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79 3179 Sachs H 79 3179 Sachs H
79/3179 Sachs, H. Der Teuffel lest kein Lantzsknecht mehr in die Helle faren. Nürnberg, G. Merckel, 1555, (8)p., title-woodcut, late 19th cent. hvellum, sm. 4to.

- (Sl.) duststained/ fingersoiled throughout; w. traces of former blue wrappers in inner margin of first and final page.

= The extremely rare first edition (no copy traced in the market). Sammlung Freytag 4712; Goedeke 2, p.430, 267b; not in Weller. The fine woodcut showing 3 "Landsknechte" in a pub with a Nürnberger stove, from which the devil watches them. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXXVII.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1100
79 3180 Sannazaro J 79 3180 Sannazaro J
79/3180 Sannazaro, J. Arcadia van Sannazarius, benevens eene korte geschiedenis van den huize van Aragon, en het leven des dichters door Pieter Vlaming. Amst., A. Wor and Erven G. Onder de Linden, 1730, (16),297,(11)p., engr. frontisp. by J. HOUBRAKEN after J. GOEREE, title-vignette, 2 fold. and 3 full-p. plates and 2 vignettes, contemp. blindst. vellum.

- Owner's stamp on recto and bookplate on verso of first free endpaper; partly sl. wormholed in outer margin. Frontcover sl. stained in lower margin. A good/ fine copy.


€ (70-90) 80
79 3181 Sarmento L under pseud Antonino Damiano 79 3181 Sarmento L under pseud Antonino Damiano
79/3181 Sarmento, L. under pseud. Antonino Damiano. Lu vivu mortu Effettu di lu piccatu di la Carni causatu da lu vanu, e bruttu amuri di li Donni. Storia morali. Palermo, F. Valenza, 1756, 286p., Sicilian verse, 19th-cent. mor., a.e.g., 12mo.

- Title-p. w. stamp of the Bibliothèque du Roi de Neuilly. A good/ fine copy.

= Very rare, no copy traced on the market. This misogynous 'nursery rhyme' in Sicilian, directed against (the love of) women, caused much (poetical) commotion: "Si alzarono quindi in difesa del loro sesso due poetesse l'una Geneviefa Bisso, e l'altra Dorotea Isabella Bellini Guillon moniale nel monastero di santa Chiara in Palermo; e ambedue risposero in versi siciliani." (Prospetto della storia letteraria di Sicilia, p.245).

€ (80-100) 140
79 3182 Schelte D 79 3182 Schelte D
79/3182 Schelte, D. De Rym-Werken, &c. In verscheide verdeelingen geschikt, zoo van Stoffen, en Voorwerpen, naar gelegentheden van Tyden en Zaken. Amst., H. Schelte, 1714, (8),1048,(23)p., engr. frontisp. portrait, contemp. hroan, 4to.

- Sl. yellowed; occas. trifle foxed. Covers darkened and worn.

= Rare (only) work of poetry by the Amsterdam jeweller Dirk Schelte, published one year prior to his death.

€ (80-100) 90
79 3183 Schiller F von 79 3183 Schiller F von
79/3183 Schiller, F. von. Die Braut von Messina oder die feindlichen Brüder. Ein Trauerspiel mit Chören. Tüb., J.G. Cotta, 1803, 1st ed., XIV,162,(1)p., contemp. marbled boards w. paper letterpiece.

- Owner's entry on first free endpaper; bookplate on upper pastedown; trifle foxed. Corners and backstrip (sl.) worn.

= Goedeke V, p.227, 9 (p.XIV, line 23 without "l" for "lebendig", but final textp. w. 3 corrections, the other corrections however on the final separate and unnumb. page).

€ (100-150) 110
79 3184 Schiller F von 79 3184 Schiller F von
79/3184 (Schiller, F. von). Die Räuber. Mainz, Sartorius und Kompagnie, 1788, 204p., early 20th cent. hvellum.

- Occas. sl. creased; final 5 leaves misbound; bookplate on upper pastedown

= Early edition (first ed. publ. 1781), of which Marcuse 75 states: "Nachdruck, aus einem Sammelband?"; not in Goedeke.

