70 595 Photography Gordon G = Anna Beeke
70/ 595 [Photography]. Gordon, G. (= Anna Beeke). The Virgin Sperm Dancer. An ecstatic journey of a boy transformed into a girl for one day only, and her erotic adventures in Amsterdam, magic centrum. The Hague, Bert Bakker, 1972, 72p., double-p. map of Amsterdam, num. (full- or double-p.) photogr. ills. by G. GORDON (= ANNA BEEKE), text by W. LEVY, design A. BEEKE, orig. stiff-paper pict. wr., folio.

- Spine sl. rubbed.

= "Suck" special issue. Very explicitly illustrated and with the following text on the final page: "Final instructions: This is not a work of fiction or of one man. Keep your eye on it's bi-unity. I am smiling now. But if you don't think my story marvellous and you should happen to meet me, kindly pass as though we don't know each other. Moral: "At the moment of coitus all men are one man!"" The concept was conceived by the photographer Anna Beeke as an anti-pornographic statement. Her second husband Anthon Beeke did the layout. Parr/ Badger, Photobooks III, 84: "This charmingly liberated fairy story is gleefully hardcore - The point of the exercise, after all. The pornographic photography itself is timeless, that is to say standard and a little boring, but the factor that makes this a classic of 1970's counterculture literature and the legacy of 60s' 'flower power' - where sexual liberation was seen as the beginning of political liberation - is the inspired graphic design of Anthon Beeke. Exuberant, wacky and excessive (...)."

€ (60-80) 100