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77 1379 Bindings  Nieuwbarn M C 77 1379 Bindings Nieuwbarn M C
77/1379 [Bindings]. Nieuwbarn, M.C. Antoon van Dijck. De mensch en de meester. Twintig photogravures naar zijne meest beroemde werken. Amst., Scheltema en Holkema, n.d. (±1910), 24,(2) textp., 20 photogravure plates, together loose in orig. gilt and dec. hcalf portfolio by C.A. LION CACHET, large folio.

- Plates and portfolio (sl.) foxed and vaguely scratched. Foot of spine sl. worn and top of spine sl. dam.

= Braches 1054.

€ (100-150)
77/1380 [Bindings]. Tombleson, W. and Fearnside, W.G. Views of the Rhine. Vues du Rhin. Rhein Ansichten./ Upper Rhine. Le Rhin Supérieur. Ober Rhein. London, W. Tombleson & Co., 1832, 2 vols., 190; VIII,181,(3)p., fold. map, 2 steelengr. title-pages, 69/ 69 plates, contemp. unif. gilt treecalf, gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece.

- Lacks the leporello map in the first vol.; partly foxed. Bindings rubbed along extremities.

= Both French language. Nice views of i.a. Boon, Cologne, Remagen, Andernach, Koblenz, Bad Ems, Rüdesheim, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Worms, Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Basel etc.

AND 40 others, 19th/ early 20th cent., in various bindings, mostly gilt hcalf, all but one 8vo.

= I.a. J. RACINE, Oeuvres (Paris, 1820, 6 vols.), GUY DE MAUPASSANT, H. DE BALZAC, LA FONTAINE, N. BOILEAU, Oeuvres complètes (Paris, 1873, handcol. engr. plates by E. BAYARD, contemp. gilt hmor.); LE SAGE, Le diable boiteux (ibid., 1840, wood-engr. plate and ills. by T. JOHANNOT, contemp. gilt hcalf) and TASSO, La Jérusalem Délivrée (ibid., n.d., ills. by Baron and C. NANTEUIL, contemp. gilt hmor. With a signed dedication, dated 1882, by C.J. van Tuyll van Serooskerken (later mayor of Zeist) to Georg(e) Baud, possibly G.L.C.H. Baud (later mayor of Aalten)).

€ (70-90)
77/1381 Bindings Hatchards  Ninon de Lenclos 77/1381 Bindings Hatchards Ninon de Lenclos
77/1381 [Bindings. Hatchards]. Ninon de Lenclos. London, A.L. Humpheys, 1905, (2),310p., bound in full gilt panelled calf by "Hatchards 187 Piccadilly" (signed on inside backcover), both covers w. four inlay green mor. dots in the corners of the triple fillet line of the inner panel, double fillet line around both covers, 4 fillet lines around covers on turn-ins of pastedown, ribbed spine w. gilt compartments, a.e.g.

- Frontcover loose; upper joint sl. weak/ splitting; top of spine chipped.

= "This Volume upon Ninon de Lenclos is translated and compiled from the most authentic French sources" (pref.). The text sometimes is attributed to Antoine Bret (1717-1792).

€ (30-50) 90
77/1382 [Bindings]. Lot of ±235 art nouveau publisher's bindings, 1898-1920, all but a few Dutch, by various artists, mostly orig. dec./ pict. cl., various sizes.

= A large collection of art nouveau (and a few art deco) publisher's bindings in fine condition. Containing i.a. works w. bindings designed by the following artists: J.B. Heukelom, C. Lebeau, E. Riemersma, P.A.H. Hofman, D. Nijland, L.W.R. Wenckebach, J.H. THOM Prikker, A.A.M. Stols, H. Luns, A. Vlaanderen. All in fine condition.

€ (500-700) 500
77 1383 Bos Wz  J 77 1383 Bos Wz J
77/1383 Bos Wz., J. De gevolgen van het drankgebruik, voorgesteld in acht steenetsen, naar de oorspronkelijke gravuren van G. Cruikshank. Utr., J. Bos Wz, 1891, 8 tinted lithogr. plates by J. BOS WZ. after G. CRUIKSHANK w. accomp. textlvs., orig. wr., obl. folio.

