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77 1304 Dickens C 77 1304 Dickens C
77/1304 Dickens, C. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. London, Chapman and Hall, 1839, 1st ed. in bookform, XVI,624p., engr. frontisp. portrait by FINDEN after D. MACLISE, 39 engr. plates by PHIZ (= H.K. Browne), contemp. blindstamped cl.

- Plates foxed as usual; bookplate on upper pastedown. Binding sl. rubbed.

= Later issue of the first ed.: p.123, line 17 with "sister"; p.160, line 6 up with "letter". Eckel p.64-66; Sadleir 695.

AND a mediocre copy of IDEM, Dombey and Son (ibid., 1848, engr. title-p., frontisp. and 38 plates by PHIZ (= H.K. Browne). Sold w.a.f.).

€ (60-80) 60
77 1305 Dickens C 77 1305 Dickens C
77/1305 Dickens, C. Master Humphrey's Clock. London, Chapman & Hall, 1840-1841, 3 vols., (4),IV,306; VI,306; VI,426p., 3 woodengr. frontisp., num. ills. by G. CATTERMOLE and H.K. BROWNE ("Phiz"), contemp. gilt and blindst. mauve cl., 4to.

- New endpapers w. bookplate; title monogrammed in pen and ink. Professionally restored at spine-ends; backstrips sunned and w. scattered ink(?) stains.

= Eckel p.67ff; Wolff 1801. First edition in book-form.

€ (150-250) 150
77 1306 Dickens C 77 1306 Dickens C
77/1306 Dickens, C. The Mystery of Edwin Drood. London, Chapman & Hall, 1870, 1st ed. in bookform, VI,(2),190,((4),30,(8) advert)p., engr. frontisp. portrait by J.H. BAKER, engr. title ill. and 12 plates by L. FILDES, contemp. full brown morrocco by BAYNTUN w. gilt portrait of C. DICKENS on frontcover, gilt signature of the author on backcover; richly gilt spine; gilt boards edges, gilt inside dentelles, orig. cl. pres.

- Exceptionally fine copy. Bookplate on upper pastedown.


€ (300-500) 1100
77 1307 Dickens C 77 1307 Dickens C
77/1307 Dickens, C. Our Mutual Friend. London, Chapman and Hall, 1864/ 1865, 1st ed., 20 parts in 19 vols., 40 steelengr. plates by M. STONE, orig. unif. green wr. w. steelengr. ill. by M. STONE, kept in contemp. cl. dropback box.

- Without the rare Economic Life assurance ad following the plates in part 14 and 19/ 20. First part lower wrapper loose; occas. sl. foxed; on 7 parts w. contemp. owner's entry in upper outer corner of frontwrapper in pen and ink ("Lady Binning Mellerstam"). All wrappers occas. sl. frayed along margins.

= Part 9: back advertisements 6 and 7 bound in other order. Part 15 contains 2 copies of "The Book of Perfumes" advertisement. Part 18 with extra advertisement at the back "Messrs, Chapman and Hall's/ New publications" (same as in part 17). Part 19/20 advertisement for "Foreign Bank Notes" on bright orange paper. "The reader slip" in part 1 . annot. on verso by Godfried Bomans in ballpoint: "This is to testify that these 19 monthly parts form the 20 numbers of "O.M.F." as they were originally issued, Godfried Bomans" and w. stamp of "The Dickens Fellowship. Haarlem - Branch. Holland". Hatton and Cleaver p.345-377.

€ (400-600) 400
77 1308 Dickens C 77 1308 Dickens C
77/1308 Dickens, C. Our Mutual Friend. London, Chapman and Hall, 1865, 1st ed. in bookform, 2 vols., XI,(1),320; VII,(1),309,(1)p., 20/ 20 woodengr. plates by MARCUS STONE, modern unif. hcalf.

- New endpapers; bookplate on upper pastedown; some plates w. marginal tears and occas. foxed.

