77 199 Dada 391 No 14
77 199 Dada  391 No 14
77 199 Dada  391 No 14
77/ 199 [Dada]. "391". No.14. Paris, Au Sans Pareil, (1920), (8)p., ills., folio.

- Horizontal and vertical middle fold, w. wear and partly w. sm. tears at ends and intersection; partly sl. yellowed (lower half of p.(2) sl. browned); vague waterstain in blank corners.

= The fourteenth issue of this important Dada periodical, of which a total of 19 issues were published irregularly in Barcelona, New York, Zurich or Pairs over the period from 1917 to 1924. This issue contains ills. by F. Picabia, S. Charchoune, T. Tzara, J. Crotti and Man Ray and texts by F. Picabia, T. Tzara, P. Eluard, G. Ribemont-Dessaignes, H. Arp, P. Dermée, C. Arnauld and M. de la Hire. The middle-pages comprise the texts "Une nuit d'échecs gras" and "Notre Dame de la peinture" with fine typography by Tzara and Picabia. Schwarz, Almanacco Dada, p.718-719; Bolliger II, 562; III, 233 and IV, 404. "Von grösster Seltenheit" (Bolliger). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE VI.

€ (800-1.000) 1700