- Spine wr. rebacked = Rare.

Verhuell, A. Afspiegelingen. Schetsen uit de portefeuille. Arnhem, P. Gouda Quint, 1884-1885, 1st ed., 6 vols., 52 (tinted) lithographs, orig. unif. wr., obl. folio.

- Wrs. sl. (dust)soiled, otherwise fine.

= Tijdspiegelrealiteiten; London in 1862; Wit en Zwart; Verspreide Platen.

€ (70-90) 70
77 1384 Boulenger J 77 1384 Boulenger J
77/1384 Boulenger, J. Miroir à deux faces. Paris, Le Divan, n.d. (±1930), 2 vols., X,(2),303,(7)p., 34 (15x full-p.) col. lithogr. ills. by L. CAPIELLO, printed in 80 numb. copies (20), text and plates loose as issued in orig. unif. wr., large 8vo.

- Very fine copy.

= One of 20 Roman numb. copies printed on Japon nacré and with the suite of the colour decompositions of the 15 full-p. plates in a separate volume. Monod 1755; Carteret V, p.34; Cappiello / Rennert p.12. Monod states that there are two different sets of 20 Roman numbered copies on Japon nacré, those with and those without the suite, and only 20 copies contain the autograph leaves (see below). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XL.

WITH loosely inserted: Idem. Two AUTOGRAPH LEAVES from the orig. manuscript of Miroir à deux faces, both in pen and green ink, both recto only.

- Both leaves w. sm. page(?) number in pen and red ink in top right corner.

= With annot. in pencil on first leaf identifying the source of the autograph and the page number in the printed text (p.44 and 45).

€ (1.000-1.500)
77 1385 Braak M ter  Gordijn H G  1932 2017 77 1385 Braak M ter Gordijn H G 1932 2017
77/1385 [Braak, M. ter]. Gordijn, H.G. (1932-2017). (Portrait of Menno ter Braak). Softground etching, printed in brown, 29x24,5 cm., signed "Herman Gordijn" and "épreuve" in pencil.
€ (40-60)
77 1386 Brayer Y  Dedet C 77 1386 Brayer Y Dedet C
77 1386 Brayer Y  Dedet C 77 1386 Brayer Y Dedet C
77 1386 Brayer Y  Dedet C 77 1386 Brayer Y Dedet C
77/1386 [Brayer, Y.]. Dedet, C. La Fuite en Espagne. N.pl., Libr. Séguier, 1989, 90,(14)p., 28 (double-p.) (col.) plates and 16 monochr. ills. by Y. BRAYER, loose as issued in orig. pict. chemise in burgundy cl. slipcase, folio.


€ (100-150)
77 1387 Broodthaers M 77 1387 Broodthaers M
77/1387 Broodthaers, M. Minuit. Poème. Brussels, G. Houyoux, 1960, 1st ed., 22,(2)p., printed in 225 copies, orig. wr.

- Wrappers sl. soiled. Unnumb. and unopened copy, without the frontisp. illustration by Serge Vandercam called for on the title (as in all unnumb. copies?).

