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77 2756 Saint Évremont C M de St Denis de 77 2756 Saint Évremont C M de St Denis de
77/2756 Saint-Évremont, C.M. de St. Denis de. Oeuvres meslées. Paris, C. Barbin, 1690, 2 vols., (4),540,(2); (8),488,(4)p., 2 ident. woodengr. title-vignettes, head- and tailpieces, contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine w. contrasting letter- and volume-piece.

- Both vols. bookplate on upper pastedown; contemp. owner's entry on first free endpaper/ blank. Both vols. spine worn along extremities. Otherwise fine copies.

= LARGE PAPER COPY. Brunet V, p.38; Graesse VI, p.221. From the library of Leyden anatomy and embryology professor and politician J.A.J. Barge (1884-1952).

€ (70-90) 70
77 2757 Salmasius C 77 2757 Salmasius C
77/2757 Salmasius, C. Epistola ad Andream Colvium: super Cap. XI. Primae ad Corinth. Epist. de Caesarie Virorum et Mulierum Coma. Leyden, Ex Officinâ Elzeviriorum (B. and A. Elzevier), 1644, 747,(1)p., woodcut printer's mark, portrait vignettes, contemp. overlapping vellum, sm. 8vo.

- Owner's entries (1743 and 1777) on upper pastedown; first final blank w. long old annot. in pen and ink; last part sl. wormholed in lower margin; a few lvs. sl. stained. Manuscript shelfmark on spine.

= Willems 580; Rahir 577. "Imprimé en gros caractères. - Cet écrit se rattache à une polémique bizarre, qui passionna et tint divisés durant des années les plus fameux docteurs de l'église évangélique hollandaise. Le roi Louis XIII, qui portait toute sa chevelure, avait introduit et fait prévaloir la mode des cheveux longs. Cette innovation choqua bon nombre de ministres protestants. (...). Saumaise n'était pas homme à laisser passer une si belle occasion de déployer son érudition. Tout d'abord il se déclara le champion de la liberté des coiffures, et descendit dans l'arène armé du formidable factum dont nous avons transcrit le titre. (...). Tout cette érudition fut dépensée en pure perte. Le public resta indifférent. En dépit des objurgations et des anathèmes, la mode prévalut, et chacun continua à se coiffer à sa guise." (Willems).

€ (80-100) 90
77 2758 Schermer L 77 2758 Schermer L
77/2758 Schermer, L. Poëzy. Haarlem/ Amst., W. van Kessel/ J. Ratelband, 1725, 2nd enl. ed., (24),557,(7)p., engr. frontisp., 20 engr. plates (w. letterpress captions) by J. VAN VIANEN, contemp. vellum.

= Contains i.a. ills. of the "Haarlemmer Hout", "Het Sparen" and "Het Haarlemmer Meer".

Smids, L. Poesye. Amst., H. Bosch, 1724, 2nd ed., (12),304p., contemp. wr. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Konradyn. Ibid., idem, (12),84p., engr. title frontisp. by SCHYNVOET.

€ (70-90) 80
77 2759 Schiller F von 77 2759 Schiller F von
77 2759 Schiller F von 77 2759 Schiller F von
77 2759 Schiller F von 77 2759 Schiller F von
77 2759 Schiller F von 77 2759 Schiller F von
77/2759 (Schiller, F. von). Die Räuber. "Frankfurt und Leipsic", n.publ. [= Stuttgart, Metzler] , 1781, 1st ed., (2),222p., engr. title- and tail-vignette by J.E. NILSON, contemp. red hmor. by E. DUQUESNE (Ghent) w. marbled boards and richly gilt spine, sm. 8vo.

- Armorial bookplate on upper pastedown; two contemp. owner's entries and sm. stamp ("G. YORK") on first blank; title sl. yellowed; occas. trifle foxed (as usual). Binding trifle rubbed along extremities; sm. (worm?)hole in upper joint.

= First edition of Schiller's first drama, anonymously published. One of the most sought-after books of classic German literature in a well-preserved and broad-margined copy. With the characteristic features as described by Deneke: the misprints "lansch" and "grossrr" on p. 65 as well as the erroneously paginated pages 69, 163 and 204, also with the uncorrected numbering of the 2nd scene in the 4th act. Very rare. Marcuse 31; Goedeke V, 162, 24; Kat. Deneke 749; Borst 429; Brieger 2102. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXI.

