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70/4461 Fashion and costume Netherlands Costumes des Pays Bas
70/4461 [Fashion and costume. Netherlands]. "Costumes des Pays-Bas." Lot of 22 partly handcol. cabinet photographs, each w. French letterpress captions below image, Amst., A. Jager, ±1880.

- Some sl. spotting; one card portion of lower corner broken off.

= Portraits of people mostly in regional dress, a few in costumes typical for certain occupations in life, e.g. "Braband du Nord. Bois le Duc", "La Hollande du Nord. Zandvoort", "Un prieur d'enterrement d'Amsterdam" (3x diff. portrait) and "Orphelin(e) bourgeois(e) d'Amsterdam". Otherwise costumes of Ameland, Beijerland, Leeuwarden (2x), Krommenie, Marken, Middelburg, Nijkerk, Scheveningen (3x), Urk (2x) and Volendam.

€ (70-90) 80