= Eckel p.94ff.

€ (70-90) 70
77 1309 Dickens C 77 1309 Dickens C
77/1309 Dickens, C. The Personal History of David Copperfield. London, Bradbury and Evans, 1850, 1st ed. in bookform, XIV,(2),624p., etched frontisp., title and 38 plates by H.K. BROWNE, modern cl.

- Frontisp. and etched title browned; plates sl. foxed as usual; bookplate on upper pastedown; new endpapers.

= Eckel p.77-78; Sadleir 686; Muir p.94-96; Harvey p.142-151. Most points indicating a first issue are present: our copy has the following points: on p.132 "screwed" instead of "screamed"; chapter XXVII on page 282 and not page 283 as listed on the contents page; on p.16, line 1 and p.225, line 22: ''recal'' instead of ''recall''; p.19, 12 lines from the bottom: ''cha pter ;ut''; on p.387, 6 lines from the bottom: ''coroboration'' instead of ''corroboration''; on p.472, 13 lines from the bottom there is no closing of the quotation marks; ''1850'' under the publishers' imprint on the engraved title-page, i.a. the date 1850 below the etched title.

Idem. Little Dorrit. Ibid., idem, 1857, 1st ed., XIV,625,(1)p., steelengr. title-p. and 40 plates by H.K. BROWNE (= PHIZ), contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks the List of plates; the plates occas. sl. foxed; new endpapers. Upper joint split(ting).

= First edition w. the following points: "Wiliam" for "Frederick" on p.317, line 27; B2 instead of BB2 on p.371; and "Rigaud" for "Blandois" on p.469, 472, and 473; three line errata on page XIV. Eckel p.84f; Sadleir 691.

€ (100-150) 120
77 1310 Dickens C 77 1310 Dickens C
77/1310 Dickens, C. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. London, Chapman and Hall, 1837, XIV,(2),609,(1)p., engr. frontisp., engr. title w. vignette and 41 plates by R. SEYMOUR and PHIZ (= H.K. Browne), modern hcl. w. use of contemp. cl. backstrip.

- Plates badly foxed; contemp. owner's entry on title-p.; one plate tear in lower half; new endpapers. Rebound w. use of contemp. backstrip.

= Following points in our copy: the plates are without captions; the marginal note on p.9 present; p.342/ line 5 reads "S. Veller"; 50 lines to the page. Without the two "Chapters III" and without the two deleted plates by BOZ. Early version of the first edition, according to Eckel p.56-57.

AND 2 others (1x related), i.a. a mediocre copy of The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit (ibid., 1844, steelengr. title-p., engr. frontisp. and 38 plates by PHIZ (= H.K. Browne). Sold w.a.f.).

€ (50-70) 80
77/1311 Dickens, C. Slechte Tijden. Een Verhaal voor onzen Tijd. Dutch transl. by C.M. Mensing. Amst., P.N. van Kampen, 1854, 1st Dutch ed., (6),371p., lithogr. title w. ill. by C.A.A. LAST, contemp. giltlettered clothbacked boards.

- Sl. foxed; pastedowns browned.

Idem. Huisgezin en Volksleven. Nieuwe Verhalen en Tafereelen. Dutch transl. by C.M. Mensing. Utr., W.H. van Heiningen, n.d. (1851), 1st Dutch ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (2),314; (2),251p., 2 diff. lithogr. titles w. ill., contemp giltlettered clothbacked boards.

- Sl. foxed; pastedowns browned.

AND 11 others in 13 vols., all Dutch translations (mostly first editions) of works by C. DICKENS (incl. incomplete and mediocre/ poor copies), i.a. Gedenkschriften van Jozef Grimaldi (Amst., 1845, 4 woodengr. plates, contemp. clothbacked boards). - AND 1 other on C. Dickens's works in the Netherlands.