€ (70-90)
79 3185 Schweder C H 79 3185 Schweder C H
79/3185 Schweder, C.H. Theatrum historicum praetensionum et controversiarum illustrium, Oder historische Schauplatz der Ansprüche und Streitigkeiten Hoher Potentaten und anderer regierenden Herrschafften in Europa, Worinnen dargestellet wird Der Ursprung, die Gründe, Gegen-Antworten, und der jetzige Zustand der meisten und wichtigsten Praetensionen, welche die in Europa regierenden Potentaten und Herrschaften gegen einander theils annoch haben, theils aber nach geschlossenem Westphälischen und letzern Friedens-Schlusse unter einander abgethan und beygeleget (...). Leipsic, M.G. Weidmann, 1727, 2nd ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., (44),908; (2),672,(38)p., engr. title-vignette, head- and tailpieces, 1 double-p. genealogical table, contemp. blindst. pigskin, folio.

- Occas. trifle wormholed. Copy without portrait (copies are found both with and without a portrait). Good copy.

€ (100-150) 110
79 3186 Schynvoet S 79 3186 Schynvoet S
79/3186 Schynvoet, S. Kort-bondige zin-spreuken en zeede-lessen. Amst., J. van Royen, 1689, (16),255,(19)p., engr. title, armorial plate, contemp. vellum.

- Pastedown loosening. = Very rare.

€ (80-100)
79 3187 Slingelandt S van 79 3187 Slingelandt S van
79/3187 Slingelandt, S. van. Staatkundige geschriften. Amst., P. Schouten, 1784/1785, 4 vols., contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. dark blue mor. letterpiece.

- Paper over covers partly trifle rubbed. A very good and clean set, printed on heavy paper.

= Posthumously published, all parts warranted on verso title-p. by A. van Slingelandt. Dekkers 161, 1.

€ (50-70) 50
79 3188 Songbooks  Camphuysen D R 79 3188 Songbooks Camphuysen D R
79 3188 Songbooks  Camphuysen D R 79 3188 Songbooks Camphuysen D R
79/3188 [Songbooks]. Camphuysen, D.R. Stichtelyke Rymen, Om te lezen of te zingen. Onderscheyden in IV.Deelen. Met veele Wyzen op nieuws vermeerdert. Amst., (J. Rieuwertsz.), n.d. (1693 or 1694), 2 parts in 1 vol., (18),409[=407],(7); 24p., engr. title-vignette, scores, contemp. vellum, 12mo. - BOUND WITH: Idem. Uytbreyding Over de Psalmen Des Propheten Davids. Na de Fransche dicht-mate van C. Marot, en T. de Beze. Ibid., idem, n.d. (1694), (347)p.

- Title loosening and portion torn out w. publisher; hinges broken; pastedowns detached; some lvs. sl. wormholed. Vellum sl. soiled.

= Ad 1: Höweler/ Matter p.290 or p.293; Goovaerts 930 (sl. diff. title) or 932; Scheurleer p.40. Ad 2: Höweler/ Matter p.293; Scheurleer p.42.

De beeldsprakige bijbel, met vier honderd versieringen. Rott., Wijnhoven Hendriksen, n.d. (±1830), 4th ed., (4),98 [of 102]p., title-p. within woodcut pict. border, num. sm. woodcut ills., contemp. boards, sm. 8vo.

- Lacks pp.1-4. Frontcover loose; lacks backstrip.

= Nice and rare small printbible, with excerpts from the Bible told in a rebus-like fashion. Cf. Huiskamp B39 (1st ed., 1817) and B40 (5th ed., n.d.).

€ (80-100)
79 3189 Songbooks  Minnen L van der 79 3189 Songbooks Minnen L van der
79/3189 [Songbooks]. Minnen, L. van der. Den eerelycken Pluck-Voghel ghepluckt in diversche Pluymkens van Ninne[sic]-Liedekens en andere Vrolyckheden. Uyt-ghebroeyt door -. Op-ghedraghen aen alle Neder-landtsche Vryers ende Vrysters. Brussels, J. vande Velde, 1684, 4th ed., 304,(8)p., engr. ill. on verso title-p., contemp. gilt calf, obl. 16mo.

- Lacks large portion of title-p. and lower corner of first text leaf (w. loss of text); prob. lacks htitle or leaf A2; occas. sl. browned.

= Scheurleer p.178. Contains a total of 130 mostly amorous songs, as well as a few drinking songs at the end. Rare.

