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  • [Underground]. Aloha. Lot of ±100 issues (incl. ±20 duplicates).
74/1866 Underground Aloha Lot of ±100 issues incl ±20 duplicates
74/1866 [Underground]. Aloha. Lot of ±100 issues (incl. ±20 duplicates). N.pl., n.publ., 1969-1974, num. ills., orig. (col.) wr., in parts as issued, 4to/ folio.

- Not collated; wrs. occas. sl. soiled/ frayed.

= Continuation of Hitweek. With many comics by (underground comic) artists, i.a. A. Arts, H. Brood, V. Finlay, E. Geradts, F. Müller, R. Peters and B. Wolverton.

ADDED: later issue of the same (no. 1, publ. in 1999).

€ (120-150)