€ (100-150) 190
77 1312 Dickens C 77 1312 Dickens C
77/1312 Dickens, C. A Tale of Two Cities. London, Chapman and Hall, 1859, VIII,254p., 1st ed., 1st issue, steelengr. title-p., frontisp. and 14 plates by PHIZ (= H.K. Browne), later hcalf.

- Three plates sl. chipped and doubled; several lvs. (incl. title-p. and frontisp.) sl. chipped in outer margins (strengthened and remargined with use of japanese); occas. foxed (mainly plates); new endpapers.

= First edition in bookform. With p.213 misnumbered as 113 and signature "b" present on List of Plates at end. Eckel p.86ff; Sadleir 701.

€ (150-250) 400
77 1313 Dickens C  The Dickens Kolle Letters Ed H B Smith 77 1313 Dickens C The Dickens Kolle Letters Ed H B Smith
77/1313 [Dickens, C.]. The Dickens-Kolle Letters. Ed. H.B. Smith. Boston, The Bibliophile Society, 1910, XI,(1),90p., woodengr. colophon, frontisp. portrait, dec. title-p., 2 (facs.) plates, printed in 483 copies for members of the Bibliophile Society, orig. gilt vellumbacked boards.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown and on verso first free endpaper. Vellum sl. foxed.

Charles Dickens' Original Autograph Copy of his letter to Henry Colburn upon the Controversy occasioned by the Contribution of Walter Savage Landor to Pin Nic Papers together with a note to Forster on the Subject. April 1st 1841. London, C. Clark, 1918, 15p., 2 facs. lvs., orig. giltlettered cl.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown. Cloth sl. soiled.

AND 2 others on the same.

€ (70-90)
77 1314 Dickens C  The Dutch Dickensian No 1 26 77 1314 Dickens C The Dutch Dickensian No 1 26
77/1314 [Dickens, C.]. The Dutch Dickensian. No. 1-26. Haarlem etc., Haarlem Branch van de Dickens Fellowship, 1961-2016, 21 vols., ills., 8vo/4to.
€ (40-60) 50
77 1315 Dickens C  Illustrations from  77 1315 Dickens C Illustrations from
77/1315 [Dickens, C.]. "Illustrations from (...)". Series of 6 col. decorated glazed plates, Ø 24,5 cm., produced by ADAMS, England ("Estb. 1657"), 20th cent., each showing a scene from one of the novels by CHARLES DICKENS.

= Each w. a quotation in caption on recto and identification of the novel on verso.

AND 6 other Dickens related objects, all. 20th cent., i.a. a col. stoneware jug in the shape of Mr. Pickwick and a col. glazed ceramic buste of Charles Dickiens.

€ (100-150)
77 1316 Dickens C  Osborne A  early 20th cent  77 1316 Dickens C Osborne A early 20th cent
77/1316 [Dickens, C.]. Osborne, A. (early 20th cent.). "Mr Pickwick addressing the members of the Pickwick Club "The proudest moment of his existence"". Bas-relief (col. ivorex plaque), ±29x45 cm., titled in caption below, framed.
€ (80-100)
77 1317 Dickens C  Osborne A  early 20th cent  77 1317 Dickens C Osborne A early 20th cent
77/1317 [Dickens, C.]. Osborne, A. (early 20th cent.). "Whist at the Assemby Rooms Bath. "poor Mr Pickwick"". Bas-relief (col. ivorex plaque), ±21x19 cm., titled in caption below, framed.

- Frame some sm. defects.

€ (50-70)
77 1318 Dickens C  Osborne A  early 20th cent  77 1318 Dickens C Osborne A early 20th cent
77/1318 [Dickens, C.]. Osborne, A. (early 20th cent.). "Whist at Wardles. "Mr Pickwick humorous"". Bas-relief (col. ivorex plaque), ±21x19 cm., titled in caption below, framed.

- Frame some sm. defects.

