78 210 Doesburg Th van ed
78/ 210 Doesburg, Th. van (ed.). De Stijl. Maandblad voor nieuwe kunst, wetenschap en kultuur. Year 5. Leyden, (De Stijl), 1922, 12 parts in 11 vols., 10 (of 13) plates, 14 (of 16) tipped-in plates, ills., obl. 4to.

- Lacks 3 plates (to no.8 and 9) and 2 tipped-in plates (to no.6 and 12); sl. yellowed/ browned and some occas. foxing; no.10/11 corners sl. rounded and tiny tear in blank fore-edge margin. All parts as usual w. vertical middle fold; bound together, lacks all wrappers.

= Near complete fifth year of one of the most important and influential modernist periodicals of the 20th cent. Contains i.a. contributions by Aldo Camini, Theo van Doesburg (partly under pseud. I.K. Bonset), Vilmos Huszár, El Lissitzky, L. Moholy-Nagy, Piet Mondriaan and Hans Richter. Including the extremely rare no.10/11: El Lissitzky's "Suprematisch worden van twee kwadraten in 6 konstrukties" (8 plates, mainly printed in black and red, between 2 plain black paper lvs. Hoek 659; Schwarz 149; cf. Bolliger III, 222, IV, 395 and VI, 817. For the work by Lissitzky: Spencer '83 p.76f; Broos '94 p.69; cf. Nobis p.134ff and Lissitzky-Küpper p.80ff for the orig. Russian edition. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE VI.

€ (5.000-7.000) 5000