€ (6.000-8.000) 6500
77 2760 Scriverius P 77 2760 Scriverius P
77/2760 Scriverius, P. Beschryvinge van alle de Graven van Hollandt, Zeelandt ende Vrieslandt, van den eertsen Diederick af, tot den laetsten Philips, Koning van Spanjen, toe. Vol. 1. The Hague, J. Tongerloo etc., 1678, (36),592,(12)p., engr. frontisp., 2 dedic. engr., 21 portraits, 2 fold. genealogical tables, contemp. vellum, 12mo.

- Without vol. 2; lacks 2 text lvs. (H6 and H7); sl. yellowed; frontisp. and a few portraits outer margin cut sl. short; bookplate on upper pastedown.

= Haitsma Mulier/ Van der Lem 436b (note).

€ (50-70)
77 2761 Scriverius P 77 2761 Scriverius P
77/2761 Scriverius, P. Gedichten. Benevens een Uytvoerige Beschryving van het Leeven des Dichters. Amst., J. Hartig, 1738, (16),71,(3),153,(1)p., large engr. title-vignette by J. FOLKEMA, depicting Scriverius in his library, Haarlem in the background, 2 full-p. (1x fold.) engr. portraits by I. VAN VELDEN and J. HOUBRAKEN, contemp. calf w. richly gilt spine and red mor. letterpiece.

- Extensive annots. on the author on verso first blank. Chipped at foot of spine.

= Poetry, accompanied by an extensive biography, of Petrus Scriverius (1576-1660), the writer of the Laure-Crans voor Laurens Coster van Haerlem, Eerste vinder vande Boeck-Druckery, the second part of Ampzing, Beschryvinge ende lof der stad Haerlem, with i.a. a reprint of the poetry concerning the Gutenberg/Coster-question from that work. Not in Bigmore/Wyman, McMurtrie, Ekama.

€ (80-100) 80
77 2762 Sels W H 77 2762 Sels W H
77/2762 Sels, W.H. Salomon, Koning van Israël. In XII boeken. Amst., F. de Kruyff/ A. van der Kroe, 1765, (20),292p., engr. frontisp. and large vignette by R. VINKELES after J. DE BOSCH, title-vignette by J.C. PHILIPS, 12 plates by R. VINKELES, contemp. gilt hcalf w. letterpiece on spine, 4to.

- A few leaves trifle stained in blank margin. Paper over covers sl. worn (backcover also w. stain).

Hoogvliet, A. Abraham, de Aartsvader. Rott., J.D. Beman en Zoon, 1766, (54),287,(1)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette, portrait, 12 plates, contemp. blindst. vellum, 4to.

- Upper joint starting. Otherwise fine.

AND 1 other: B. DE BOSCH, Dichtlievende verlustigingen (Amst., 1758, 3 (of 4) vols., engr. (emblematic) ills., contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. red. mor. letterpiece. Lacks vol. 4; occas. sl. foxed).

€ (100-150) 100
77 2763 Sels W H 77 2763 Sels W H
77 2763 Sels W H 77 2763 Sels W H
77 2763 Sels W H 77 2763 Sels W H
77 2763 Sels W H 77 2763 Sels W H
77/2763 Sels, W.H. Zedelyke uitspanningen, bestaande in vier geschiedenissen. Amst., F. de Kruyff, 1771, 3 vols., (40),341,(3); (12),480; (18),464p., 12 engr. plates in 2 versions: one set in contemp. handcolouring heightened with gold and one set in uncol. state, 3 plates w. engr. songs w. score, contemp. unif. hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Contents very fine. First vol. spine broken; 2nd and 3rd vols. frontcover loose(ning); 2nd and 3rd vol. joints weak.

= A remarkable set with beautifully handcoloured plates, undoubtedly by one of the more important colourists of the 18th century. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXI.

€ (400-600) 850
77 2764 Seneca L A Puget de la Serre J  77 2764 Seneca L A Puget de la Serre J
77/2764 [Seneca, L.A.]. (Puget de la Serre, J.). L'Esprit de Seneque, ou les plus belles Pensées de ce Grand Philosophe; enseignant l'Art de Bien Vivre. Pour servir de guide à conduire nos passions, pratiquer la vertu & fuir les vices. Augmenté de la Mort & des dernieres Paroles de ce Philosophe. Brussels, Frères t'Serstevens, 1708, "dernière edition", (18),382p., engr. frontisp. by J. HARREWIJN, 19th cent. hcl., 12mo.

- Good/ fine copy.

€ (50-70)
77 2765 Shakespeare W 77 2765 Shakespeare W
77/2765 Shakespeare, W. Tooneelspelen. Amst., A. Borchers, 1778-1782, 5 vols., 15 engr. plates by A. HULK and C. BOGERTS, contemp. unif. hcalf w. 2 contrasting letterpieces.

