70/62 Facsimiles Códice Becker 2 Codex Becker II Spanish transl Aleman Privately published by José L Cossío
70/ 62 [Facsimiles]. Códice Becker 2 (Codex Becker II). Spanish transl. Aleman. Privately published by José L. Cossío. Mexico, Vargas Rea, 1964, 2 vols., textbooklet: 23,(3)p. (incl. wr.), handmade paper, large linocut initial, orig. cordbound wr., sm. 8vo; facsimile: leporello in 6 sections on 3 joined sheets of handmade paper, handcol. woodcut(?), mounted between wooden covers w. title-piece; printed in 250 numb. copies signed by the editor.

- Textbooklet partly sl. waterstained.

€ (200-300) 200