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74 2934 Calendars Graficus Kalender Calender for the year 1920
74/2934 [Calendars]. "Graficus Kalender". Calender for the year 1920, Rott., G. Visser en zonen, (1919), 11 col. lithogr. calendar lvs. (23x12,7 cm.) w. dec. borders mostly w. sm. illustration above (month December is printed on the mount), attached to col. lithogr. mount (43,5x27,5 cm.).

- Mount sl. dustsoiled. = Rare calendar in attractive art nouveau/ art deco style.

De Rei der Maanden. Calendar for the year 1940. Antw., De Sikkel, 1939, 12 calendar lvs. w. letterpress text by HERMAN DE CAT and woodcut ill. by D. ACKET, 34x22,5 cm.

- Title leaf sl. soiled.

AND 1 other.

€ (80-100)