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74 2311 Netherlands Witt J de 1625 1672
74/2311 [Netherlands]. Witt, J. de (1625-1672). MANUSCRIPT LETTER SIGNED "Johan de Witt 1666", dated "Hage den 20en April 1666", 1 fold. leaf w. traces of wax seal, addressed to "Mijn heere Andries Colvius Bedienaer des goddelijcken woords voorde fransche gemeente tot Dordrecht".

= Letter of condolence and sympathy on the death of the adressee's wife(?) ("uw lieve huischvrouwe onse waerde nighte"), also apologizing for being too caught up in daily affairs to be able to attend the funeral service. Andries Colvius (1594-1671) was a preacher in Dordrecht. An English translation of the entire text is provided in the lot. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVIII.

€ (500-700) 1800