70 5546 Jode G de 1509 or 1517 1591
70/5546 Jode, G. de (1509 or 1517-1591). The Parable of the Wheats and Tares. Engraving after G. VAN GROENINGEN, 19,5x24,5 cm., engr. captions in Latin below.

- Verso num. tiny brown spots; vague old fold.

AND 24 other engravings by H.J. MULLER after i.a. M. VAN HEEMSKERCK from diff. series (mainly religious), i.a. "Tempore messis triticu condatur horreo Zizania igne exurantur" and "Sufficit hanc unus, Cruciaria Victimam Christus".

€ (200-300) 400