77 459 Russian avant garde Vesch Objet Gegenstand Revue internationale de l'art moderne Year 1 no 1/2 Ed El Lissitzky and E Ehrenburg
77/ 459 [Russian avant-garde]. Vesch. Objet. Gegenstand. Revue internationale de l'art moderne. Year 1, no. 1/2. Ed. El Lissitzky and E. Ehrenburg. Berlin, Scythen, 1922, 32p., ills., orig. wr. by EL LISSITZKY, 4to.

- Margins partly restored; two lvs. w. (small) closed tear; first leaf lower corner chipped (restored w. later paper). Spine strengthened; backwr. lacks tiny portion in upper margin.

= Rowell/ Wye 410 and p.196; Compton, Russian Avant-Garde Books 1917-34, p.52 and passim; Lissitzky-Küppers p.24: "At the beginning of 1922, Lissitzky collaborated with Ehrenburg in producing the first pro-Soviet periodical, Veshch ('Objet'), published by the Skythen-Verlag. Here Lissitzky could make his new typographical ideas become concrete facts - thanks to highly-developed printing techniques. (...) The pages of the journal were architectonically arranged, and all the resources of the type-case were employed to catch the reader's eye and to give emphasis to the contents. The striking effect made by the typographic composition of the cover (a floating Proun in red) is created by the colossal tension in which the letters are held counterpoised on the coloured background. Few cover designs produced since then bear comparison with these first fruits of Lissitzky's typographical genius." Bolliger III, 242: "Zeitschrift der russischen und europäischen avantgarde, die sich zur Aufgabe setzte: "Die in Russland Schaffenden mit der neuesten westeuropäischen Kunst bekanntzumachen und 2. Westeuropa über die russische Kunst und Literatur zu informieren"." Only 2 issues were published (no.1/2 and 3), although a fourth and a fifth were announced. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XX.

€ (3.000-5.000)