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70 3417 Cassiers H 1858 1944
70/3417 Cassiers, H. (1858-1944). (Three men in Volendam costume drinking gin). Colour lithograph, 80x50,5 cm., signed and "Imprimé par O. De Rycker & Mendel, Bruxelles", "Copyright 1903, by Emil Spielvogel, 103 W 56th Street New York" and "Editeurs: Dietrich & Co., Bruxelles" on the stone, framed.

= Deluxe (reprint?) edition before letters of the poster "De Kempenaar Gezondheidslikeur (...)". Henri Cassiers 1858-1944, no.81 (ill. w. lettering and sm. differences) and Overzicht affiches no.28 ("Ook als luxeplaat Dietrich: avant-lettre").

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