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74/2312 Noord Holland Manuscript sentence concerning hoffstede genaemt De Vlotter gelegen in d'heerlicheyt van Marquette
74/2312 [Noord-Holland]. Manuscript sentence concerning "hoffstede genaemt De Vlotter, gelegen in d'heerlicheyt van Marquette", pen and ink on vellum, dated 1659, recto only, embossed paper seal attached.

= In 1654 the servant of Isaac Hochepied, owner of the homestead 'De Vlotter', was being accused of forbidden hunting. Hochepied, as a nobleman, is qualified for hunting and in possession of the hunting license belonging to the homestead. Since the servant, Arjen Cornelisz., is his employee, the accusation should be annulled. The sentence of 1659 agrees with Hochepied.

AND 2 other manuscript documents, both pen and ink on paper: a proof of ownership, dated 1870 and a anonymous letter, dated 1934.

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