74 2868 Russia Yefremov F S
74 2868 Russia  Yefremov  F S
74 2868 Russia  Yefremov  F S
74/2868 [Russia]. Yefremov, (F.S.). Desyatiletnee stranstvovanie i priklyučenie v Bukharii, Khive, Persii i Indii, i vozvraščenie ottuda črez Angliu v Rossiu (Ten years of wanderings and adventures in Bukhara, Khiva, Persia and India, and the return journey from there through England to Russia). St. Petersburg, Gek, 1786, 224,(2)p., 20th cent. hleather, 12mo.

- First 3 and final 2 lvs. lower corner restored (1x w. sl. loss of text); sl. fingersoiled.

= SK Russkoi Knigi XVIII v. I, 2203. Extremely rare account of Russian officer Filipp Yefremov's adventures in Central Asia. Abducted by Kyrgyz raiders in 1774, he spent years in servitude in Bukhara and eventually managed to escape to India from whence he reached England over sea. Contains a short Russian-Uzbek vocabulary at the end. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCI.

€ (2.000-3.000) 2500