€ (250-350) 650
79 3190 South America  Frézier A F 79 3190 South America Frézier A F
79/3190 [South America]. Frézier, A.F. Reis-beschryving door de Zuid-zee, langs de kusten van Chili, Peru en Brazil, opgestelt op eene reistocht, gedaan in de jaren 1712, 1713, en 1714. Nevens eene beschryvinge van de regeringe der Yncas, Koningen van Peru (...). Dutch transl. by I. Verburg. Amst., R. and G. Wetstein, 1718, (14),406,(9)p., engr. frontisp., dedic. vignette, 32 (of 37) (fold.) maps/ plans/ plates, contemp. calf w. richly gilt spine and mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- Lacks 5 plates; one fold. map w. large tear (repaired on verso); erased owner's entry on title (causing a dam. spot). Joints splitting; frontcover stained; spine-ends chipped.

= Tiele 361; Borba de Moraes p.329; Sabin 25927.

€ (150-250) 300
79 3191 South America  Schmidel U and Staden H von 79 3191 South America Schmidel U and Staden H von
79 3191 South America  Schmidel U and Staden H von 79 3191 South America Schmidel U and Staden H von
79/3191 [South America]. (Schmidel, U. and Staden, H. von). Ander Theil dieses Weltbuchs von Schiff-fahrten. Frankf. a.M., M. Lechler for S. Feyrabendt and S. Hüter, 1567, 2 parts in 1 vol., (5),(1 blank),110; 59,(1) lvs., woodcut ill. on title, woodcut printer's mark on colophon, contemp. blindst. panelled pigskin over wooden covers w. central ornament surrounded by blindst. band showing J. Hus, D. Erasmus, P. Melanchton and Carolus V on both covers, frontcover w. blindst. "Weltbuch", folio.

- Without the first part. Erratic pagination but collation complete; occas. waterstained (mostly in blank margins). Lacks clasps and catches; vellum darkened. Despite defects a good/ fine copy of this rare work.

= It contains the accounts of several Portuguese voyages to the East Indies, the voyages of Ulrich Schmidel to Brazil and Argentina and that of Hans von Staden to Brazil; those of the latter two, both of whom were German mercenary soldiers, are amongst the earliest accounts of South American travels and discovery. Schmidel's account is the first printing of the earliest account of colonisation of the River Plate and of the founding of Buenos Aires. One of the rarest early German collections of voyages. Borba da Moraes p.317; Palau 304834; Sabin 77677. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXXVII.

€ (4.000-6.000) 4250
79 3192 Spain  Casiri M 79 3192 Spain Casiri M
79/3192 [Spain]. Casiri, M. Bibliotheca arabico-hispana Escurialensis sive librorum omnium Mss. quos Arabicè ab auctoribus magnam partem Arabo-Hispanis compositos Bibliotheca Coenobii Escuralensis complectitur, recensio & explenatio. First vol. only. Madrid, A. Perez de Soto, 1760, 1st ed., (16),XXIV,544p., Arabic type, woodcut title-vignette, modern hcalf, a.e.g., folio.

- Without the second vol., published in 1770.

= Miguel Casiri, who transcribed and cataloged about 1800 manuscripts in Arabic preserved in the royal monastery of San Lorenzo, better known by the name of Escorial. The work, which contains texts dating for the most part to the era of Arab rule in Spain, is divided in sections by topic, Grammatica, Rhetorica, Ethica, Medica, Historia naturalis, etc. The first book with Arabic characters printed in Spain.

€ (300-500) 300
79 3193 Spectator  Effen J van 79 3193 Spectator Effen J van
79 3193 Spectator  Effen J van 79 3193 Spectator Effen J van
79/3193 [Spectator]. (Effen, J. van). De Hollandsche Spectator. Amst., H. Uytwerf, n.d. (1731-1735), 1st ed., 12 parts in 6 vols., 12 (ident.) engr. title-vignettes by CL. DUFLOS after G.F.L. DEBRIE, contemp. unif. blindst. panelled vellum.

- Partly sl./ trifle browned. Spines sl. dustsoiled. = Buijnsters, Spectatoriale geschriften 26.1; Waller 1577.