- One plate sl. waterstained in outer blank margin. All vols. paper over cover(s) (sl.) worn/ dam.; vol. 4 backstrip dam.; some letter- and vol. number pieces lacking.

= First Dutch edition by Albrecht Borchers and Bernard Brunius.

€ (150-250)
77 2766 Shakespeare W 77 2766 Shakespeare W
77/2766 Shakespeare, W. The Works. Ed. C. and W. Cowden Clarke. London, Bickers & Son, J. Bumpus a.o., 1874, 4 vols., engr. frontisp., contemp. unif. burgundy calf w. triple gilt fillet lines around sides on covers and w. richly gilt spine w. 2 green mor. letterpieces.

- Offsetting from portrait on opposite title-p. Backcover of vol.4 loose; a few rubbed spots on covers.

€ (100-150)
77 2767 Simon R 77 2767 Simon R
77 2767 Simon R 77 2767 Simon R
77/2767 Simon, R. A Critical History of the Old Testament. English transl. H. D(ickinson). London, printed for J. Tonson, 1682, 4 parts in 1 vol., (30),207,(1); 180; 182; 91p., contemp. calf w. mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Owner's entry on title-p.; a few lvs. w. annots. in pen and ink; occas. (sl.) foxed/ stained; 2 lvs. lack portion from right margin. Worn/ dam. at/ on top of spine; rubbed spots along extremities.

= Bookplates on first endpapers, incl. coat of arms of one of the Viscounts/ Earls Fauconberg. First ed. of the English transl. of this controversial book on biblical criticism by the French priest Richard Simon (1638-1712). The work was destroyed and censored in France, for Simon claimed that Moses could not have been the author of the Pentateuch. Cf. New Schaff-Herzog X, p.422.

AND 1 other: P. VAN LIMBORCH, Theologia Christiana ad praxin pietatis ac promotionem pacis Christianae unice directa (Amst., 1686, woodcut printer's mark, contemp. calf w. richly gilt spine, 4to. Sl. wormholed; dam. spine).

€ (150-250)
77 2768 Simons A 77 2768 Simons A
77/2768 Simons, A. Gedichten. Amst., J. ten Brink Gerritsz., 1805, 1st ed., VIII,126,(2)p., engr. title-p. w. portrait vignette and 3 ills., contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Offsetting from tape(?) in margins of pastedowns; owner's entry on title-p.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION "Aan mijnen Vriend J. Van Heumen. [signed]. 17 Sept. 1805".

Themmen, P.H. Een tuiltje van dichtbloemen, aan zyne vrienden en vriendinnen. N.pl., prob. privately published, "Mai, 1799", (2),14,(2)p., engr. ill. (silhouette of the author), contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece (rare).

= Themmen is known for the fact that he was the first doctor to vaccinate people against cowpox in Amsterdam.

AND 1 other.

€ (70-90) 70
77 2769 Sluyter W 77 2769 Sluyter W
77/2769 Sluyter, W. De werken. Amst., (Heirs) Widow G. de Groot, 1716-1739, various eds., 9 parts in 1 vol., engr. frontisp., 8 ills. (in the 1st part), contemp. vellum.

- Vellum sl. stained and soiled.

= I.a. Buyten-, eensaem huys-, somer- en winter-leven (...); Gesangen van heilige en godvruchtige stoffen; Eybergsche Sang-lust mitsgaders vreugd- en liefdesangen; Christelyke Doods-betrachting, bestaende in verscheyde Sterf-Gesangen en doods-echt-scheydinge; Lyk-reden aen de gemeente J.C. t'Eybergen and Lofsang der Heilige Maegd Maria en triumpheerende Christus.

€ (50-70) 50
77 2770 Smits D 77 2770 Smits D
77/2770 Smits, D. Israëls Baälfegorsdienst of gestrafte wellust. Rot., P. Losel, 1753, 2nd ed., (38),100p., engr. frontisp. and title-vignette, contemp. hvellum, 4to. Idem. Gedichten./ Nagelaten gedichten. Ibid., idem (vol. 1)/ J. Burgvliet (vol. 2 and 3), 1740-1758, 3 vols., (32),268,(4); (10),358,(7); (6),369,(6)p., 3 ident. title-vignettes, portrait of the author, contemp. unif. hroan, 4to. - AND 1 other by the same.

- All bindings worn.

