78 6283 Nooms R called Zeeman ±1623 1667 attrib
78/6283 Nooms, R. (called Zeeman) (±1623-1667) (attrib.). (Dutch warships off the coast of Tunis). Oil on canvas, 36x43 cm., framed.

- Probably laid down on later canvas and attached on a new stretcher.

= From the collection of C.G. 't Hooft, former curator of museum Fodor. According to his annotation on verso, this painting depicts i.a. the ship "De liefde" under command of Michiel de Ruyter, on August 17, 1662. Nooms was commissioned by the Amsterdam admiralty to make four paintings (now in the Rijksmuseum) after peace with Algiers and other North African states was achieved. It is thought that they were intended as a present for Michiel Adriaensz de Ruyter, but instead they remained with the Amsterdam Admiralty. Perhaps a painting model for one of the paintings. SEE ILLUSTRATION ON TITLE-PAGE.

€ (6.000-8.000)