€ (100-150) 180
79 3194 Spinoza B de  Nieuwentyt B 79 3194 Spinoza B de Nieuwentyt B
79/3194 [Spinoza, B. de]. Nieuwentyt, B. Gronden van zekerheid, of de regte betoogwyse der wiskundigen, so in het denkbeeldige, als in het zakelyke: ter wederlegging van Spinosaas denkbeeldig samenstel; en ter aanleiding van eene sekere sakelyke wysbegeerte. Amst., J. Pauli, 1728, 2nd ed., (56),456p., engr. title-vignette, contemp. blindst. panelled vellum, 4to.

- Vellum sl. soiled. Otherwise fine.

= Bibl. Spinoza p.13; Van der Linde 402 (3rd ed. 1754); Bierens de Haan (1st ed. 1720). Main work by this follower of Descartes and opponent of Spinoza.

€ (120-150)
79/3195 Splendid ceremonies  Representation du Feu d'artifice dressé autour de la Statüe de l'Empereur Charles V sur la grande place  79/3195 Splendid ceremonies Representation du Feu d'artifice dressé autour de la Statüe de l'Empereur Charles V sur la grande place
79/3195 [Splendid ceremonies]. "Representation du Feu d'artifice dressé autour de la Statüe de l'Empereur Charles V. sur la grande place (...)". Large engraving, 45x51,5 cm., w. large 2-line French caption below, from Relation de linauguration Solemnelle de Sa Sacrée Majesté Imperiale et Catholique, Charles VI (Ghent, 1719).

= Rare large engraving showing a splendour richly complemented by fireworks.

€ (150-250) 150
79 3196 Staveren P van 79 3196 Staveren P van
79/3196 Staveren, P. van. De Huyshoudinge Gods in sijn Kerke, van den Beginne des Werelds tot aan, ende in, de Sundvloed. Amst., A. van Someren, 1694, 2nd ed., (16),728,(40 [of 44])p., engr. frontisp. and fold. portrait of the author by J. VAN MUNNIKHUYSEN after W. VAN WIERIS, woodcut printer's mark, contemp. hroan, sm. 4to.

- Lacks final 2 (index) text lvs. Binding sl. worn. = Van der Haar, Schatkamer S793.

€ (50-70) 60
79 3197 Stuart M 79 3197 Stuart M
79 3197 Stuart M 79 3197 Stuart M
79 3197 Stuart M 79 3197 Stuart M
79 3197 Stuart M 79 3197 Stuart M
79 3197 Stuart M 79 3197 Stuart M
79/3197 Stuart, M. De mensch, zoo als hij voorkomt op den bekenden aardbol. Amst., J. Allart, 1802-1807, 1st ed., 6 vols., contemp. handcol. (stipple-)engr. frontisp., 6 different handcol. title-vignettes and 41 plates, 2 uncol. fold. plates, orig. unif. printer's boards.

- All vols. owner's stamp on htitle; vol.5 three quires waterstained in lower blank margin. All vols. boards (sl.) soiled; vol.6 lacks paper over frontcover. Good set.

= Lipperheide Ma 9; Landwehr, Dutch Books w. Col. Plates 447/448. "The first treatise on geographical anthropology" (Landwehr). A German transl. was published 1805-1809. The fine, delicately handcol. plates, engraved by L. Portman after Jacques Kuyper, all depict ethnic types.

€ (150-250) 240
79 3198 Surinam  Stedman J G 79 3198 Surinam Stedman J G
79 3198 Surinam  Stedman J G 79 3198 Surinam Stedman J G
79 3198 Surinam  Stedman J G 79 3198 Surinam Stedman J G
79 3198 Surinam  Stedman J G 79 3198 Surinam Stedman J G
79/3198 [Surinam]. Stedman, J.G. Reize naar Surinamen, en door de binnenste gedeelten van Guiana. Dutch transl. J.D. Pasteur. Amst., J. Allart, 1799-1800, 4 parts in 2 vols., 3 fold. maps and 39 (fold.) plates/ plans, contemp. unif. gilt hcalf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Occas. sl. (finger)soiled in margin; 1 plate sl. waterst. in lower blank margin; 1 plate lacks sm. portion in outer blank margin. Extremities and letterpieces sl. rubbed/ worn. Otherwise a fine copy.

= Sabin 91077; Cat. NHSM, p.282; Van Doorne/ Van Kempen 6455; Rouffaer/ Muller p.625; Tiele 1046; Muller 1489. The first Dutch edition of Stedman's Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam (1796), rarely found complete and in contemp. bindings. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXXXIX.

€ (700-900) 1800