€ (150-250) 160
77 1388 Brouwers J 77 1388 Brouwers J
77/1388 Brouwers, J. De Zondvloed (Uitgegumde fragmenten). N.pl. (Zoeterwoude), Ned. Vereeniging voor Druk- en Boekkunst, 1997, (20)p., 1 silkscreen print (signed in pencil) and 5 vignettes by JOOST VEERKAMP, printed in black and green in 220 numb. and signed copies, orig. giltlettered cl., 4to. Braches, E. The Steadfast Tin Soldier of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem. Enschedé English-bodied Roman No.6. Aartswoud/ Amst., Spectatorpers/ Just Enschedé, 1992, 53,(2)p., printed in blue, red and black by BRAM DE DOES in 195 numb. copies (175), orig. boards, 4to. Vasalis, M. Fifteen poems. Engl. transl. by J. Brockway. Woubrugge, Avalon Pers, 1977, (20) lvs., orig. giltlettered cl., 4to. - AND 20 others, i.a. A.TH. WITTEVEEN, De dans van het penseel. Een korte inleiding tot de Chinese calligrafie (Zoeterwoude, 2004, tipped-in calligraphed frontisp., 7 full-p. ills., printed in 190 copies on Kozo, orig. boards, bound as a blockbook, 4to). - AND a stack of sm. publications, mainly for the Nederlandsche Vereniging voor Druk- en Boekkunst.
€ (100-150) 210
77 1389 Büchner G 77 1389 Büchner G
77/1389 Büchner, G. Woyzeck. Stuttg., Müller und Schindler, 1968, 2 vols., text vol: 55,(1)p., lithogr. ills., loosely inserted in orig. chemise, plate vol.: suite of 12 lithographs by J. MARANOVA, each signed and "277/280" in pencil, all loosely inserted in orig. chemise, printed in 280 copies, together in orig. cloth box, folio.
€ (50-70) 60
77 1390 Burssens G 77 1390 Burssens G
77/1390 Burssens, G. 12 Nigger-songs naar het Kiluba van Vidye Kalombo. Antw., De Sikkel, 1946, 1st ed., 20,(2)p., printed in 120 numb. copies on Van Gelder, orig. dec. wr.

- Bookplate on verso wr. Verso final leaf browned. Backstrip sl. dam.

€ (60-80) 60
77 1391 Camoëns L de 77 1391 Camoëns L de
77/1391 Camoëns, L. de. Saudades en andere verzen. Dutch transl. D. Verspoor. Utr., Stichting De Roos, 1953, 41,(4)p., frontisp. portr. by J.B. SLEPER, printed in black and red in 175 numb. copies, orig. clothbacked boards, t.e.g., 4to. Duinkerken, A. van. Tobias met den engel. Ibid., Het Spectrum, n.d. (1946), 1st ed., 126p., orig. hcl. - AND 9 others, all printed in lim. ed., all in orig. binding.
€ (50-70) 50
77 1392 Cantré J  Cervantes Saavedra M de 77 1392 Cantré J Cervantes Saavedra M de
77/1392 [Cantré, J.]. Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. De historie van Grisóstomo en Marcela. Dutch transl. E. de Bock. Antw./ Arnhem, De Sikkel/ Van Loghum Slaterus & Visser, n.d. (1922), 52p., 3 full-p. woodcuts, 6 woodcut vignettes/ initials and orig. pict. wr. by J. CANTRÉ, orig. wr., printed in 200 numb. copies (150), folio.

- Wrappers doubled; frontwr. loosening; backstrip dam./ lacking.

Duhamel, G. La lumière. Antw. etc., La voile rouge (L. Opdebeek a.o.), 1921, 125,(2)p., woodcut bookdecoration, num. ills. and headpieces and orig. col. woodcut wr. by J. CANTRÉ, printed in 565 numb. copies (500) in black and lilac by J.-E. BUSCHMANN, 4to.

- Wr. loose(ning); backstrip lacking. = Monod 4032; Lebeer 36.

ADDED: 2 others, i.a. M. KEMP, De zeven broeders (Maastr., 1921, woodcut plates and vignettes by H. JONAS, printed in 325 numb. copies (300), orig. wr., folio. Frontwr. dampstained in lower margin and loose; backstrip worn).

€ (50-70) 90
77 1393 Cantré J  Teirlinck H 77 1393 Cantré J Teirlinck H
77 1393 Cantré J  Teirlinck H 77 1393 Cantré J Teirlinck H
77 1393 Cantré J  Teirlinck H 77 1393 Cantré J Teirlinck H
77/1393 [Cantré, J.]. Teirlinck, H. Elckerlyc. Oorspronkelijke tekst voor een hedendaagsche opvoering overschreven en met een inleidende toelichting voorzien. Antw., De Sikkel, n.d. (1937), 50,(1)p., 37 woodcut ills. and orig. wr. by J. CANTRÉ, printed in black and orange in 200 numb. copies, 4to.

