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77 81 Rodenberg J 77 81 Rodenberg J
77/ 81 Rodenberg, J. Deutsche Pressen. Eine Bibliographie. Mit Nachtrag der Jahre 1925-1930. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1970), 614,(23)p., facs. plates, orig. gilt rexine w. dustwr., large 8vo.

= Facs. reprint of the ed. Zürich etc., 1925.

AND 13 miscellaneous others, i.a. W. GÖBEL, Der Kurt Wolff Verlag 1913-1930 (Frankf., 1977, ills., orig. wr., 4to); W. STERNFELD and E. TIEDEMANN, Deutsche Exil-Literatur 1933-1945 (Heidelb./ Darmstadt, 1962, orig. wr.); J. THIÉBAUD, Bibliographie des ouvrages Français sur la chasse (Paris/ Brueil en Vexin, 1974, num. facs./ ills., orig. wr., 4to. Facs. reprint in 1000 copies of the ed. Paris, 1934); D.M. KNIGHT, Natural Science Books in English 1600-1900 (London, 1989, num. (col.) plates and ills., orig. boards w. dustwr.) and P.J. BUIJNSTERS and L. BUIJNSTERS-SMETS, Lust en Leering. Geschiedenis van het Nederlandse kinderboek in de negentiende eeuw (Zwolle, 2001, richly illustrated, orig. boards w. dustwr.).

€ (70-90)
77 82 Rooses M 77 82 Rooses M
77/ 82 Rooses, M. De houtsneden uitgevoerd voor den Brevier en voor den Missaal in-folio. Herdruk van de oorspronkelijke platen met toelichting door Max Rooses. Les bois gravés pour le Bréviaire et pour le Missel in-folio. Antw., Mus. Plantijn Moretus, 1910-1911, 2 parts in 1 vol., 14,(2); 14,(2)p., 11/ 55 plates; contemp. giltlettered hcalf, folio.

- Htitle foxed; traces of bookplate on upper pastedown. Fine copy.

€ (60-80)
77 83 Rooses M 77 83 Rooses M
77 83 Rooses M 77 83 Rooses M
77/ 83 Rooses, M. Le Musée Plantin Moretus, contenant la vie et l'oeuvre de Christophe Plantin et de ses successeurs les Moretus, ainsi que la déscription du musée et des collections qu'il renferme. Antw., G. Zazzarini & Co., 1914, 26 parts in 8 vols., (8),407,(4)p., title-p., div. titles, plates, ills. and vignettes, num. plates and ills. partly printed from the orig. plates and blocks, printed in 505 numb. copies (60), orig. unif. wr., folio.

- Wrappers worn/ rubbed along extremities. Contents fine.

= One of 60 roman numb. copies printed on name, and with handcoloured plates, (divisional) titles and vignettes, occas. heightened w. gold. This copy printed on the name of "Madame Henri Rieth". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (300-500) 325
77 84 Russia  Postnikov S P 77 84 Russia Postnikov S P
77/ 84 [Russia]. Postnikov, S.P. Bibliografia russkoi revolyucii i grazhdanskoi voiny (1917-1921). Ed. J. Slavík. Prague, Ruský Zahraniční Historický Archiv, 1938, XV,(1),445,(3)p., later giltlettered hmor., orig. wr. pres.

= Bibliography of the Russian Revolution and civil war.

€ (30-50) 60
77 85 Schuitmaker D and Ronner L 77 85 Schuitmaker D and Ronner L
77/ 85 Schuitmaker, D. and Ronner, L. Van leerling tot drukker. Door leeraren aan de vakschool voor typografie. Amst., De Nieuwe Tijd, 1912, (6),446p., 11 (col.) plates, num. ills., orig. giltlettered hmor. (corners sl. worn). Enschedé. Letterproef van de Drukkerij. Haarlem, 1968, 2 vols., (10),159; (10),159p., orig. unif. wr., slipcase (Lane/ Lommen 81). - AND 2 others, i.a. A. SENEFELDER, Het wezen van den steendruk. Dutch transl. H.C.O. Magel (Amst., 1929, (col.) plates, orig. gilt cl.).
€ (50-70) 50
77 86 Simon O and Rodenberg J 77 86 Simon O and Rodenberg J
77/ 86 Simon, O. and Rodenberg, J. Printing of To-day. An Illustrated Survey of Post-war Typography in Europe and the United States. Introd. by A. Huxley. London/ New York, P. Davies Ltd./ Harper and Brothers, 1928, XX,83 textp., 122 full-p. facs. of modern fine printing.

- Endpapers trifle yellowed. Without dustwr.; backcover sl. stained.

= One of 300 numb. copies on handmade paper, orig. full gilt cl., t.e.g., folio.

La librairie, l'imprimerie et la presse en Hollande à travers quatre siècles. Ed. W.P. van Stockum Jr. The Hague, Mouton et Cie., 1910, (4),5,(2)p., 218 (full-p.) ills., orig. blindstamped calf, folio.

