76 5455 Dürer A 1471 1528
76/5455 Dürer, A. (1471-1528). Erculus (Herkules tötet die Molioniden; Herculus und Cacus). Woodcut, 38,8x28,32 cm., monogrammed in the block, "Ercules" in scroll at the top.

- Laid down on 19th(?) cent. rough grey paper, causing a sl. uneven surface of the print; trimmed just outside or just on the borderline. Good (at places sl. grey) impression.

= Meder 238 1d and Schoch/ Mende/ Scherbaum 105 1d, but with 16 birds instead of 17; no watermark could be traced due to thickness of the grey paper backing. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CII.

€ (2.500-3.500) 2500