70 3436 Chirico G de 1888 1978
70/3436 Chirico, G. de (1888-1978). (Seescape with woman seen from the back). Linocut, printed in red on blue ground, 32x25 cm. - WITH ON VERSO: the same linocut, printed in greenish yellow on blue ground, monogrammed in the block.

- Left margin trimmed just inside the borderline.

= Published in 1938 for the VERY RARE XXE SIECLE ISSUE NO. 4. A later edition was issued in 1959, but this is the original, first edition of Giorgio de Chirico's linocut (the 1959 edition has an inscription on verso with the artist's name).

AND 3 others, i.a. lithographs by CHAGALL (from J. LASSAIGNE, Chagall) and A. CLAVÉ.

€ (100-150) 160