€ (50-70)
77/87 Stationery  Document storage chest 77/87 Stationery Document storage chest
77/ 87 [Stationery]. Document storage chest, first half 19th cent., mainly oak w. burr walnut veneer, metal lock, hinging panelled lid w. striped wooden borders, drawer in lower section, on bracket feet, 52(w.)x35(d.)x24,5(h.) cm.

- Lacks key to the lock; a few chipped and rubbed spots.

€ (100-150)
77/88 Stationery  Document storage chest 77/88 Stationery Document storage chest
77/ 88 [Stationery]. Document storage chest, 20th cent., mahogany (veneer), metal lock, roller shutter, 4 compartments, w. drawer in lower section, 37(w.)x27(d.)x275(h.) cm.

- Some dents on the top side; lacquer on right side sl. defective. Without key.

€ (70-90) 70
77 89 Stone R  Harvey M 77 89 Stone R Harvey M
77 89 Stone R  Harvey M 77 89 Stone R Harvey M
77/ 89 [Stone, R.]. Harvey, M. Reynolds Stone. Engraved Lettering in Wood. N.pl., The Fleece Press, 1992, 21p., woodengr. plates, printed in 275 copies, orig. hcl., slipcase, 4to.
€ (50-70) 80
77 90 Typespecimens  Breitkopf J G J 77 90 Typespecimens Breitkopf J G J
77/ 90 [Typespecimens]. Breitkopf, J.G.J. Nachricht von der Stempelschneiderey und Schriftgießerey. Zur Erläuterung der Enschedischen Schriftprobe. Ed. W. Hitzig and H. Schwartz. Berlin, H. Berthold A.G., 1925, 43,(1)p., 2 facs. plates, printed in 300 numb. copies, orig. boards.

- Hinges weak.

Proef van Nederduitsche letters en Gotische Initialen uit de XVde eeuw. Haarlem, J. Enschedé en Zonen, 1925, 51,(1)p., printed in black and red on handmade paper, orig. marbled boards, 4to.

- Fine. = Collection typographique. Lane/ Lommen 95.

AND 10 others, i.a. P. HEITZ (ed.), Zierinitialen in Drucken des Johann Grüninger, Erster Theil (Straßburg 1483-1531) und des Johann Herwagen (Straßburg 1522-1528) (Strassb., 1897, 20 (1x fold.) plates, orig. wr., large 4to) and K. MAHR, Der Druckbuchstabe. Sein Werdegang in der Schriftgießerei dargestellt in Holzschnitten und Versen (Frankf. a.M., 1928, woodcut plates, orig. boards, 4to. Backstrip a few chipped spots).

€ (50-70) 90
77 91 Typespecimens  Cassandre A M 77 91 Typespecimens Cassandre A M
77 91 Typespecimens  Cassandre A M 77 91 Typespecimens Cassandre A M
77/ 91 [Typespecimens]. Cassandre, A.M. Le Peignot, Caractère dessiné par -. Paris, Deberny et Peignot, (1937), (12)p., printed in black and red, orig. blue wr., in orig. envelope, large 4to.

- Fine copy. Envelope sl. worn/ yellowed.

= Mouron p.94ff. Variant copy printed on heavy paper, with 12p. and in blue wrappers. Not mentioned in Mouron.

€ (200-300)
77 92 Venne H van de 77 92 Venne H van de
77/ 92 Venne, H. van de. Cornelius Schonaeus Goudanus. Voorthuizen, Florivallis, 2001, 4 vols., frontisp. portrait, orig. unif. wr., 4to.

= Including a bibliography of the printed works by Cornelius Schonaeus Goudanus.

€ (30-50)
77 93 Yocarini T and Vrie D van de ed  77 93 Yocarini T and Vrie D van de ed
77/ 93 Yocarini, T. and Vrie, D. van de (ed.). 10 jaar designkritiek. geknipt en gescheurd uit ... Nijmegen, Thieme projecten, 1979, no pagination, num. plates showing copied newspaper clippings, orig. wr. w. tipped-on periodical clipping, folio.

- Top of spine sl. worn.

= Consists of clippings from daily and weekly newspapers with a critical note about the Dutch profession of graphic design in the seventies. Rare.

€ (40-60)
77 94 Zapf H and G a o 77 94 Zapf H and G a o
77 94 Zapf H and G a o 77 94 Zapf H and G a o
77/ 94 Zapf, H. and G. a.o. Lot of 48 letterpress calligraphed Christmas- and New Year wishes, general wishing (post)cards etc., ±1950-1960, printed in various colours, incl. a few signed items, various sizes.

- A few sl. foxed items.

= By H. and G. ZAPF (4x, 1x signed), E. KUHN (signed), A. RIEDEL (35, 1x signed), and M. KÖRNER (8x, all but two w. Körner's stamp on verso).

€ (40-60) 50
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