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74 4893 Servidori D M de 1724 1790
74/4893 Servidori, D.M. de (1724-1790). (Portrait of Honorata Carlota Peret Marie Laboulay, wife of the composer Francesco Corcelli or Courcelle). Drawing on vellum, pen and ink, 31,2x26,6 cm., signed and dated "Madrid l'anno 1772".

- Vellum sl. soiled.

= With a dedication to the portraitee. The counterpart of this drawing, the portrait of her husband, is in the Museo Prado in Madrid. Francesco Courcelli or Francisco Courcelle (1705-1778) was an Italian-born composer and musician who became court composer and Kapellmeister in Madrid. The artist and monk Domenico de Servidori moved to Madrid in 1754 and was granted an annuity to work as a draughtsman and miniaturist by Ferdinand VI in 1757.

€ (200-300) 240