€ (50-70)
77 1319 Dickens C  Wilkins W G 77 1319 Dickens C Wilkins W G
77/1319 [Dickens, C.]. Wilkins, W.G. Dickens in Cartoon and Caricature. Ed. B.W. Matz. Boston, The Bibliophile Society, 1924, 241p., woodengr. colophon, frontisp. portrait, 60 plates, printed in 440 copies for members of the Bibliophile Society, contemp. cl. w. paper letterpiece.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown.

Kyd (= J. Clayton Clark). The Characters of Charles Dickens (...). London etc., Raphael Tuck & Son,s, n.d. (±1890), tinted lithogr. title-p., 24 col. lithogr. plates w. accomp. textpage, tinted lithogr. ill. on verso final page, and orig. clothbacked tinted lithogr. boards by KYD, a.e.g., 4to.

- Spine-ends and corners sl. rubbed; covers sl. foxed. Good copy.

= Nice plates of the major characters from Dickens' novels.

AND 4 others, i.a. IDEM, Some Well-Known Characters from the Works of Charles Dickens (London/ New York, n.d., 16 col. lithogr. plates by J. CLAYTON CLARK, orig. gilt dec. cl.).

€ (100-150) 100
77/1320 [Exil]. Döblin, A. Babylonische Wandrung oder Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall. Amst., Querido, 1934, 1st ed., 694p., ills. and orig. wr. by P.L. URBAN.

- Wrapper worn; frontwr. repaired w. scotch tape. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.103.

Roth, J. Die Kapuzinergruft. Bilthoven, De Gemeenschap, 1938, 1st ed., 231p., orig. cl.

- Sl. foxed. Lacks dustwr.; spine darkened; lower joint starting. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.427.

Zweig, S. Ungeduld des Herzens. Stockholm/ Amst., Bermann-Fischer/ A. de Lange, 1939, 1st ed., 443p., orig. gilt cl.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper. = Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.569.

AND 20 others, all Exil publications (1x on Exil), all German language, all orig. cl. lacking dustwr., i.a. J. ROTH Hiob (Amst., 1933), A. ZWEIG, Einsetzing eines Königs (ibid., 1937), B. BRECHT, Dreigroschenroman (ibid., 1934) and T. MANN.

€ (100-150) 350
77 1321 Exil  Heymann F 77 1321 Exil Heymann F
77/1321 [Exil]. Heymann, F. Der Chevalier von Geldern. Eine Chronik vom Abenteuer der Juden. Amst., Querido, 1937, 1st ed., 480p., orig. cl.

- Bookblock sl. warped; some foxing.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on first free endpaper. The author's only exil publication. He died in Auschwitz in 1944. Sternfeld/ Tiedemann p.216f.

€ (40-60) 80
77 1322 Ferlinghetti L 77 1322 Ferlinghetti L
77/1322 Ferlinghetti, L. A Coney Island of the Mind. Poems. New York, New Directions, (1968), 20th ed., 93,(3)p., orig. wr.

- Sl. yellowed. Wr. sl. rubbed. = With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION.

Goldstein, R. 1 in 7. Drugs on Campus. New York, Walter and Company, 1966, 234,(1)p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Yellowed/ browned. Dustwr. sl. stained. = With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION.

AND 4 works by ALLEN GINSBERG, all orig. wr.: Prose Contribution to Cuban Revolution (Detroit, 1966, 1st ed. Browned and sl. brittle; waterst. in blank margin), T.V. Baby Poems (London, 1967, 2nd ed., ills.), Iron Horse (San Francisco, 1974, 1st ed., obl. 8vo) and Your Reason & Blake's System (Madras/ New York, 1992, reprint ed., col. ills., 12mo).

€ (70-90) 80
77 1323 Fo D 77 1323 Fo D
77/1323 Fo, D. Toneel. Introd. E. van Vlijmen. Amst., International Theatre Bookshop, 1989, 1st Dutch ed., 339,(3)p., orig. wr.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION "a Joke" with orig. drawing in blue pen by DARIO FO on verso title-p.

€ (120-150)