€ (100-150)
77 2771 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz  J  77 2771 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz J
77 2771 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz  J  77 2771 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz J
77/2771 (Snakenburg, Th. van and Elias Mz., J.). Proeve van dichtoeffening, bestaende in herderszangen, brieven, klink- en mengeldichten. Door A.L.F. en A.P.S. Leyden, De Janssoons vander Aa, 1731, (26),353,(5)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette and 5 divisional titles by J. FOLKEMA and J. WANDELAAR after F. VAN MIERIS, 28 textengrs. (11 by J.C. PHILIPS), contemp. marbled calf w. gilt border around sides and gilt spine w. burgundy mor. letterpiece.

- Spine-ends dam.; binding rubbed along extremities.

Schermer, L. Poëzy. Haarlem, W. van Kessel, 1712, 1st ed., (24),535,(7)p., engr. title and 20 plates, contemp. sprinkled calf w. gilt spine.

- Covers rubbed.

= Scheepers I, 205. "Verder etste Jan van Vianen de titelpagina van de in 1712 gepubliceerde Poëzy van de Haarlemse dichter en student in de rechten Lukas Schermer die in 1711 op 22-jarige leeftijd was overleden. Het boek geldt als een der fraaist geïllustreerde literaire werken uit de 18e eeuw en men neemt aan dat ook de ongesigneerde etsen in de tekst van de hand van Jan van Vianen zijn." (Cat. Harlemia illustrata 220-224).

€ (100-150)
77 2772 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz  J  77 2772 Snakenburg Th van and Elias Mz J
77/2772 (Snakenburg, Th. van and Elias Mz., J.). Proeve van dichtoeffening, bestaende in herderszangen, brieven, klink- en mengeldichten. Door A.L.F. en A.P.S. Leyden, De Janssoons vander Aa, 1731, (26),353,(5)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette and 5 divisional titles by J. FOLKEMA and J. WANDELAAR after F. VAN MIERIS, 26 textengrs. (11 by J.C. PHILIPS), contemp. vellum.
€ (60-80) 60
77 2773 Socinianism  Outramus G  = Owtram W 77 2773 Socinianism Outramus G = Owtram W
77/2773 [Socinianism]. Outramus, G. (= Owtram, W.) De sacrificiis libri duo; Quorum Altero explicantur Omnia, Judaeorum nonnulla gentium profanarum Sacrificia: Altero sacrificium Christi. (...). Amst., A. van Someren, 1688, (12),344,(12)p., contemp. vellum.

- Library tickets and (blind)stamps on upper pastedown, two textlvs., spine and lower edge; title-p. loose; occas. sl. stained. Otherwise fine.

= Rare copy of Owtram's defence of the doctrine of atonement against the Socinians. Knijff/ Visser 4280.

€ (100-150)
77 2774 Socinianism  Socinus F 77 2774 Socinianism Socinus F
77 2774 Socinianism  Socinus F 77 2774 Socinianism Socinus F
77/2774 [Socinianism]. Socinus, F. Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum quos Unitarios vocant, instructa Operibus omnibus Fausti Socini (...) quae omnia simul juncta totius Novi Testamenti explicationem complectuntur. "Irenopoli, Post annum 1656" (= Amst., F. Kuyper and D. Bakkamude, 1668), 2 vols., (22),814; (4),812,(10)p., engr. portr. of the author, contemp. unif. calf w. mor. letterpiece, folio.

- Vol. 1. lacks 1 errata leaf. Endpapers sl. browned; a few lvs. w. sm. marginal tears, wormholes and foxing; owner's entry on lower pastedowns. Hinges split(ting) but holding on cords; rubbed/ dam. spots (along extremities).

= Knijff/ Visser 2004 and 2005, both in the first edition. Vols. 3 and 4 of Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum (published in 10 vols.), the monumental corpus of Socinian Bible commentaries in folio format. Rare.

AND a duplicate in 1 vol. (poor binding; lacks the portrait).

€ (250-350) 300
77 2775 Spain  Robertson W 77 2775 Spain Robertson W
77/2775 [Spain]. Robertson, W. The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. London/ Edinb., W. Strahan and T. Cadell/ J. Balfour, 1769, 1st ed., 3 vols., XV,(1),394,(14); (4),479,(1); (4),456,(40)p., contemp. unif. calf w. richly gilt spine and 2 contrasting (red and darkgreen) mor. letterpieces, marbled endpapers, gilt tooled edges, 4to.

- Corners sl. worn (one corner bumped), otherwise a very fine and clean copy.

= Highly regarded work on European history by one of the great 18th cent. English historians. Graesse VI, p.138.

€ (70-90) 110