain New Principles and Methods for Preserving Health, and Curing Diseases; grounded on the Established Laws of Nature, Motion and the Animal Oeconomy: Wherein is given the Solution, Demonstration, Use, and Application of that Capital and most Useful, but hitherto Unregarded and Unattempted Problem. London, Printed by J. Hart for the author, 1744, (2),XXIV,85p., 3 fold. engr. plates by B. COLE, contemp. calf w. gilt spine, folio.

- Binding worn w. some dam. spots along edges; joints starting.

= First edition of this very rare work in which Stephenson considers that the law of "Attraction of Matter" governs human or animal systems, just as it explains the physical world. Stephenson writes that good health comes from nature's basics of "Aliment, Water, Air, Elementary Fire, Motion and the Passions" and he designed a number of machines to duplicate the efficacious effects of these natural elements on the human body. With two initial leaves containing advertisements for other apparatuses designed by Stephenson and an imprimatur.

€ (500-700) 500
76 1704 Meteorology  Buisman J 76 1704 Meteorology Buisman J
76/1704 [Meteorology]. Buisman, J. Duizend jaar weer, wind en water in de lage landen. Ed. A.F.V. van Engelen. Franeker, Van Wijnen, 1995-2019, 7 vols., num. (col.) plates, ills., orig. unif. boards. - AND 1 other by the same: Extreem weer! (ibid., 2011, num. ills., orig. boards).

- All fine.

€ (70-90) 110
76 1705 Meteorology  Claridge J and Mills J 76 1705 Meteorology Claridge J and Mills J
76/1705 [Meteorology]. Claridge, J. and Mills, J. De Boeren Waarzegger, ofte, Waarnemingen van den Schaap-Herder van Banbury, omtrent de veranderingen van het weder, en derzelver Oorzaaken: benevens zyne Voorspellingen van het zelve (...). Waar by gevoegd is eene Proeve omtrent het Weder, met aanmerkingen op de bovengemelde Waarnemingen: Als mede zeer zekere Aanwyzingen, ten bewaaringe van Menschen, Dieren en Gebouwen, voor de droevige uitwerkingen van het Weerlicht. Amst., Erven F. Houttuyn, 1772, 2 parts in 1 vol., XII,(4),72; XXXII,126,(2)p., fold. engr. table, contemp. hcalf. - BOUND WITH: Onderrigtingen omtrent de Wyze, op welke men zich te gedragen heeft by het Opkomen van Onweder; Benevens de Middelen, om zich voor de nadeelige uitwerkselen van den Bliksem te beveiligen. Uit het Hoogduitsch vertaald. Ibid., M. de Bruyn, n.d. (±1785), 104p., fold. engr. plate. - AND WITH: Toaldo, J. Verhandeling over het Weeder, met betrekking tot den Landbouw. Dutch transl. M. van Geuns. Ibid./ Utr., Wed. van Esveldt en Holtrop/ A. van Paddenburg, 1778, XXVI,217p., tables.

- Fold. plate sl. foxed. Binding sl. worn along extremities; upper joint splitting.

= Ad 1: Bierens de Haan 856. Ad 2: Bierens de Haan 1640.

€ (150-250) 160
76 1706 Microscopy  Baker H 76 1706 Microscopy Baker H
76 1706 Microscopy  Baker H 76 1706 Microscopy Baker H
76/1706 [Microscopy]. Baker, H. Het Microscoop gemakkelyk gemaakt of Beschryving Van de Beste en Nieuwste Microscoopen, en van derzelver Behandeling. Als mede een Berigt van de Verbaazende Ontdekkingen gedaan met Vergrootglazen. Amst., I. Tirion, 1744, 1st Dutch ed., (24),300,(16)p., engr. title-vignette and 14 fold. plates, fold. table, contemp. mottled calf w. gilt spine.

- A few scattered libr. stamps on first free endpaper and title. Paper over covers partly worn off; top of spine chipped.

= Poggendorff I, p.91; Bierens de Haan 2162; Nissen ZBI, 202; DSB I, p.410ff: "(...) he is especially noted for his popularization of the use of the microscope and for his contribution to the study of chrystals. (...) The first edition of The microscope made easy appeared in 1742; it ran to five editions in Baker's lifetime and was translated into several foreign languages. (...) Henry Baker was in many respects a typical natural philosopher of the eighteenth century. His interest ranged widely, and his skills were equally various: he was by no means dedicated to one branch of study, nor did he do research in modern sense. Yet he deserved the title "a philosopher in little things"; and he had the rare gift of communicating his knowledge of, and above all his enthusiasm for, the microscope to others. (...) He regarded the microscope with reverence, as a means to the deeper appreciation of the wonders of God's world."

€ (120-150) 120