- Backstrip dam. at top and foot of spine w. loss of sm. portions; wr. sl. yellowed/ discol., otherwise fine.

De legende van Sint Christoffel. Maastr., Leiter-Nypels, 1931, XLVIIp., 16 woodcut plates by P. REINALD RATS, printed in black and blue in 100 numb. copies, orig. wr. w. dustwr., folio.

- Lower hinge broken; a few lvs. unopened; occas. sl. foxed. Binding sl. rubbed along extremities.

= Van Laar 130.

AND 1 other illustrated by J. Cantré.

€ (150-250)
77 1394 Caricature  Gil Blas Illustré hebdomadaire  Year 6 8 and 11 77 1394 Caricature Gil Blas Illustré hebdomadaire Year 6 8 and 11
77/1394 [Caricature]. Gil Blas Illustré (hebdomadaire). Year 6-8 and 11. Paris, 1896-1901, 208 issues, loose as issued, num. (full-p.) (col.) lithogr. ills., orig. wr., large 4to.

= Famous weekly illustrated supplements to the daily newspaper Gil Blas, which was published until 1903. The main illustrator of the periodical was A. Steinlen, present with (full-page) (colour) illustrations. in each number.

€ (100-150) 160
77 1395 Caricature  Raemaekers L 77 1395 Caricature Raemaekers L
77 1395 Caricature  Raemaekers L 77 1395 Caricature Raemaekers L
77/1395 [Caricature]. Raemaekers, L. Dessins d'un neutre. 1st/ 2nd series. Amst., n.publ., n.d. (±1916), 2 postcard booklets, each containing 21 picture postcards, orig. wr.

- A few postcards loose.

= Anti-German World War I caricatures, published in favour of the French Red Cross (1st series) and war orphans (2nd series).

AND a duplicate copy of the first series.

€ (30-50)
77/1396 Carmiggelt S  Simon Carmiggelt vijftig jaar 77/1396 Carmiggelt S Simon Carmiggelt vijftig jaar
77/1396 [Carmiggelt, S.]. Simon Carmiggelt vijftig jaar. Amst., n.publ., 1963, 74,(1)p., ills. by i.a. C. BANTZINGER, C. BOOST, O. DICKE, W. HUSSEM and M. POST, endpapers by J. VAN WIJK, printed in 43 numb. copies by Bosch (Utr.), orig. cl., t.e.g, 4to.

= From the library of Godfried Bomans. Contains contributions by i.a. G. Bomans, W. Hussem, W. Kan, A. Koolhaas, R. Kuipers, M. Nord, A. Roland Holst and A.M.G. Schmidt.

€ (150-250) 200
77 1397 Carrache A 77 1397 Carrache A
77 1397 Carrache A 77 1397 Carrache A
77/1397 Carrache, A. l'Arétin d'Augustin Carrache ou Recueil de postures érotiques. N.pl., "à la Nouvelle Cythere", n.d. (±1920), (4),10,(2),80p., 20 plates, contemp. full giltlettered darkblue mor., t.e.g., slipcase, folio.

- Occas. sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

= Reprint of the undated (prob. early 19th cent.) edition listed by Cohen/ De Ricci on p.88f. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XL.

€ (200-300) 200
77 1398 Cervantes Saavedra M de 77 1398 Cervantes Saavedra M de
77/1398 Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. L'Ingénieux hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche. French transl. L. Viardot. Paris, J.-J. Dubochet et Cie., 1836/ 1837, 2 vols., (4),744; (4),758p., 2 woodengr. titles, 2 frontisp. and a large number of woodengr. ills. by T. JOHANNOT, contemp. unif. richly gilt red hmor. w. orange letterpiece, t.e.g., 4to.

- Fine copy, without any foxing. = Rius I, p.542; Vicaire II, p.155/156; Sander 148.

€ (100-150) 100