70 5495 Galle P 1537 1612
70/5495 Galle, P. (1537-1612). St Paul and the exorcists at Ephese./ St Paul before the High Priest. Two engravings from the series The acts of the apostles (title and 17 plates), both ±20x26 cm., signed "Iohan Stradanus inuen."/ "Jo. Stra inuen." and "Philippus Gallae excu."/ "P. Galleus. excu." in the plate, engr. Latin captions below.

- Good impressions w. ample margins; the second sm. tear in lower outer blank corner.

= Hollstein 220, 1st state (of 3) (before the number) and 223, 2nd state (of 3), w. the number.

AND 7 others showing biblical scenes, i.a. an engraving showing a repentant St. Peter after M. DE VOS ("Et egressus foras flevit amare" and numb. "5") and 2 large etchings by J. LUIKEN, "De Verryzenis van Lazarus" and "Petrus slaat Malchus 't Oor af" (both from Icones biblicae, Amst., 1708).

€ (70-90) 120